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    Just look I got likes from this and followers ^^ I pretty happy

    for now...... >.> till I meet a hater then i'll stop drawing forever and rip everything and say my life sucks and maybe drown in sorrow and stuff....
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  2. o-o those drawings are actually pretty good... I'm jelly >.< (My drawing skills are just bad right now)
  3. HELL NO THEY ARE SH*T! I hate them *rips them apart* Hate them If you are jelly
  4. No! ;-; (I'd post a gif or something here but China doesn't let me access google ;-;)
  5. Hahaha Google hates China XD
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  6. Pretty good. I like to do anime drawing, but I can not draw a hand to save my life. *Looks at hands, and glares* These are the bane of my existance........ THESE ARE MY BLIGHT!!!!! * Attempts to eat hands*
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  7. I like :3
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  8. I have now eaten a single hand, and hope to gain its power. *Attempts to draw one handed, and paper keeps moving* FUUUUUUUUUUU!!!
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  9. XD lolz I drawen a hand but I kinda watched someone draw it so.... yeah And its like holding a flag to my country XD
  10. Teach me your ways? *Lays in floor, and gives sad puppy eyes while treating the nub*
  11. ummm ok

    He is the true master ^^ still brushing up with him, he teach you to draw anime and real life stuff HE SO COOL!!!!

  12. This is something I did. Lost my drive for it, and there it sits.

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