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    Name: Yoake Asuka
    Age: 17
    Height: 5ft 5in (165cm)
    Weight: 49kg
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    I'm leaving first.” Yoake announced to herself as she left home though there was no one to hear it. She walked home to school and mentally arguing with herself in her head over to not buy herself chocolate or not, Valentines was few weeks away and let's face it, that girl adores chocolate. Let's skip the never-ending paragraph of why she isn't obese by now judging by her love for sweet things.

    Valentine's in few weeks. The other members of the council would expect the school council president to have a date and though she'd been dubbed 'Ice Queen' for being dominantly aloof, she'd hate to let them down.

    The 'Queen' stopped by a cafe with a sign saying ''Your True Love''. The cafe staff seemed to be all male. What is this?
  2. Name: Ukyo Yoshi
    Age: 19
    Height: 6ft 3in
    Weight: 55kg

    Ukyo straightened from where he had been previously setting down the order for another customer, when he spotted a young lady by the threshold of the cafe. It was relatively new and had been a big hit in the town, especially amongst girls. This was clearly a new one, based on the slightly dazed look on her face.
    Standing a head taller than most of his coworkers helped him to spot her first. He gracefully stepped away from the table and made his way towards her in large strides. He sidesteped in front of her, bowing respectfully until he stood, a pleasant smile evident on his face with a twinkle in his eyes. "Good Evening, Miss. My name is Ukyo, and I humbly welcome you to Your True Love cafe. Please, would you care for a free sampling?" He pulled a small silver dish out from behind his back and offered it to her. In it were an assortment of Valentine's day chocolates, sweets and miniature pastries.

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  3. (i dont know if you are letting people play a student council member or not but i would like to if not let me know)
    Name: Makiro Haruno
    Age: 17
    Height: 5ft 11in
    Weight: 52kg
    Extra sexy photo: Be warned of its sexiness
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    Sitting on his bike he leaned forward, biting into an apple allowing the juices to run over his mouth. " Dammit that was close " he said whipping some of the juices from his chin, He was sitting out front of the school like he usually did. some people walked by giving him high fives and some just said hello, most looked at him and then looked away. With that usual How is he in student council?, he does nothing, Type of look. But instead of going on a rant of how much he does not care for them, he instead smiles and waves. He chained his bike up and slid his hands into his pockets pulling his cellphone from it, looking down at it and then around into the air. He flew through his contacts until the spotted the president " When did that get there?....Ohhoho " his fingers flying across the keyboard sent a sly message thinking she wouldn't know who it was " Hello there beautiful, I can see you....yeah right there in the window. dont worry i only watch from afar ~Your secret admirer " he hit the send button and chuckled putting the phone away " She will never know! " he clapped his hands looking at the sky again.
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  4. Name: Kazuko Matsuoka
    Age: 20
    Height: 5ft 2in
    Weight: 45kg

    Kazuko is a senior student in charge of the arts department, what ever event requires the arts faculties help she finalizes it and hands it to the student council. At the current moment she was pretty busy arranging the Valentine Day Dance at the school.

    Kazuko was walking to school loaded with art equipment and rolled up papers when she spotted a council student and waved at him."Excuse me you're from the council aren't you, I forgot your name, anyway could you help me carry some of my stuff to the arts faculty...please" She added with a cute warm smile.

  5. Makiro looked over at the pretty cute girl and smirked when she looked his way, but when she began to come towards him talking his cheeks turned red before he looked away. Once they simmered down he looked back at her " Im Makiro, and sure i can help you " He said taking the items she was carrying into his arms and smirked. " Whats your name? "
  6. The young boy seemed to flush red a little and she chuckled to herself. " Im Makiro, and sure i can help you " He said taking the items she was carrying into his arms and smirked. " Whats your name? "

    "Ahh thank you very much, you're really sweet, my names Kazuko." She spoke managing the load in her arms "I'm a senior student in the arts faculty." She added just to let him know she was older since he was smirking and it kind off made her feel funny making her chuckle.

    "Anyways what are you in charge if in the council?" She asked as they walked inside the premises and headed for the drawing studio where she kept all the stuff on a table, the room had many canvases here and there a few palettes with oil paints and a whole lot of mess. She pulled out two soda cans from one of the shoppers, offering one to him.
  7. Placing the items down he dusted his hands off and fixated his shirt before taking the soda, He leaned against the wall and said " What am i in charge of? " he rubbed his chin to show that he was contemplating on what he does in student council. " I mostly deal with sports and other activities like clubs ya'know " he said opening the soda and taking a sip from it.

    " I'm guessing you do most of the wonderful art around the school? " He chuckled at his own idiotic question, He took another sip from the soda as he inspected her and the room.
  8. "Ah I see, although I've rarely seen you around" Kazuko took a few large sips of her soda being thirsty from the days work. "And me, well no not really I just approve of what goes and what doesn't, I mostly provide material and do the running around bit. I barely have time to sit down and do something for myself, even this painting is incomplete.." She said smiling softly looking at a canvas that had a picture of a cherry blossom tree painted but it was incomplete.

