Private RP Idea Possibility?

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I enjoy Fantasy, Scifi, Romance, Magical, Modern and much more. I probably can't list them all! If there is something you want to try and it isn't listed here, just ask. I rarely say no!
I have been thinking about this idea for a long while now and I know that it had probably been done before many times but it is far to tempting to my love of drama and romance to turn away from. I had this idea after playing around with Fable 3 again for some kicks and I couldn't help but picture out all the characters in my head right away, however I am always open to change and therefor this is why I am here.

My idea is simple, young lovely princess/girl/wench is forced to marry the evil king/wizard/overlord to save the town or her family. Anyway she lives with him and has to travel around with him at some points, being the pretty little wife he shows off or what ever. The main plot is them slowly falling in love with each other as they live out certain situations, like she had to go to a meeting he is having with a group of people that want to join his forces or she is kidnappped and he has to go get her, things along those lines.

Anyway, I was hoping to play the girl in this so if anyone has any interest in playing the evil king or has any ideas on how to improve this further than feel free to post!
This sounds... interesting. As long as the evil guy can be an evil wizard, I'd play him. If I think of anything to add to this (which I'm quite liable to do) I would be sure to let you know.
An evil wizard is perfectly fine, if you would really like to play, I don't really care what he is. And don't hesitate to put anything you think of up, the more ideas the better!
So what's the world that this would take place in like?

It's easier for me to come up with ideas if I get a general picture. Is it sort of modern, or is it all no electricity and horses and by-foot transportation, ect.?
I'm thinking a medieval fntasy here, so in a world of dragons and castles and barbarians and such, the typical medieval setting really. I also pictured that the main story would be in a tower of fortress of some sort as well as the city where the girl comes from, most likely close to the castle/ fortress.
Dragons? Me liketh the dragons. And castles and such. You have dragged me in, haven't you?

Hmm. So, the girl is most likely important in social standing, no? He probably wouldn't have any other reason to have her be the 'sacrifice' for the city otherwise. Having it set in a tower/fortress and the town for the majority of the time sounds fine to me. I think the tower/fortress should be somewhere secret inside the city or a bit outside of it so that the people who will most likely try to take her back will have a hard time with it. And I guess her family lives in a castle?

What if at first he kidnaps her, then marries her out of spite, pretty much to declare that her family/town can't have her back unless they want him amongst them as well? I feel my evil wizard morphing into an assassin... But maybe not
It seems that I have, oh well you'll just have to play it then. XD

Anyway, she will be of some sort of high social standing, possibly the daughter of a wealthy merchant or the the family that started to city to begin with so automatic power there as well. As for the fortress/castle being away from the city is perfectly fine, it makes it all the more fun in my opinion. As for her family, they will probably live in a mansion of sorts or a castle in some way.

As for the kidnapping that might be interesting, could layer on some drama later on because of it. As for an assassin, do whatever you'd like, just as the plot stays the same majorly.
Suppose I will. It all sounds good to me. Maybe he'll lead a group of assassins that are killing off people of power (like your character's family) so that they can lead the town. And maybe the town is some sort o major place in the world? So it would be a major problem if someone evil took over it. Maybe the people in charge of the town and, in turn, the world (if we end up going down the whole major city road) are really the evil ones and the guy is actually good.

Just throwin' stuff out there. Catch it if you wish :3
*pulls out the baseball glove and starts running around catching ideas*

I like the evil guy is actually good idea, throws in a major plot twist there for later on. Maybe she is oblivious to what is happening to the city and is completely innocent, unlike her family, and the only reason he kidnapped her was to kill her at first. However, once he realizes that she is clueless to what is going on he lies and says he wanted to marry her or something.
Mhm. And the people think it's out of spite but in a way he's protecting her from her future self.
Yeah...then she discovers the truth and thanks him for it.
So. What now? I've done RPs on other sites but none on here as of yet. I don't exactly know the etiquette yet.
Well it is usually done in third person around here as well as paragraph style. Think of it as wrting a small section to a book but in your characters point of view, that is what it is like around here. Some people RP a little differently though so don't think that everyone RP's that way, that is just what I have seen when it has come to most of the RP's I've been in.
So pretty much the same as my old place. Exactly the same, really. But I think the people around here write better. Although I have seen some people who can't write a all or do but don't know how to RP on here.
Well don't judge to harshly, some people are here to practice and get better. Anywho, if there is nothing else to add shall we get this started?
Yeah, you're right. *mentally punishes self for things she said mentally against people*

I don't think there's anything else to add, so... start we shall.
Awesome! Would you like me to start it odd then? If we are doing the kidnapping thing then I could have her getting ready for bed or something before they kidnap her.
Alright, I'll post a link once it is done!