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  1. Earlier I found myself contemplating what it is that draws me to a roleplay besides the plot itself. For example I wanted to know what sort of things in the OP of the RP that draws me to it. Such as it's presentation and the kind of theme that the first post of the RP followed. That being said I've come here to see what it is that the community finds appealing in the presentation of an RP. How do you like the original post to be ordered? What kind of content do you look for when trying to find a great RP? What sort of images do you like to see presented on the original post? Do you like signatures created for the RP? Basically I'm just curious to see what people like to see.

    I've only begun a single RP so far, but over time I want to try and achieve a higher level of presentation building and such. I was thinking that this thread might be good for myself and those who also wish to get better at said skill. Thoughts?
  2. Although it's not about the visual presentation as such (meaning adding pictures/signatures/whatnot to the post), what I like to see is effort. If I see that someone took their time to create the post, it's the most important thing for me and I'm instantly hooked. Then you'll have spelling/grammar/punctuation, simply because it makes the posts easier to read. The post itself doesn't have to be long or anything like that, but I like when it's obvious that someone thought about it at least a tiny, teeny bit before hitting the "post" button.

    Other than that, I really have no preferences. Introductory posts tend to be more of a description of the setting/character (I know mine are) than anything else (which I find great, because it adds to the roleplay itself), so if there's no action in them, I don't see that as a disadvantage. I don't mind taking my roleplays slow and I really don't need it to be full action from the start. For me, anything in the first post is enough when it comes to onexone roleplays. Jump-ins follow the same rule.

    But obviously, I'm not interested in every single roleplay I come by. I usually check for the basics first, which for me, besides the plot, is mostly the genre, with character's possible age (if specified) at times, too.
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