Princess Arranged Marriage [MxF] Male needed.

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    Elizabeth is destined to be married soon to have her kingdom united with another. The problem? She doesnt want to marry because she has to! I mean, if you had to marry someone 20 years older than you, dont you want to at least like them? Elizabeth doesnt spend much time in her castle, she often sneaks out to explore her kingdom and everyone who works. She realizes that the peasants have more love for each other than anyone does in her castle. Shee had one rule for herself; if she was going to marry, it'd HAVE to be for love. Even if it was a peasant.

    -Age: 18
    -Hair: Blonde
    -Eyes: Blue
    -Height: 5'

    -I'm a female, can i RP with you with my male character?

    Answer: Yes! :D
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  2. Elizabeth walked around her kingdom in drags and her blonde hair tied up in a bun. If the guards found out she was sneaking out again, her parents would never let her hear the end of it. It was always, "Elizabeth! How are these people going to take you seriously when you rule over them someday when you keep treating them all like they're your friend?!" Or, "Those peasants will never look up to a princess who spends her days disobeying her parents!" Elizabeth thought to herself sadly as she watched the children running past her in the village. They looked happy, and they were poor! Elizabeth never seemed to be happy, not the way her parents are trying to raise her. To be a spoiled brat princess! Why couldn't everyone be treated equally? She wishes she was a peasant sometimes. Just to know how it feels to be free for once. She sat down at a fountain and pulled her hair down as it reached passed her shoulders. She didnt care if she got caught anymore. It would just be the same lecture everyday.
  3. It hadn't been the first time that Jack had to split his food rations amongst his brothers. He didn't particularly mind at all since he felt as though it was his responsibility as being the oldest of his siblings. They were growing children and needed the extra nutrition especially from all the labour they were to do around the farm. It might have looked like a tough existence to some, especially the nobles and royalty, but the simplicity and a tight knit family felt far more fulfilling. Though after their mother had fallen ill, Jack and his brothers had to work twice as hard to pay for her medicine. It constant doctor check ups were also taking a toll on their savings. They were barely scraping along but they still had the farm and each other. What more could the young man ask for?

    As late afternoon came to a close Jack called the others for evening supper. They were a rowdy bunch. The younger siblings playing with their food and some even fighting over who gets the last boiled potato. Jack enjoyed every minute of it and wouldn't have traded it for anything in the world. Near the end of dinner he felt a slight tug on his trousers and when he looked to investigate, he found the youngest of his brothers staring up at him. He saw the shining object clutched in Leo's right hand and smiled as he nodded his consent. The little child's face immediately lit up as he trotted away to the entrance of the house and awaited his older brother.

    "I'll be right back, do you think you can handle it for a few without me Eric?," Jack asked the second youngest. Eric practically jumped at the chance and confidently gave a yes as if willingly to do whatever his big brother asked of him. Not a few moments later, Leo with Jack carrying him on his shoulders, were walking through the darkening village streets towards the center square. This was somewhat a tradition for the two. Every month, if finances was good, they would save one shiny silver pence. And of the last night of that week, throw it into the fountain in the middle of the village square.

    Just as they were a few feet from it, Leo surged forward in excitement. Jack ran along after him when he stopped in his tracks by the side of the fountain. His eyes popped and widened as he looked at the girl who had apparently beat them to it. She was pretty. Incredibly pretty. She did look strangely familiar though as if he had seen her somewhere before.
  4. Elizabeth saw the small boy and smiled, "I'm sorry, am I in your way?" She stood off and moved from in front of the boy. She looked over at the older looking boy and chuckled, "I suppose this is your brother?" She looked back at the youngest and noticed he only had one silver pence. To make a wish, she assumed. She noticed the eldest didnt have one. She dug inside her rags and pulled out another pence and have it to the eldest. "It wouldnt be fair if only one wish came true." She smiled sweetly.

    At that moment, a guard came to Elizabeth and grabbed her arm. "Princess! You know you're not suppose to be here without an escort!" Elizabeth pulled away, for the grip on her arm was too tight. "And I also know I have that I have free will!" The guard scowled and looked at her drags. "What are you wearing? " He pulled off her rags to show a coral blue dress with a red bow on the back. Elizabeth groaned, why does she always have to dress like she was perfect? Why did she always have to ACT like she was perfect? For some guy she doesnt even know arranged by her parents to marry him?? The thought made her feel sick. She dismissed the thought by following the guard back to her castle.

    Before she left, she ran up to the little boy and the eldest and smiled, "Remember, dreams come true so dont ever stop wishing!" She winked and continued following the guard.
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