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    Wiping the budding sweat from her brow, June peered up at the mid-afternoon sun. It had been fairly mild this morning when she'd first woken up, but the summer heat had grown as time had passed. Now the mid-summer sun was in full swing, hanging directly overhead, bathing everything in scorching light. The air shimmered with the temperature, as if even it was sweating under the relentless sunlight.

    A light sigh passed June's lips as she got back to work, carefully plucking a bright red tomato from it's home on the stem it had grown on. At least she was almost finished her harvesting for the day. She'd been put in charge of harvesting one half of the fields while Nina did the other. Through great effort, and perhaps a little excellent fortune, June had managed to salvage all of the produce. She hadn't slipped and dropped any, nor had she damaged any of the plants along the way - both things that happened much more frequently than June liked to admit.

    "June!" Hearing her name, the green-haired woman snapped out of her thoughts. Standing up straight and brushing away some of the dirt that stained her pale pink apron, June turned to face the store where the voice had come from. It was Liz, the owner of the shop and someone who had become somewhat of a mother figure to June since she'd moved to the peaceful village.

    "I'm over here!" June shot back pleasantly, giving the older woman a small wave, one returned by a warm smile.
    "I have to head out for a few hours to take care of some things in the city. Would you be able to watch over the shop for me while I'm gone." Nodding immediately, happy to help and willing to take any excuse she could to get out of the suffocating heat, June made her way over to where Liz stood.

    "Blue should be stopping by today soon too~" Liz continued before June could voice any work od agreement, sweet voice taking on a teasing lilt to it as she mentioned the cold rancher. As all of the farmers knew, Blue frequently came to pick up the Blue Sky Ranch's supply of fodder seeds. They also all knew of June's painfully obvious feelings for the hardworking young man. She was pretty terrible at hiding them, after all - it was a wonder Blue hadn't figured it out for himself yet.

    "A-ah, sure..." June just agreed to the task she had been given, unsure how else to respond. She felt her face growing even hotter as a bright red blush took over her usually pale features.

    "I'll be back in a few hours. Have fun~!" Liz giggled before walking off. With one more nod, June turned around and walked into the store. It was pleasantly cool, and she could only hope that the air conditioning could cool her burning face as well.


    Ray's day thus far had been unsuccessful at best. Things had started fairly normally, with him having cooked himself a simple sashimi breakfast and heading out early to catch some of those early rising fish while the town was completely still. Though Flowerbud Village was never exactly bustling -though more and more new people did seem to be moving in lately- Ray tried to get most of his in-town fishing done during the morning. Later in the day people began their daily tasks, morning duties all taken care of, and the busting footsteps and chatter often scared the fish away. There were a lot of fishing spots around town though, many in more remote places such as the lake, or the island. Ray would head there in the afternoon when people had began to fill the town space, and in doing so, he generally guaranteed himself a plentiful and productive day. That much could not be said for today at all, however - not thus far, anyways. It wasn't that there weren't many fish up and about yet this morning either. Honestly, Ray was just distracted. His mind had been off in the clouds all day, and he had lost count of how many potential catches had gotten away from him.

    "Oh!" Suddenly noticing a tug on the line, Ray snapped into action. Curing himself for having allowed himself to zone out again, he fought with the fish who had fortunately been too persistent to loose interest. Managing to actually catch this one after a short battle, Ray reeled it in and began to inspect it. A rainbow trout. It was a decent size, but not quite what he was looking for. Still, he placed the squirming fish in his bucket alongside the other fish he had caught - a bounty much smaller than he would have liked to have been able to boast. Especially today. Ray had been working extra hard lately, because he had something special in mind - or, rather, someone.

    For the past while Ray's mind had been one one person especially, no matter how hard he tried to focus on anything else. Tierney, one of the local ranchers, had managed to catch the anglers heart. She was, in his mind, the most beautiful person he had ever met, inside and out. She was the one he had been working so hard for. However, it was a double edged sword, as she had also been the one distracting him from his efforts the most. Ray had been trying to catch something that he could cook up an excellent meal with; something special, flavorful, and something he knew -or at least earnestly hoped- that Tierney could enjoy. She did so much for him, and for all of the other villagers, Ray wanted to be able to return the favor. That, and he wanted to do something nice for her, to get her to notice him. However, this was proving difficult when the fisherman was too busy thinking about the rancher to catch anything.

