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I enjoy Fantasy, Scifi, Romance, Magical, Modern and much more. I probably can't list them all! If there is something you want to try and it isn't listed here, just ask. I rarely say no!
I have a couple of ideas for some Private RP's feel free to read and leave a post telling me what you think! Also, so you know, all of these are Romance basically, I just adore romance! 8D By the way, I prefer to play female characters but I can also adapt this to any kind of life, I don't judge so don't be afraid to ask for a change, I just don't RP males because I can't do it very well.

1) (Modern setting) A teenage girl is living in the city with her single mother when the apartment next door is finally rented out. The one who rents it out is a male college student from the school in the city. Since her mother is almost always as work, the girl is instructed to welcome him to the building and drop off a house warming gift because her mother is tired of her lazing about after school. However, when she knocks on the door it swings open and reveals a mess so bad it was almost as if a hurricane struck! Pulling out her cellphone and ready to call 911 at any seond, she walks in slowly to survay the damage and see if anyone is hurt. As she gets to the back of the apartment she finds a giant dog or wolf sitting on a bed, hurt. Feeling bad for it she helps clean it's wounds as well as get the house back in order, assuming the dog just had a nasty fit while his owner was away. When she is done she looks to the dog and pets his head, saying a small goodbye, however instead of a bark she gets a very human like thank you, and it sounded just like the college student!

2) (Fantasy setting) A farmers daughter is determined to be just like her grandfather had once been, a member of the royal guard. Being the only daughter out of 5 children, and the yougest at that, her father only plans to marry her off to the man who offers the best. Not wanting to just become a house wife she cuts her hair short, steals some of her brothers clothing, and runs away, disguising herself as a young man eger to fight. She goes and applys for training and is originally turned down until a high ranking general witnesses her defeat a cocky soldier with out even having a weapon. She is quickly recurrted and shoved into a training group where it turns out her instructor is that very general! Now she just as to try and keep her secert and not get caught.

2) (Modern setting) A young geek in highschool is tired of getting picked on and teased because she isn't a pretty as the other girls. She does some research and finds a service that helps girls achive their personal goals of beauty without having to go under the knife or pay crazy sums of money. Eger to prove she can be as pretty as the others she quickly goggles the address and decides to go to it the next day. When she does it turns out to be a simple house not to far from school and when she rings the doorbell, labled for customer use only, she is greeted by a tall handsome man! Though it is obvious he is batting for the other team she can't help but feel she's seen him somewhere before. While sitting with him and discussing the plans he had for her the sound of someone just coming in drifts over as well as a simple 'I'm home'. Then all of a sudden the quater back of her schools football team, also her long time crush, walks in! What's worse is that the flamboyant man that's going to help her introduces him as his son!
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