Pro wrestling RP?



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Hear me out....

But what if we had a roleplay that is pro wrestling..except its all real..No scripts, no rehearsals and so on...just legit wrestling.

But with a twist...The wrestling is real..but also the "gimmicks"..nobody is pretending to be a character, they are who they are...the bizarre and normal characters look to compete on the world's newest and hottest wrestling show to ever grace the entertainment industry "HATE" ( I hate naming things...) a

So..lets say someone has a gimmick of being a mutant that has 4 arms....thats real..he really is a mutant with 4 arms, those are not fake...its real

And to make it interesting, like any show, it comes on a certain day...Roleplay would be limited to one day a week (or two) and in the time between episodes, the superstars can interact with each other and start building feuds or friendships...bitch to the GM looking for a title shot or plot on how you plan to get even with another superstar

And during shows you might end up interrupting a match (with the dungeon master's permission...And not with any contestants knowing..unless the interruption is planned by someone) to aid a friend or too cause a shit storm for the contestants involved.

Don't want to wrestle? Fine, become a manager and be the prick that is always fucking with the ref, or helping your man cheat! or be a cool guy!

Female characters i would allow but i don't think we would get a large enough cast of both females and males to fight...unless...we could merge them?

What do you guys think?