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    Blue was taking no care into hurrying over to pick up the supply request for the Blue Sky Ranch. They weren't even truly out of feed but, Blue put in the order anyway, just to have an excuse to see June. He was well aware that he wasn't the most.. emotional or social for that matter but, surely his small acts of acknowledgement must be making a small impression on June. Blue drew out a long sigh and shut his mouth for a small moment. He took off his hat and ran a finger through his golden hair, which he usually never does outside. His mind went off to another place (as it usually does whilst working in the pastures and tending for the animals), one where he thought of mostly bad things.. the worst in most situations. He tried not to think of what he was even going to say to June when in the store, if she even was in the store then. He tried to ignore the vision of himself stuttering or blushing in the slightest as he crossed the bridge to the shop.

    It was a mere minute or so before he reached the front door to the shop. Blue took in a deep breath and opened the door. His blue eyes flash to June as he suppresses a fierce blush from forming on his face. When he reaches the counter, his gloved hands fit formly in his front jean pockets as he clenches is jaw a bit. "Hello," he says in his deep, monotonous voice. "I'm uh... here for my fodder order," he stated, rubbing the back of his neck. "Is it ready?" he finally got out.

    Blue leaned forward onto the wooden counter with two hands, cracking his neck side to side. He looked at June's features and as always to him; she looked absolutely beautiful. From her hair, to her eyes, to simple little features on her face -he was utterly and completely intrigued in her. He had the prerequisite however, that she was nowhere near interested in him. Blue has come to be used to that fact.. it still hurt though. Even though he was well aware of this, he would still try to win her heart.


    The young red head had just finished tending to the small amount of crops she had growing on the side of her house. It wasn't much, just a few plots of land with common seeds sown into it. She made her way into the chicken coop located in the south section of her ranch. She had several chickens in which were tended to well enough- thus, providing her with good eggs. Tierney sprinkled some feed down for the chickens to peck at then, collected the eggs. She had a system, she would collect mostly for the profit of her ranch, then provided for herself last. Out of the six good eggs provided, she kept one for herself. She didn't need much, with living by herself but, the small collection each day added up in the long run.

    Her next duties were for her barn animals. Two cows, a sheep and a healthily growing foal. As she tightened her gloves, she moved towards her eldest cow Mina. "Hi girl," she said with a small smile and ran her hand along the animals back. It mooed out in happiness as she began to milk it's utters. Due to the animals growing age, the milk provided was just normal milk however, still just as delicious when consumed. She repeated this process with the other animals and was done for the day at just 12 pm.

    Tierney took a moment to look up at the sky, it was a peaceful summer day, with just a serine feel. The birds chirping here and there, and the waves rolling against the shore, which was thankfully audible from her ranch. The young girl decided that, for the rest of the day, she'd spend the time fishing and would hopefully run into her fisherman friend. It took her no longer than five minutes to spot Ray at his favorite spot. A small smile came upon her face as she suck up behind him, placing her hands over his eyes and letting out a small giggle.
  4. "H-Hi!" Having been crouched to rearrange some of the products and things they kept under the counter, June just about sprung to her feet, perhaps too quickly, when she heard Blue's voice, deep and seemingly apathetic as always, ring through the quiet store. Unfortunately, however, clumsiness striking once again, June smacked her head off of the counter above her, letting out an embarrassing squeak of pain as she did so. The green haired farmer could feel the heat in her cheeks, embarrassed blush very evident on her face as she looked up at Blue.

    "Ahaha, um... sorry. Welcome!" June started rather awkwardly. Embarrassment growing along with her awkward statements, June could feel it churn in her gut as her face burned hotter. Just being around the stoic rancher was enough to fluster her.

    "Oh! Right, yes, of course!" June nodded as Blue prompted her, mentioning the order he was here to pick up. Feeling even worse that she'd forgotten, fluster pushing everything else out of her spinning brain, June had hardly even remembered that she was working. Not wanting to waste any more of the busy ranchers time with her awkwardness, June quickly leaned back under the counter again, grabbing the small box of fodder seed bags that had been set aside from under the counter. Careful to avoid hitting her head this time, June, placed the box on the counter.

