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Have you met me before?

  1. Yes! Hey Hyydra!

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  2. No, I've never even heard of you p.O

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  3. I've seen you around

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  4. No, but it doesn't hurt to get to know people!

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  1. Hello my friends! Hyydra is here, yes ^^

    So basically, as you can see, I have an RP request finally set up. Of course, this I hope will get a few people into RPing with me, I HOPE.

    Anywaysssss I'll just say a bit about me since most people don't know me that well:

    My name is Joshua, or Resnovich, within Russian boundaries. Joshua is my Christian name. I'm from the lands of Siberia, yes. And I've moved to the Americas! I enjoy doing sports, gaming, working out, and RPing! ^^ I've many kinds of plots for RPing, but I HAVE TO KNOW WHAT YOU WANT

    Anyways let's continue on, yes? ^^

    I won't be posting a list of pairings, but I will emphasize that my interests are within Medieval Fantasy and Modern Fantasy mostly. MOSTLY. That doesn't mean I shun Sci-Fi, just expect when you offer something I think of it more modern/back then-like.

    Now, as for my expectations:

    -No one liners. Please, just, no. It's terrible to see me list off a good paragraph or two and realize that my work isn't being appreciated, or I'm not doing a good enough job.

    -I will return what I am given. Most of the time, when you give me two paragraphs, I'll give you two paragraphs. Five sentences? Sure, but I might add some more. One liners? I'll blow my head off with a double sawed-off shotgun.

    -ENERGY! I want to say "Hi!" and expect a nice conversation to go on! I'm a human being too (I think)! Not just an RP robot.

    -Funnnn. If the Rp is dying, but you want it to continue or something, let me know! If not, we can start a new one if that's what you're interested in! I'll gratefully try and get a good Rp going with you, as long as you cooperate with me!

    Now that's out of the way, I thank you for taking your time in going through this. Now! Who wants to RP? >:D
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  2. My fellow Russian!!!!
    ((I'm not fully Russian but all well :P))

    Nice to meet ya! And I would love to hear a few of your ideas and Rp with you! (^ν^)
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  3. Let's roleplay! :D
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  4. Привет мой друг! Я просто хотел, чтобы приветствовать вы в Iwaku. Надеюсь, вам понравится ваше пребывание здесь. К сожалению о моей плохой русский язык но мой дед не удалось научить меня все когда я был ребенком. Во всяком случае, приятного пребывания и много веселья здесь.
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  5. Hello Hyydra~

    May we do a Role-Play together? xD You seem quite interesting :P.
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  6. Da, da! ^^ Production is going good! Soon I will have enough at this rate

    If you want to, send me a PM and we'll get started! ^^
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