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  1. Unbelievable.

    Officer Juno Richards surveyed the scene of yet another murder from the mysterious Vagrant Killer, a vigilante that targeted pedophiles. It wasn't that he particularly disagreed with murdering of the six men--seven, he amended--but there were laws in place for a reason. Whoever had murdered these men had definitely stepped all over those laws.

    Minimal blood on the victim, it's all over the walls instead. Gunshots heard by neighbors. One, two, three in the victim's body. Vicious mutilation of genitals.

    The officer shifted his gaze to his partner, beckoning him over.

    "DNA?" he asked, though the tone was resigned rather than hopeful, lips twisted into a frown. His partner, George, shook his head.

    "The perp used gloves, likely leather but they're probably not a noticeable material. Do you think we've got another for the Vagrant Killer?"

    Juno only nodded in response, waving his partner away before moving to the doorway and informing the detective that he was going to speak with the neighbors. They had to have heard more than gunshots, or saw something maybe. There was simply no way the killer was smart enough to have hidden himself that well.
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    He wss there again, in the some situstion ss always, unable to move from his actual position in the front of the croud in front of who knows how msny people, snd in front of those yellow stripes thst said to leep out, crime scene.

    His long straight black hair hung on his shoulders snd his back, his slso black eyes kept following people around, policemen, medics, forensic officers snd more, then he spotted him, thst adult thst hsd been there the last six times.

    He found himself slightly overwhelmed by this person in particular, however he only did whst he usually always did, he rose his black Polaroid csmers snd snapped photograph of him.

    This time sroud he actually wanted to know his name, who he wss, snd why he'd always be in the crime scenes of this particulsr kind of crime...
    Even tough he knew this to be awfully wrong snd dangerous, since to the rest of the world, this nameless person, wss but s stree adolescent who hsd fled home.
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    Juno moved to the waiting neighbors, pasting on a soft, empathetic smile. They were all milling about, concerned it seemed, but also morbidly curious. It was a common enough reaction to death. He had the same one not so long ago, before he became a cop, became..used to it. He took a breath, eyes roaming over the older, married couples, college students, and even a couple of families that waited outside the yellow police tape.

    His eyes caught on one teen, armed with a camera and he made his way there first. He hated the kids who thought they could come in and snap a couple photos of a crime scene.

    "I need your camera, kid. I can't let you take pictures of the crime scene," Juno held his hand out expectantly as his eyes roamed over the boy's face again. Something about him seemed achingly familiar. The officer searched for a family member in his eyes or nose, frowning a bit when he couldn't quite place where he'd seen him before. That black hair...


    Juno thought harder, latched onto a memory of black hair swishing behind someone as they walked away from the crime scene, through a crowd of people. He'd been too busy to stop the person but it..could have been this kid. The black hair was definitely something to familiar. And he had seen it before too, at at least three other of the Vagrant Killer's displays. It could be written off as something journalistic.. Or maybe the kid was some goth, wanting to see a bit of blood and leave. Still, Juno frowned. Something about the kid just seemed to stick.
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    At first he jolted, that man had finally gotten his attention, but instantly his comment moved away his expression of amasement, it turned into annoyance, he wanted to take away his camera, but he only shrugged and shook his head, "I'm not taking photos of the crime" he said, but his voice was simply so soft and low, it was very hard to hear in the commontion, murmuring, and more.

    His eyes, now seemingly closer were soft, and much darker than a normal person's, unlike the rest, they lacked any energy or life, he seemed tired and quite annoyed at this very moment, but he did not speak up again, no matter how much urgy he felt toward asking the man what kind of person he was, his name, age, was he married or not, why, did he have kids, a thousand of trivial things only common people could bother asking, but he wished to do so.
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    Juno sighed. He knew the kid was going to be difficult, they always were.

    "Then you wouldn't mind if I could see the photos? If they don't have crime scene pictures on them, then you can keep it." He kept his hand out expectantly, raising a blonde eyebrow. The kid didn't seem like a bad one, but if he let someone run off with a camera that had crime scene photos and something got published, he'd be suspended for a month.

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  6. The young man stared for what felt like hours, before he put the camera back into his bag and glared "No" he mumbled, and for his own safety it wasn't like he had pictures of the murder after or before, nor even about any person at all, actually, the only pictures in his camera, were of this man in each crime scene, all seven of them including this one and one in which he was walking back into the police station.