    "Here we are~ a solid season's worth of fodder seeds!" June chirped. Focus shifted slightly to working, the bashful farmer had managed to regain at lease pieces of her shattered composure. Smiling a little more shyly at the young man in front of her, she told him the price. A bit of an awkward silence passed between the two as Blue readied to pay, June biting her lips as the seconds continued to pass. She wanted desperately to start up a conversation, but had no idea where to even begin. She was timid at the best of times, but Blue made her feel even more bashful.

    "So, um... are you still working today? O-once you get back to the ranch, I mean."


    Hours had passed, and Ray had been able to catch a few fish. He had managed to get some control of his brain as time passed, but he still caught himself getting lost in thoughts every now and again, both in between casts and during them. Though the seasoned angler didn't miss all of the fish that tugged at the thin fishing line, drawn helplessly to a trap, between all the ones he did miss, and the pauses and breaks he had taken by incidentally zoning out, he had likely lost nearly half of she fish he could have gotten if he was as alert as he should have been.

    Hoping a shift of scenery may help, giving him a few other things to think about beside the captivating farmer that was currently running rampant through his brain, Ray headed over to one of his favorite spots. Peering in the water, the brunette young man grinned as he saw a collection of varied shadows, shifting slightly with the movements of the fish that they belonged to. It seemed that the fish were still about, giving him plenty of opportunity to catch quite a few things - and hopefully something delicious enough to make a meal for Tierney out of.

    With that thought in mind, Ray's mouth rose into a determined grin and he cast his line, watching as the bobber sunk for a moment before resurfacing, sending out a small wave of ripples in the flowing water. It wasn't long before another distraction presented it's self to Ray, however. This time though, it wasn't his own fault.

    "Hm?" Blinking a few times as he felt two small, work-worn but soft hands rest loosely over his eyes, Ray felt a wave of confusion for a moment, though it was quickly overpowered by a warm joy as he realized who was behind him. Unable to stop the smile that pulled his lips upwards, Ray chuckled slightly, fondly. She was just too cute.

    "Good morning, Tierney." Ray greeted, knowing that she was the only one who greeted him like this.
  5. Blue watched as June fussed about, he furrowed his brow and cocked his head to the side -- what was wrong with her? Blue rested his facial expressions but, kept his head tilted to the side. "Are you feeling alright?" he asked, ignoring her question for the moment. He noticed the redness to her face, maybe she had a fever or.. maybe.. --no it couldn't be. He shook the though of it out of his head. Of course, she didn't have feelings for him. There were plenty of other looking guys in the town plus, he heard that Alex had a little thing for the farmer. "You're face is all red, ya know," he added to his previous statement, standing up straight and crossing his arms.

    Soon enough, Blue dropped his arms down, resting them back into his front jean pockets. He decided to stop pestering, and finally answered her question, maybe he was bothering her from her work. "Yeah, I'll be working only for a little bit more," he said drawing the one-sided conversation back on it's course. "The cows like to wake up a bit before I milk them, or else they get restless," Blue states, not that he would think that June would care. He was well aware that he bored people with his ranching speak, that is why he resorts to poetry and literature when by himself.

    Blue reached into his back pocket, drawing out the money -- in exact change in payment for the farmers supplies. He placed it on the table, not bothering to count the amount.


    The girl let out a giggle and removed her hands from the boys eyes She placed a soft and quick kiss on his cheek before moving to plop down next to Ray. "How are you?" she asked, bringing out her fishing pole and casting the bob into the water. Her eyes trained on the white and red sphere that waded in the water, waiting for a bite. Her feet hung over the edge, swinging back and fourth a bit as the rancher had her line casted.

    The young girl moved her pole up and down, hoping to suppress a life-like motion to her bait, which was a small worm that she collected the other day. Her dark brown eyes, looked over at Ray, awaiting an answer.

    She hoped that she wasn't bothering a deep thought that he may be in but, she really did love talking to and being around Ray,
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