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Erik raises an eyebrow slowly as the taxi stops in front of such a dilapidated home. That seemed to be in the middle of no were and the furthest point of civilization as it could be. He stares out the window taking in the over grown lawn that was filled with grass, weeds, out of control bushes, trees, trash, you name it.

The house it self was broken down and just looked like it was going to FALL down more than stay up much longer. The porch was sagging and tired looking. The yellow paint that was probably was cheery at one point on the two story home was faded, chipped, peeling and in need of repainting. The white shutters (which where in no better painted shape) were half gone on half the broken windows and half missing totally from the home.= The front door was falling in a bit off its rusted hinges, rusted knob and rusted over door knocker.

"Um, Charles...such a cheery spot. Are you sure you got the right address?", he wondered if the other man had gone mad. Course, he hadn't been wrong BEFORE...not to say he was now...but...come on!

Actually, he was right....the mutant inside was living in the basement. NOT a happy camper as anger, pain and just all around displeasure throbs out of the home. Having been trapped there for so long as everything steadily builds.

Why did he have a bad feeling about this? Course, he couldn't FEEL anything. But the sure sight of this place had to be the wrong place. The faded sign on the building that used to have some sort of duck on it at some point said 'Lucky Ducky Orphanage.' Nothing LUCKY or DUCKY anymore!


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Charles fixed the sunglasses on his face as he leaned his back against the vehicle they had just stepped out of. A small smirk made it's way onto his face as Erik questioned the accuracy of the address. He could see why he was doubtful, but he knew what he was talking about, even from where he stood he could reach out his mind and hear the voice of the mutant in the house. There was no doubt in his mind that she was her, for certain.

"Yes, Erik, I'm sure, now come on," was all Charles answered him with, not bothering to assure the man with addition words or the solid fact he could hear the mutants thoughts even now. He simply pushed himself off of the car, uncrossing his arms and shutting the door behind him. His eyes wandered to the sign and his smile faltered a tad bit.

An orphanage? He was expecting it but still it still surprised him, if he was to be honest. His eyes wandered back to the building. A run down orphanage. Seeing it, worried and saddened him.He could only hear the thoughts of one person. Was the mutant residing here by her or himself? And if they were for how long? It left him many more questions, he could understand Erik being just as confused if not more than him.

Charles didn't bother waiting for his friend to follow behind him, he went on. He walked down the pavement with weeds and grass growing through the cracks. His eyes were solely on the house, however. For a moment, he stopped when he reached the steps to the house, but after a breath he jogged up the steps and knocked on the door.

The door was probably unlocked and I not he and Erik could easily solve that. He did not just walk in or forced his way in, though. He didn't want to frighten the one inside, they would be perceived as intruders or worse. Scaring the one was the last they wanted to do considering they were here to recruit.

"Hello?" Charles called, rapping his knuckles against the wooden door once again. "Is anyone home?" He waited a moment, patiently, listening for any noise of footsteps or sounds of whispers. Nothing, though. Anyone would have thought the place was completely abandoned, except for him.

Inhaling the fresh summer air, Charles closed his eyes and focused. He reached out his mind, into the house, searching for the life inside. There! He found him - er 0 her, he assumed. A small smile made it's way onto his lips. In a gentle voice, his thoughts reached her.

"Hello, may you get the door, please? We're not dangerous people, I promise. We want to talk. We're like you."


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Erik feels his lips press together getting a rather foul feeling about this place as the hair on the back of his neck feels like it is rising up. Why? He wasn't fully sure but something about this place was rubbing him really the bad way. He moves after Charles taking the other mutants word for it that this was indeed the right place that they where supposed to be at. "Right, I will take your word for it than." Was all he replied as he fallows just behind Charles letting him go first.

Making his own way up the pavement avoiding a few of the less pleasant weeds with stickers on the steams. Spotting the sign that read this was a orphanage he arches an eyebrow slowly. Just how OLD was this mutant inside? Charles said nothing about a child? Of course it could be an adult as well he figured hiding out in this place.

Watching as Charles goes up the steps after a hesitation he heads up after him watching him knock on the door. Getting no reply he scowls, "Come on this place looks like its going to fall down...better do this quickly." Couldn't fully blame the other man it did look like the abandoned place could indeed fall over when ever it wished to. So, without any say Erik reaches past Charles as the rusted out screws holding the door end up coming out of hinges causing the door to fall into the building with a rather loud sounding crash and a puff of dust.

Erik shakes his head slowly as the inside of the building looked nothing like the outside. The walls cheerfully painted a robin's egg blue in coloring with a few cheerful landscape paintings on the walls. The floor was a pretty black and white marble like pattern with a desk towards the back of the small entry way. Which held some paper work, a phone and a cheerful looking alive plant. "Right, well maybe they should keep the outside as nice as the inside." He grumbles looking at Charles and moving to step inside. Impatient indeed on the task at hand.

The female inside was rightfully so not to thrilled at ethier or male coming in/near the place she had been calling home. Well, more like home AGAIN for her seeing as she was now a adult and the place was now very much closed to well anyone. Shifting in her hiding spot she blinks a bit in surprise hearing the voice inside of her head. Shaking it hard she frowns hard having heard that bit before. Along with other bits that caused this mess in the first place. Dangerous is in the eye of the beholder and that female had seen it first hand.

The scowl on her face deepened more as the sound of the door slamming onto the floor above happens. Right....they meant business. Smirking slightly she tilts her head as the sound of someone now bouncing a red rubber ball heads towards the pair. Bring it on.... she thinks.

Indeed the sound of a ball being bounced was now heard coming towards both Erik and Charles. A young female that looked only ten years old comes from the hallway dressed in a faded out blue/slightly ripped/stained night shirt. The girl has pricing blueish green eyes that stare at the pair with mistrust and well annoyance. Her hair was brown, frizzy and a bit of a unkept mess on her noggin. "Why are you here? You aren't welcome here....Miss Haddy wont be happy you are here.", she states picking her ball up holding it.

Erik sighs inwardly so this is a child? Well, better than nothing right? Course, his plans and thoughts of thier kind don't always line up with Charles neatly. "Hello there.", he moves forward only a bit before he could even get out his name or why they where there the ball gets smacked so hard into his face his nose starts to bleed. "HEY!", he states in well surprise and rightfully so he goes to take another step and ends up threw the floor into the basement below with a unceremonious crack, thus, grunt and poof of dust and gosh only knows what else. The girl smirks and looks at Charles waiting for his move.