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  1. Hello Iwaku! As you can see, I have just signed up to be apart of this writing and roleplaying community! However, I can assure you I am a veteran roleplayer and not new to forum roleplaying. SO. With that out of the way, I will get on to my expectations and what I am looking for in a roleplay partner.

    • I would rather NOT have sexual content in my roleplays. I am fine with kissing and other such things, but I would rather fade-to-black if it gets any hotter beyond that.
    • BE ACTIVE! This is a biggy with me. At least a post a day, preferably more.
    • I am one of those rare ones it seems who likes quality AND quantity. AT LEAST 3 sentences or more per paragraph - NO ONE-LINERS!
    • Please, please, PLEASE do not think it's cute to use baby talk or texting language. FOR IT ISTN'T. It is VERY annoying and I honestly hate that crap, SO DON'T DO IT PLEASE!
    • Write in 3RD PERSON. 1st just makes me uncomfortable.
    • Have proper spelling and grammar. I'm not a grammar Nazi and I won't badger you about simple mistakes, but if it's obvious you don't know what you're doing, we won't get along...
    • I am fine with violence and swearing and so forth, just nothing sexual.
    • Be able to write both male and female characters equally; also, be prepared to roleplay the dominant, bad, cruel and probably evil-type characters if you are thinking about writing with me.
    • Collaborate and share! Don't make me run the show. That gets very boring very fast and I will likely loose interest in writing with you. Don't be a Debby Downer and be one of those that are all "okay sure", to whatever comes up, even if you don't like it. SAY SOMETHING!
    • DO NOT CONTROL MY CHARACTERS. Little things like shoving them or something is fine, but DO NOT control what my character does or how they react to the shove.
    So then! Now you know what I expect from YOU as a partner. Now here is what YOU can expect from ME.

    • I write in 3rd person only.
    • Depending on how interested I am in this site and our roleplay, I'm quite active and will post quickly.
    • I DO suffer from depression and anxiety, so there WILL no doubt be times when I just don't feel up to replying at all, or I may only reply to specific people; just all depends on my whims and moods, so be prepared for that is ever changing like the wind.
    • I write AT LEAST 3 or more sentences per paragraph.
    • I can play as either male or female characters equally, so normally I'm not picky unless I have a specific plot I'm craving to do.
    • I don't do group roleplays I'm afraid, for I cannot keep up with them to save my life.
    • I roleplay via PMs ONLY, as I like the privacy. I DO NOT roleplay outside the forum, so NO Email, IMs, etc.
    • I get bored VERY EASILY when my partners don't reply within a week, and will often leave the roleplay without warning, assuming you are either A) to busy to reply, or B) you just aren't interested and don't have the nerve to tell me.
    • I CANNOT AND WILL NOT roleplay as bad, evil or cruel or dominant or sadistic-type characters. I just can't get into them and don't like roleplaying as such kinds.
    • I don't share characters or NPCs either, just doesn't really work overly well ya know.
    • I like things to BUID UP. For instance, if my character is kidnapped by yours, it's really no fun whatsoever when they are rescued within the next post or two. Really rather ruins the whole point of my character getting kidnapped and kind of turns me off from the roleplay.
    And that is what YOU can expect from ME as a writing / roleplaying partner. If you are still here reading, the huzzah for you! If not, ah well, can't win 'em all. Now that you know what I expect from you and what you can expect from me, onto the character pairings! And roles highlighted in BOLD are the ones I would play as.

    • Vampire-&-Werewolf
    • Bully-&-Bullied
    • Abuser-&-Abused
    • Vampire-&-Vampire
    • Mermaid-&-Human
    • Werewolf-&-Werewolf
    • Male-&-Male
    • Female-&-Female
    • Male-&-Female OR Female-&-Male
    • Kidnapped-&-Kidnapper
    • Doctor-&-Patient
    Please note that just because something isn't listed, doesn't mean I wont' do it, I just haven't thought of it yet...m'kay...? So please don't be afraid to share your own suggestions that aren't on the list! The best way to get my attention that you wish to roleplay with me is to PM ME, as that is the method we would use to roleplay by anyway.
  2. You. I like you.

    I can probably reply daily, but I've got a two-week superbusy spell coming up; if there are days during that (or any other) time when I know I can't reply, is it okay if I just let you know that it's going to have to wait? I have to put my real life first :(

    Also do you have any plot/story ideas for these pairings? If not I've got some :)
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  3. i'd like to rp with you. I reply multiple times a day, everyday except the weekends or holidays. i usually match my partner's post so if you give me a paragraph then i'll give you a paragraph, maybe more here and there. I am a lot more comfortable playing female roles so i hope that isn't too much of a problem, i just don't have any experience playing a male role.
  4. I am interested as well. I absolutely love most of your ideas and am willing to do,basically,all of them.

    Just as a warning,I have a tendency to post multiple times a day but never after school hours or on the weekend,since my mother loves family time. I am also about to go on a three week trip,if that doesn't bother you too much.
  5. Still open and looking!
  7. Still in need of ACTIVE PARTNERS.
  8. Still and always open! Please don't be afraid to PM me!
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