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  1. Rules (bleh)

    1. Post at least once a day. (Obviously life can get in the way, I'm an understanding guy)

    2. At least 2 paragraphs but you will keep me interested far easier with three or more.

    3. Check grammar and spelling. I fail this sometimes so again, understanding.

    4. Bring your own ideas. I like a partner who contributes.

    Plot: prince meets a princess with a special gift. They fall in love and are wed. When the prince is believed to have been killed in another land during a time of war and the kingdom falls to an unlikely enemy what then?

    The princess, turned queen is given six months to mourn her husband's death before she must marry and bed with the very man who plotted the death of her husband.

    Meanwhile, the prince awakens in a village two kingdoms over. Can he make it back to save a kingdom, his kingdom, from falling having no knowledge that it already has. And what of his wife? Surely she would be out to death or worse...

    Interested? Send me a Pm :D
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  2. Marked me interested. PM in box!
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.