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  1. [​IMG]

    whats your favourite variation on Team Rocket's classic intro?

    I like

    "Prepare for trouble, and a dance!"
    "I'm wearing tights instead of pants!"

    But maybe you like a different one, or perhaps Original Recipe?
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  3. I never liked the alternate versions. It was cute and sort of funny in the early seasons when they did it once in a while just for special occasions, but then it seemed like they did something different every single episode and that kind of killed it for me.

    The original motto is the only one with any real value to me. :D
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  4. Agreed, I love the original and want to hear it most often but it used to be really clever when they'd change it up for a special situation!
  5. You know that one, back in Kanto in the first season or whatever, when they were running this beauty salon, in the episode where Brock got his Vulpix. "To protect the world from lame fashion." "To unite all peoples with flashing passion." You know, that one.

    Alternatively, the song.

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  6. Yeah, it was clever back then, and I used to get a laugh out of it when they did that, but going for something different every single episode is what really devalued the whole thing and kept it from being anything special. :P Plus, it stopped being memorable. I honestly couldn't recite a single alternate motto off the top of my head, just because there's no reason for it to stick in your head at that point. o.o
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  7. James' face at 0:24, omg x'D

    So you like it when they sing, eh?
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  8. That rap is catchy. Perhaps a bit too much so.
  9. Not a rap, but totes catchy, yeah!

    It's second only to the Pokemon Advanced Battle theme and the original theme in terms of my favourite pok├ęsong <3
  10. When Meowth got worshiped by a tribe and Jessie and James wanted their friend back:

    Jessie: I'm the one who needs you too!
    James: Make it double, we both need you!
    Jessie: You protect us both from desperation!
    James: You unite us all in jubilation!
    Jessie: You help chase away our loneliness!
    James: You're a mess, but we love you nevertheless!
    Jessie: Jessie!
    James: James!
    Jessie: Team Rocket's friendship never ends!
    James: So let's set sail on our ship of friends!


    Then I found this, which is from episodes I haven't seen on TV but it was funny (Jessie and James reactions that is)
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