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    Hi all! So I'm realllly in the mood to play a cat boy/male neko. Or a male inu/dog boy. Or any animal fused human, to be quite honest and contrary to the title. Not really a furry though.

    A couple notes:
    - I will only be doing MxM/yaoi.
    - I'm willing to play anything from a feisty to innocent little guy depending on the plot and your preference!
    - This can be a simple Master x Pet (D/s undertones and kinks are fine by me), or much more complicated. I'm more than happy to throw ideas around.

    Thanks, PM or post below if interested or have questions!​
  2. Interested!
  3. Hey, there! ^_^ I know we've already got an rp going so it's cool if you pass, but I'd be willing to do this if youd like
  4. I'd also roleplay this with you :3
  5. Awesome! Would you be more interested in a type of master x pet (that we can put a twist on to make keep interesting), or should we figure out something else? ^^
  6. I have an interesting twist to that plot in mind. Let me clear my inbox and ill pm you
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.