    He shifted eyes toward someone in the crowd, it was bad he had to leave now, he suddenly grabbed the man's hand out of nowhere, and kissed it gently, before running away and getting lost in the crowd, even tough he knew he was going to be chased by the man.
  7. Juno stared after the kid, momentarily in shock by the soft kiss on his hand. It was...almost apologetic, almost sweet. He shook his head a bit and turned to his partner.

    "I have a kid running with possible crime scene photos. Hold things down here while I get him." He didn't wait for an acknowledgement of his words before he was dipping under the police tape and taking off after the young guy. He had no idea what was going on here. Perhaps the kid was just trying to sell the pictures but there was something about him that was...very off. Juno darted around an older couple, reaching out to grab the kid's wrist and stop him.
  8. Unfortunately the young man slippped from behind a big man and other people, running off trough the alleys and dissapearing behind them, laughing at himself that he had finally gotten to know him, but now that he had runned they'd probably look for him, so he took off his white jacket and put it inside his bag, altough it was freezing, and kept running toward the residential area.

    An hour more or so went by and he found himself behind some apartment buildings, shuddering in cold and refusing to himself to put back his jacket, hugging his knees and sneezing frecuently "Why the hell did I do that" he thought to himself, he had gotten the chance he had been seeking for so long, and now it had gone KAPOOT, GONE. He let out a moan and began bawling like a little child, unknowing of the shadow nearing him from his left flank.
  9. Juno came to a stop as he entered an alley, losing sight of the young man. He took a deep breath, looking around. If that boy published any of the photos, he would get suspended or worse. He'd have to come look around in his police car later. With the new murder, he'd likely be put on the night shift anyway.

    He ran back to the scene, informing his partner of what happened and getting into his car. He'd have to find this kid, even if it took all night.

    He pulled his car into drive and set off, moving slowly through the neighborhoods he knew the alleys connected to.
  10. Out of nowhere in one of the streetwalks in the neighbor nearby there was an old tall man with a fedora carrying someone in bridal styla while walking away from an alley, he was wearing a grey sweater and black pants, formal black shoes and his face was hard to see from afar, the one he was carrying was also hard to see, he was wearing a red hoody, with the hood on and looked like clearly he was uncounscious, but his size was pretty much like the kid the detective had probably seen before.
  11. Juno parked easily in front of the older man, shifting to get out of the car, hand on the gun in his belt holster. He walked up to the man, careful to stay far enough away to watch him but close enough to make a grab for him if he needed.

    "Sir. Something wrong with the kid there? You need an escort to a hospital?" he asked. He didn't want to assume that this man wasn't related to the kid somehow, but he wanted to be cautious all the same. He didn't like the vibe he was getting from the man. And the kid looked remarkably similar to the one he had just encountered, the one who had been fine earlier.
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    The man stopped, and turned slowly, it was him, the young boy that he had been chasing from before, it was easy to tell because his hood wasn't covering his face fully, his skin was clearer now, pale, and he was fully limp. The old man groaned softly "No, thank you, we're fine" he simply responded before walking away from him again, giving no chance for more questions.
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    "Hey, stop right there," Juno moved after him, pulling his badge out of his pocket. "That boy needs to come with me, sir. I suggest you put him down now." He move closer, his other hand slowly pulling the gun out of his holster. He wasn't about to let the kid go, not when he had run all over the city to find him and not when he wasn't sure who this old man was.
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    The old man groaned and turned around, staring at the badge now nervous, he couldn't think of an excuse by the time the boy woke up and saw the geezer's face, he instantly panicked and yelled, making the weaker man drop him on the ground and run away, but before the law man could react, the younger one ran away a contrary direction, giving him two options to chase, since for someone who was uncounscious, he recovered pretty fast.
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    "If I see you again, I'm arresting you for attempting kidnapping." Juno growled out at the old man before turning and taking off after the younger man. This time, he wasn't going to let him get away. He took to sprinting until he was directly behind the kid and he reached out, grabbing an arm to yank the boy back into him as he skidded to halt.

    "..You are one hard kid to catch," he said after a moment, grip tight on the kid though he was out of breath. He really should be hitting the gym more if he couldn't keep up with one kid that well.
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    Instantly the boy yelled and screamed, trying to free himself from his grip, his black shiny swift hair flying as he moved in savage manners, almost like an animal trying to break free from a trap, completely hysterical and in an absolute state of panic.

    The things he was yelling and screaming were, strangely, not calls for help or any aid seeking at all, au contrary, they were more like begging for his life, asking the man not to hurt him or kill him, askings of forgiveness, saying that he wouldn't do it again, that he would behave, that he'd be good. The boy sank in a state of horror so strong it actually looked like he was about to pass out.
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