    "Anyways do tell me, got a date for the dance yet?" She askedas if teasing and started unloading her shoppers.
  9. She spoke of rather not seeing him around " Well most people dont know not one of the popular...ya know " he felt embarrassed and didn't even realize how minimally he was known around the school, he hated realizing it but it was reality and he couldn't change it. " Why dont you just....tell them to buzz off for a day and finish one of your paintings i bet it could be nice "

    He then looked down at his soda when she asked about the dance " Nah i dont have a date, im also not the most attractive guy havent noticed " he said taking another sip from his soda.
  10. Kazuko smiled softly when she noticed how he felt about not being the most attractive guy, "But there's nothing wrong with you, anyone would be stupid to not take you to the dance, you'd make a night to remember. It's all about having fun right and you seem to fit the role but you know they should give you more credit for your work, your hard work actually."

    Kazuko paced around the room opening the windows for some fresh air, "But you are coming to the dance right, I don't have a date but i'm still coming, I have to make sure everything's okay."

    Kazuko stared outside the window, "You know i'd really love some time on my own, but school keeps me so busy, I bet you get yo have tons of fun. I usually see my juniors have a time of their lives hanging out with friends." Kazuko spoke sighing and turning to him.
  11. " Huh...i guess i should go " He rubbed the back of his head " Your going alone?! " he walked over to her and stood next to her looking out the window also, " But i mean, i don't get a lot of free time to busy getting these activities going, like the dance i had to get the place set up and figure out the refreshments and all that. " But...maybe i could take some time maybe take you to the dance? "
  12. Kazu sighed when she heard how he too was struck by fate to never enjoy, "Sad huh.." she almost whispered thinking, when she snapped back to reality at his proposal.

    "" Kazu was a little flustered, no one had ever bothered ever asking if she wanted to join them, being a senior kid they all looked at her like a teacher or some boring old art student wasting time. She was deeply touched by his act but realized at sudden impulse...she didn't even know his name.

    "I'd love to go to the dance with you just a tiny problem..i'm not a good dancer." Kazu was being modest she had took part in several dance cover competitions back in elementary school herself and had really outdone herself back then, she was just out of practice. "It's embarrassing to ask this now but...whats your name?" she asked politely.

    She found it kinda nice how even though he was younger he was still taller than her, deep down she was actually nervous, she had made a friend after such a long time and she hoped this one wouldn't be a 2 day friendship vanishing on the 3rd. She hoped it stayed a while, enough to prove her good impression.
  13. He chuckled slightly " I'm makiro, Nice to meet ya " He took a step back looking around the room and adjusted some items which seemed to be in the way for bigger movements " Can't dance? Non sense everyone can dance " He said walking back to her and taking her hand.

    He pulled her along to the open area he made, and took both of her hands in his " It simple, you just have to follow to the beat " He layed down a simple funk beat using his beat boxing talents. it was very funny to find someone who picked up beat boxing in the school but he was one of them.

    He shimmied and danced along to the beat he was making, smirking as best he could he was a pretty good dancer. since he did join many break dancing clubs and other dancing sorts, it was his job to make sure most activities were safe so why not test them himself.
  14. Makiro, she thought to herself, "Nice name, Makiro chan." she said sweetly and noticed how he made room, clearing the things aside.

    He took her hands in his and guided her explaining how dancing was easy, he started beat boxing, Kazuko chuckled at first but was impressed "Wow you're really good at this.." She was slowly left amazed at his epic dance skills. Kazuko loved dance and understood it well and was really amazed at his moves.

    "You know Makiro if you dance like this at the school dance you can make every girl swoon, not kidding, one must not underestimate a good dancer.

    But uhm I can't dance that well i'm out of practice since 2 years. I only know ballroom at the moment." She smiled cutely, "Teehee." she added just for fun trying to joke around and have fun.
  15. He stopped beat boxing and chuckled, walking up to her again " No one is a bad dancer " he said taking her hands again and standing in a ballroom dance style " Ballroom isn't a bad dance " he said smirking as he went to take lead, almost dragging her along to make her dance with him.
  16. Kazuko laughed back lightly at his eagerness, "Ballroom is a patient dance, don't confuse it with broad way and here let me show you how it's done." Kazuko placed one of his hands on her waist and the other clasped in his with her hand on his shoulder and demonstrated.

    "1, 2, 3, 4.. and 4, 3, 2, 1 see simple as that." She took the lead in guiding him and they slowly moved around the room covering more space.

    "And you have mastered my way of ballroom dancing." She joked, "It goes best with classic fairy tale music you know."
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