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  1. A friendly Discussion on Premonitions. What's your take on Premonitions? Visions of the future or Deja vu?

    I've had a few Premonitions in my dreams and seem to come true in reality. Why do we have them? Is it a gift from God? But for what reason(s)? What's your opinion on this?

    Joel 2:28 (I believe that's right)
    "It will come about after this That I will pour out My Spirit on all mankind; And your sons and daughters will prophesy, Your old men will dream dreams, Your young men will see visions. "Even on the male and female servants I will pour out My Spirit in those days.…"

    I believe that God doe's give us visions(A gift from God?) certain ones that mean something. Just ones that seem very important. Could it be that he prepares us? or that even though we have free will, he is willing to show us visions to inspect it and change it for the better? What do you think?
  2. Used to be that deja vu was seen as a sign of some sort of neurological disorder, but modern research has kinda supplanted that hypothesis.

    In short, our brains are pretty fucking brilliant at spotting patterns and recognising common elements. This is known as 'Recognition Memory', and our brains jump between two types of this: recollection and familiarity. Which means deja vu occurs when we find ourselves in a situation we find familiar (because our brain can find common elements from past experiences) but can't quite figure out why.

    You can read a much less paraphrased explanation here:
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  3. That's what I find very interesting it feels familiar. Premonitions and Deja vu. Future vision in dreams and in reality we re-live a moment in reality. I still believe its a gift from God. Good find and post Grumpy.
  4. Yes.

    I have experienced this.

    One example: At work, I drive a tractor and can not see what is in front of me. Many times I have heard a voice in my head warning me. This is followed by a tree stump, piece of junk, etc. which could cause serious damage.

    This is one of many.
  5. Well that's the thing about dreams. We've been attaching significance to them long before Freud was rambling about mothers and the subconscious: the earliest records of people discussing them go all the way back to Ancient Mesopotamia. But there's a lot of recent research that gives a better explanation for what they're all about.

    There's a bit of a disagreement between psychologists (the traditional students of dreams) and more recent scientific fields like neuroscience, but the generally accepted rule is that dreams are tied to your unconscious mind interpreting random impulses sent from the brain stem. From there it gets a hell of a lot more complicated and diverse (some folks reckon it's your subconscious organising the thoughts and impulses of your brain, guys like Allan Hobson argue that dreams are evolutionary by-products that serve little to no beneficial function etc.) but the rule of thumb is that we know to a greater or lesser extent what dreams are and why we have them. There's no evidence to suggest they're prophetic or supernatural in any way.

    Which isn't to say that they aren't, of course. It's just you'd need a hell of a lot of solid sources to cite for that claim. "Extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence", as ol' Hitchens was fond of saying.
  6. I agree.

    However, on top of dreams I have the voices that warn me of imminent events.

    Wow.... I sound like a loon.
  7. I don't believe in a sentient god figure, but I DO believe in Premonition!

    I have had premonition in the form of dreams. It's freaky and I don't like it. >:[ I tend to try and block that stuff out cause it makes me very uncomfortable and is super weird.

    I'm pretty sure it's all science based and we've just not developed advanced enough sciences to really study in depth. Our brains are incredibly complicated and we've not scratched the surface on just how much affects us, our bodies, and the world at large. >>
  8. I believe in statistical anomaly in combination with vague imagery and/or sounds can produce feelings of deja vu when encountered. A lot of people I know that have claimed deja vu have also been unable to pinpoint specific details that would imply greater supernatural influence. For instance: Walking into a room and feeling a sense of deja vu at the colours, the shape, maybe a sound inside, but you can't pinpoint to the exact detail what this feeling is. Maybe you see a pen and it looks familiar, but you've seen thousands of pens, for all you know, you've seen that model of pen a couple times before and your brain conjured it in a dream which you are now subconsciously recalling when you look at it. As well, it's usually a simple instant feeling and then it's gone, the "premonition" or foresight, is more reactionary than predictive: You walk into a room and then feel deja vu, rather than feeling deja vu before you walk into the room.

    In essence: If it doesn't require a supernatural answer, then it probably isn't supernatural. Our brains do pretty much everything and thus it shouldn't be surprising that several parts of it intermix. For instance, if you saw this and thought about it crawling on you knowing that many of them are highly venomous, you'd probably feel a physical reaction to that, a sense of the "heebee jeebees", shuddering, feeling uncomfortable, etc. This is just one example of many of how your subconscious can intermingle and influence your conscious state. (Another good one is physical reactions when encountering purely mental fears, such as a child walking into the dark and as a result becoming sweaty, panicked, adrenaline will start to pump through them, their mind goes on full alert despite there being no real sign of threat.)
  9. While I definitely think God can send us prophetic dreams, I do believe that most dreams are made of the things floating around in our subconscious.

    For example, if I know there's an important meeting scheduled the next morning I tend to dream about work. ^^
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  10. The mind is a powerful thing, but relies heavily on interpretation and fills in the blanks on it's own. That's kinda why drugs inducing hallucinations show you said hallucinations. It's why stuff like this works too. We filter what we see and what your mind shows you depends on what you've been conditioned with. This is why eyewitnesses aren't as reliable when questioning them about crime-scenes as we'd like too, because our emotions condition us to see reality through tinted glasses.

    Premonitions are, if you ask me, illusions induced by the subconscious filling in blanks. We connect what we 'see' with actual events, and that makes a lot of people come to the conclusion something supernatural is going on, even if the brain is just doing exactly what it always does; interpreting. It's kinda like a more personal horoscope.
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  11. Great point of views/opinion My best friend was telling me. That Abraham lincoln predicted his death(I looked it up online. Being online not sure how true it is...) what do you guys think about that? Premonitions do mean forewarning. Could of been forewarning to help him stay alive be more alert.
  12. Many dream that they will die in many differing ways, such as car accidents and airplane disasters. Thankfully, the vast majority do not seem to encounter these situations regardless of whether they take their dream as a premonition or not.

    As for ole' Abe, he was doing something that certain groups of people who took no apprehension to killing found very distressing. If I were in his shoes, I too would have probably thought I'd be assassinated for what I was doing.
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  13. But you know as smart as Abe was. He should of been more alerted. Hired more protection. Like you said be assassinated for what he was doing.
  14. Everybody makes mistakes. This one happened to be lethal.