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  1. Mason closed the door behind him - the rain was pouring down. He sighed as he realized that he'd probably have to stay inside for the rest of the day, which was leaning more towards night at this time, if he didn't want to get soaking wet. He sat down on one of the chairs in the library. He had never been a big fan of reading at all.

    After about half an hour, he decided that he couldn't spend more time at the library. Or rather - the library closed at that time. And so, he put his coat back on, and out the door he went. He hurried through the rain towards the bus stop, hoping for the bus to arrive soon. It had become darker and most people had already gone home, or they had a car or at least a friend with them. Mason watched people as they passed, jealous and feeling more lonely than ever.
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    Water, the rain had begun to fall down just out of nowhere and very suddenly, but it was to be expected, as it was nearly autumn and the summer break was over, which also meant that it was the last weeks that Vincent was going to work at the bakery store, not like he hated it anyway, outside it was raining, loudly, he had been sitting in the bus stop for a while now, and the rain was not fading and the buses were not coming, and he was completely lost in thought.

    Unfortunately someone rushed into the same place to hide from the rain and probably to also wait for the bus, which was awfuly late, at first he didn't even care looking at the man for more than ten seconds, but then he gave him a little attention, noticing people under umbrellas, couples, people in cars, friends, and more.

    He didn't make a sound however, until a thunder came and fell, and he cringed to it, a little louder than a young man his age probably would have, he just rubbed his hands and shrugged, covering himself with his hood in case someone saw him, so they wouldn't be able to see how utterly embarrassed he really was at this point.
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    Mason waiter for the bus to come, a bit impatiently, as he noticed a man, probably also waiting for the buss. Or maybe he was just avoiding the terrible rain, Mason thought. He looked at the road again, and heard a thunder somewhere not too far away. He glanced at the man standing there with him, noticing the way he cringed. Mason didn't say anything about it as the man covered himself with his hoodie - probably embarrased, maybe, Mason thought, as he yawned slightly.

    The thunder didn't seem to get any better, and after around 20 minutes or so, Mason felt as if he was in the middle of a hurricane. Not really, but the thunder made him slightly worried. He was surprised that the man hadn't freaked out yet, as he seemed to be uncomfortable about the thunder, and honestly, Mason felt sad for him, although they were strangers to each other.

    Mason wasn't the type of person who approached strangers, but at this point, he felt like it'd be rather cruel not to do anything. He glanced at his clock, and realized that the bus should have been there a while ago. He glanced at the man. "I don't think the bus is coming", he said, loud enough not to get drowned by the pouring rain, or the thunder now and then. He looked around, but it seemed like this was the only place for shelter. He looked at the man again. "I don't live far away, you know. It's just a couple of minutes away from here. You could come if you want to, just for the night", he said.
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    Vincent blinked for a moment when the man first spoke to him, then he turned to look at him again and gave him a quiet smile "Uh... I don't even know you" he shrugged and then looked away at the road "I think I can walk home..." he rose to his feet, and in seconds another thunder fell and he sat back down, sighing. "... I think I'm gonna wait a little more"
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    Mason nodded slightly. The guy was right. Why would he want to come with him, a stranger? They didn't know each other. Mason could be a lunatic, planning on killing the poor guy, or keeping him some kind of prisoner in his dark basement... Mason smiled slightly at the silly thought, truth was, he didn't even have a basement. And definitely no prisoners. Or plans on killing the guy.

    "Sure... I'll be going this way. In case you change your mind", he said, nodding in one of the directions, giving the man a bit of a wave with his hand before he walked away from there. He didn't walk as fast as he had done before, there really was no need to - he was already soaking wet.
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    At first he just hugged himself a little shuddering in cold but finally after six other minutes and noticing the man was almost out of sight, he rushed behind him in a rush, even under the rain, "Sorry I'lll ... Go!" he yelled to catch his attention, he had no other options and he was in a bit of a problem.
  7. Mason turned around, a bit surprised by hearing the man's voice. He couldn't help but to smile as he saw him, coming towards him. He was pretty cute, actually, Mason thought, as the man slowed down beside him.

    After a few more minutes, Mason could see his apartement. He got his keys out of his pocket, standing in front of the door, unlocking it. He opened it, looking at the man. "You go first", he said.
  8. Vincent at first felt very reclutant and very awkward but he was already shivering in cold and could hardly breath so he took that offer and went inside, standing agaisn't the walk shivering with his hands on his shoulders hugging himself a bit strongly "C-can I... have... a...t-to...wel..?" he asked in a very complicated manner.
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    Mason smiled slightly. He couldn't help but to find the way the man acted cute, in a way. He nodded. "Yes, of course", he said, hurrying to the bathroom and got one for him. After giving it to him, he went to another room - his bedroom - and got some clothes out of a drawer. He got back to him in a minute, if even that. "Here, I got some clothes for you if you want to change", he said, giving him a t-shirt and a pair of pants, as he had already changed.
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    He sneezed, and looked away for a moment before turning to him, he took all of the objects handed out to him and he smiled at the man in a gentle manner "Thank you" he mumbled with a few cuts because of the cold, he then moved them a little and neared the man a little bit "C--can you tell me.. Where... where t-t-the ... bathroom ... is? I mean... I.. I know we're bo-both guys but.." he couldn't talk anymore, he shuddered and gave one apologetic look to him again.
  11. Mason nodded slight. Yes, how stupid of him, he thought, as he pointed in the direction of the bathroom. "It's just around the corner", he said and smiled slightly at him.

    Leaving the other guy to do whatever he wants to, Mason headed to the bedroom. He got a blanket and a pillow - he usually has two when he sleeps - and brought them to the living room for the guy to sleep on the couch.
  12. Vincent shrugged and removed his shoes, putting them by the door so he wouldn't get the house wet and walked to the bathroom, without closing the door. In there he quickly removed his cold clothes and let them drop to the ground, fully nude now he felt slightly nervous but he didn't close the door, instead he looked at the shower, then turned to the shower, he stared for a moment and the thought hit him when he trembled and sneezed, he was beggining to realize that he could catch a cold if he didn't shower quickly, but then he thought that the man was still probably waiting for him, and then fell into a dillema.

    He could peek trough the door and ask the man if he could take a quick shower with hot water, or he could just take it and use the towels for that, but unfortunately, he was far too shy, and afraid that by mistake the man could see his scars, he sighed and shrugged again, not knowing anymore what to do, he went into the shower and turned on the hot water key and the cold one so it wouldn't burn.

    He felt the warm water run on him like rain, but with a stronger pressure, his white skin grew pink-ish, and his mind wandered as he gasped and breathed quietly during his shower, his hands wandered his whole body to get rid of the cold feelings he was getting because of the rain.
  13. After making sure that everything was set for the night, Mason heard the shower being turned on. He glanced in the direction and realized that it must be the man taking a shower. He didn't mind - he had left him there to change, and he wasn't that surprised that the man chose to take a shower as well.

    Mason sat on his bed, listening to the shower. Maybe he should take a shower as well, he thought, not being sure about it. He looked out the window, which reminded him that it was pretty late already. Time for bed, he thought, walking out to the living room.

    After some hesitation, Mason went to the bathroom when the shower had been turned off. He stood outside the door, hearing him getting out of the shower. He knocked on the door. "I'm going to bed. I've prepared for you to sleep in the living room. I'm in the bedroom if you want anything", he said, heading back to his bedroom to get some sleep.