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    {The Prodigy Project}

    In a futuristic nation known simply as Altonia, everything is controlled. Who you marry, when you have a child, where you work, even what your name is and when you die. There are strictly twenty-five cities in the nation (disregarding Urbem, the capitol city, where the president and his officers live), and each is identical. There are apartment buildings, each with six floors -- one floor for each resident family. The sole travel in Altonian cities are monorails that curve throughout the city. Everyone wears bland, pure white outfits, and imperfections and exceptionalism is greatly looked down upon, to the point of killing people in these categories.

    In Altonia, childern attend primary school from age five to twelve. On their thirteenth birthday, all Altonian children are required to undergo testing in various fields of learning, as well as physical, medical and neurological examinations. The results for these tests are never made known to the public. But for those who pass with flying colors, it is the end of the line.

    The leader of Altonia, a man known as President Devoi and the presidents before him had decided that exceptional children were a danger to the structure of the world. For these children are the ones who can see through their facade into the real purpose of the country. They wield the power to defeat the tyrannical government. And they cannot be brainwashed in the same way as the other Altonian citizens. So therefore, they are taken to Urbem and killed by a firing squad before Officers are dispatched to erase any memories of them from those in their city. It is as though they had never even existed.

    A few scientists -- intelligent beings who had been spared when they made an alliance with the president -- begin conspiring against this annual murder when they save six prodigies over the course of four years, hiding them away in an underground lab outside of the cities. For the land outside the walls of the cities is wild and grown over; forests gone insane as time passed. They train these prodigies before using a stronger brainwashing mechanism to erase their memories of their lives before they came to the lab.

    The oldest prodigy, a seventeen year old girl, is subjected to lead the rest of the Prodigium -- the name concocted by the scientists for their group of prodigies -- but her eighteenth birthday is coming. And the scientists have hinted that no one can remain in the Prodigium once they reach eighteen. But they say that there is nothing they can do about this, and that their mission must be completed before she reaches that age.

    Their mission: break down the walls of the cities, invade Urbem, and find the antidote for the brainwashing.
    For a controlled life isn't really life at all... Is it?

    Important Points in an Altonian's "Life"
    Age Three ::: Child is injected with their first serum to keep them peaceful, unquestioning, and average. Becomes annual after this point.
    Age Five ::: Child starts primary school. Studies math, science, reading, history, and citizenship. All lessons controlled by government.
    Age Thirteen ::: Examinations and sifting through the prodigies. Those who are average go to secondary school.
    Age Seventeen ::: Graduation and first job assignment.
    Age Twenty ::: Marraige
    Age Twenty-Five ::: First kid
    Age Thirty-Five ::: Second kid
    Age Sixty ::: Retirement
    Age Seventy ::: Death by poison injection.

    ((Okay, so I know this isn't completely developed, so if you have any suggestions for me, please, please, PLEASE share them! Characters will NOT be supernatural; they are merely exceptional. No character will regain their memory without my expressed permission. Characters may die, as there will be quite an amount of violence in this. Characters you can play are listed below. CS will be detailed, and I'd like decent-sized posts (i.e. two or three paragraphs), and I would love if you posted at least two times a week. <3 You are allowed to take two charries, assuming you take one of each gender. I might add more slots later if there's any interest. The CS will be added to this thread likewise. Thanks for reading! <3))

    ❇ The Prodigium ❇
    Leader (female) >>> @TheRealHermione
    Second-In-Command (male) >>> @Sepdemonium
    Member #1 (female) >>> @Rainjay
    Member #2 (male) >>> @Xan
    Traitor (female) >>> @Infinity
    Disguised Scientist (male) >>> @TheRealHermione

    ❇ The Scientists ❇
    Scientist #1 (male) >>> [OPEN]
    Scientist #2 (female) >>> [OPEN]

    ❇ The Government ❇
    President (male) >>> [OPEN]
    Vice-President (female) >>> @Rainjay
    Officer #1 (male) >>> [OPEN]
    Officer #2 (female) >>> [OPEN]

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  2. Very very interested! Can I reserve a spot (female member)? And are multiple characters allowed?
  3. Be my guest. c; <3
    And yes; doubling is permitted assuming you take one of each gender.
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  4. Alright. Then I'll stick with one xD

    I do have one question. When where the prodigy's rescued? Would the serum injections mentioned alter them or is the idea that the serum's were at a loss on the prodigies?
  5. The prodigies were rescued after being brought to the capital, just before they were executed.
    And the point is that the serum injections do not work on them at all; their brains are too advanced and active. That's why they're a danger to the way of life the government wants. cx
  6. Alright. Cool.

    I shall be awaiting an OOC/Sign ups and/or CS sheets ^^
  7. Hello! I want to reserve a spot as well! :D Male member of the Prodigium, please.
  8. this looks awesome! may I reserve the second Prodigium male member? :]
  9. Thank you ever so much! <3
    Now we just need to fill the scientists, the government officials, and the last prodigy...

    From here on out, I am willing to allow RPers to take two of the same gender. cx

    Oh, and note that whoever plays the president doesn't need to keep the name "Devoi." :P
  10. I'll take either the vice president or the female scientist if it's up for grabs. I'd take a male but I really am no good at roleplaying males X_X They always come out horribly cliched and stereotyped. And while I need to work on that, a roleplay doesn't seem the place for it, y'know?
  11. I guess so. cx
    I started roleplaying on a website where they pretty much lacked male charries all together. Therefore, I learned to play males originally. cx

    If you have no preference, I'll give you the VP, as I MIGHT be omitting the scientists all together. :P
  12. Alright. VP it is
  13. Hey guys; I'll see about posting the Sign-Up/OOC thread tomorrow. c;
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