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  1. This is a private, invite-only game. Please do not post if you have not received an invitation.

    The Emerald Witch has called you to her tower.

    The invitation appeared without warning. It was slipped silently under the door of your room at the inn, left on the step of your family home, or even surfaced unannounced from the mail piled upon your desk. It was a simple letter, vivid green ink on pale parchment:

    I have need of you. Come to me, do me this service, and I will grant your deepest desire.

    Directions to the tower, deep in the woods, followed the plea. These might not have been necessary, for everyone knows of the Witch's tower, though few venture there; the woods are strange and perilous, and the Witch does not take kindly to uninvited guests. It is said, however, that she is the most powerful sorceress in the land. If anyone can make your most impossible dreams come true, it is she.

    You don't know why she called for you. Perhaps you have a reputation for great deeds, but perhaps you have never realized the adventures that your heart craves and you wonder how she even knew your name or where to find you.

    Regardless, you answered her call. Your reasons are your own, but they are enough.

    One way or another, you reached her tower in one piece. The journey wasn't easy. Unnatural beasts and odd happenings marked your passage through the deep woods.

    Now, as you find yourself awaiting the nature of your quest- and meet the other souls who will be your companions- you realize that the true adventure is yet to unfold...


    Genre: High Fantasy/Epic Quest
    Rating: We're all big kids. I don't expect this to devolve into gore and porn, but violence and sex are allowed as long as everyone is tasteful about it. Use spoilers or fade to black at your discretion. Keep in mind that some of your fellow players might not want to see it and be respectful, and that this isn't going to be in the Mature section (so younguns might be reading along).
    Characters: Anything that fits into a fantasy/fairy tale setting is acceptable. Just steer clear of anything too modern or sci-fi. When in doubt, run it by me first, but I want to give you guys room to breathe and get creative.
    Posting: As long as you don't go a month without a peep, you're fine. I might occasionally hijack your character and/or the plot to get things rolling again, though. If you're going on vacation or getting busy with stuff, let us know so we don't wonder where you are. Anyone found nagging fellow players for posts will be keelhauled.

    @Dawn @Diana @Falcon @Fluffy @Lstorm @Myrnodyn @Ocha
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  2. Right, guys. IC IS UP. Post at your leisure! Remember, it is up to you guys to decide how you all got to the tower and what sort of adventures you had on the way. You can include as much or as little of that as you want in your first post, and it is totally up to you guys to decide whether you want to roleplay out some of the waiting period or jump straight to when the Witch is starting to descend from the upper floors of the tower.

    Have fun!



    Mongrelfolk; humanoids that are the product of several cross-bred species

    This picture isn't 100% accurate but it gives a good idea of how he looks daily. He wears a skull helmet, cloth bracers, and tattered fabrics that cloak his beastly image. The reason he covers up so much is because he's ugly, to put it bluntly. I'll describe his features in a list fashion 'cause it looks better to me. >>;

    Left eye: Golden in color with a reptilian looking pupil.
    Right eye: A dark shade of blue; looks normal by human standards.
    Mouth: He has an overbite. The tips of his top canines are visible even when his mouth is closed.
    Nose: Normal by human standards. He also has a ring pierced through his septum.
    Ears: They are long and pointy, like an Elf's. Both have a lot of piercings varying from hoops to studs.
    Hair: Very messy and uneven, also dirty. It's chocolatey brown.
    Skin color: He's got a caramel skin tone to him. Wherever he has skin, that is.
    Left arm: There are patches of gray scales along the entire arm. He has five fingers with tiny horns along the knuckles.
    Right arm: This arm is mostly covered in a short, cream colored fur. The hand has only four fingers, each with a dangerously sharp nail at the tip. These are claws that can be retracted if he wants to do so.
    Left leg: Like his arm, it's skin covered with patches of gray scales. Also, the foot on this leg has an extra toe!
    Right leg: Normal by human standards, except for the toe nails. They grow to be sharp and pointy, and they're a solid black.

    Inalu is odd, to say the least. He's capable of intelligent thoughts and problem solving. However, everything he does is confusing, random, and stupid. It's as if his brain was put into a really dumb body.

    Other than that, he's a friendly creature. He loves to smile, he loves to laugh, he loves life. Simply, he just loves. In addition to being supportive, he's honest. He won't lie to benefit another's emotions, and he'll face consequences that come with his action. Also, Inalu likes to have fun. Whenever possible, he likes to engage others in sports or story telling.

    - Certain chants can allow him to buff his teammates in strength, confidence, and agility. As long as he's chanting, the spell won't break.
    - He's a healer! Using a combination of chants and natural healing methods, he'll help with any wound. Not just physical wounds, either. He has remedies for your soul too, if you feel lost or hurt.
    - Inalu has what he considers a 'last resort' spell. He can get in touch with his spirit animal, the gazelle. He'll transform into a massive gazelle that glows a bright white light, as if it were a holy spirit. In this form, he's capable of healing and buffing without having to chant. The consequence of activating this is that Inalu will return to his mortal form, and be passed out cold for at least 24 hours. It all depends on how much energy he lost.
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  4. Putting my Character here so they're all together :)
    Eira (open)

    Name: Eira

    Race: Sylph

    Appearance: Eira has two forms. A human form she rarely takes because she considers it frail and weak, not to mention cold, and her natural Sylph appearance which it that of a girl make entirely of wind. Her Sylph form is easily visible if she is moving, mostly because of the disturbances it makes in the air, but if she is sitting still she might as well be invisible. In this form she can touch the world only as the wind can. But like the wind she cannot be physically harmed. For anything else she must take the form of a human.

    In taking the form of a human Eira also takes on all of a human’s fleshly weaknesses. Because she rarely uses It, her human body is small and frail, and ironically for the granddaughter of the north wind, easily susceptible to the cold. In this form she swaths her body in an overly large fur lined coat. Her hair is as white as snow, and her eyes carry the blue tint of frozen ice. As a human Eira has a bold nose and full lips.

    • As a human – none aside from her small size and observant nature
    • As a sylph – The lineage of the north Wind grants her the ability to summon strong or gentle winds at need, as well as blinding snow and freezing ice.
    History: The granddaughter of the North Wind Eira grew up in the royal palace of the frozen north. Though she knows much of the world from traveling about it, what she knows is mostly from the point of view of an observer. Thus she has some very strange views on humans and human culture. What she does know of humans, outside of observation, is from the few persons who have visited the ice realm, or books.

    Now she journeys to the witch in the forest only because she believes this may give her the opportunity to take part in the world she watches.

    Personality: Like the cold Eira can be as soft and gentle as a falling snowflake, or as fierce as an ice storm. In general she can be kind but somewhat aloof, and she tends to think of humans more as subject to be observed and studied rather then beings with feelings and families. Her comments can be harsh, though they are very rarely meant that way. She simply sees no point in censoring her personality to spare another’s feelings. She will take human form at need, but hates to do so finding it weak and not seeing how humans could derive any pleasure from living in such bodies, and she won’t hesitate to say so.
  5. My character sheet is done, I've decided. I'm not going to make it TOO detailed, since that's not required of me. Other things about him can be discovered through roleplay, I think I covered enough in the meantime. :D

    Now that I've thought my character through and got it written down, I'm ready to think on my post. I shall write something before the weekend.
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  6. In case anyone is wondering, I am not dead and I plan on posting tomorrow.
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  7. And I posted. Sorry for the slight delay, I was murdering my muse and she was not taking it well.
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