Private RPs?

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  1. Hello,

    I can't seem to find this information on another thread or any help page. I'm not that good at searching, so sorry if it does exist.

    Ideally I'd want to have private RPs with others, in other words RPs that people who aren't playing won't be able to read. Is that possible/allowed here?
  2. It is possible to do that by creating a Group! However, members are only able to create a few groups and dead groups do get deleted after a few months. So if it's content you want to save forever, it's better to use the One/One section or Mature section!
  3. Short answer is no.

    Longer answer is the PM system would allow you to do just that, but you must be out of newbie status to do that. Can I ask why you want to do that though? Reading others RPs is one way to see if you might want to RP with someone and getting to share stories is always enjoyable.
  4. Well, I used to do one-on-one RPs of a mostly-adult on an instant messenger program. I can't do that anymore and have been looking for something to replace it. I'm not comfortable with these chats being public.
    I found this site through google. I still don't know if it's what I'm looking for but it's the closest thing I've found so far.
  5. Our mature area is account locked (so people have to be a registered member to see it) AND age-group locked (so only members who have joined the access group can see it.) so it is pretty safe from prying eyes. The only people who would see would be other players in the M[A] access group.

    But as Ocha said, you can always play with people via private messages if the forums or the groups aren't private enough!