Prehistoric Tales

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    • Imagine you have the opportunity to live in the marvelous world of the prehistoric era 240 million years ago. See the Triassic, Jurassic, and Cretaceous period in their ultimate splendor. Plants and trees bigger than the Sequoyas, insects that would suck a human dry or kill it with a single poisonous bite, and animals that would put the size and strength of an elephant or whale in shame. Now you have the chance to revive that period, where hybrids between birds and reptiles ruled Pangea, one single continent sorrounded by the ocean. You will not find an environment this clean, this beautiful, and this dangerous.
      -Photo of your dinosaur-
      Name: Why not? And yes, they can speak between each other
      Species: No ice age animals or cavemen, please
      Age: 50 years for carnivores (in RL its 30), 80 for herbivores
      Gender: Male or female, so you can find a mate eventually

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  1. -Photo of your dinosaur-
    Name: Ikia
    Species: Ankylosaurus
    Age: 26
    Gender: Male
    Can I have two dinosaurs? If so, here is my second one!
    -Photo of your dinosaur-

    Name: Angel
    Species: Veliocoraptor
    Age: 26
    Gender: Female
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  2. Of course you can have two, no problem at all. And I just posted in case you wanted to follow.
  3. Is this where we RP?
    If so,

    He walks in the forest, eating shrubs on the way. He was looking for water, a delececy to anything alive. It was a little hard trying to get through without bumping into a tree or two because of how wide he was. But soon, he spotted a raptor.

    She was so tired in hungry, and about passed out until she met a full grown, Ankylosaurus! She could never posiblely attack this giant. She had to walk away.
  4. Actually it is here: Prehistoric Tales | I don't understand very much for what is this part... Maybe like an OOC section. I'm still trying to understand the new layout as well, don't worry x3
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