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  1. I'm not sure what prefixes mean what and if I am applying them correctly. I check the FAQ's but I couldn't seem to find a description of each prefix, so I'm just throwing up what I assume they mean, please fill in ones I've missed or amend ones I've mis-interpreted. It would be a great help for me to select prefixes in the future!!! (and other members who have this confusion too)

    BUG: Obviously, this is a problem encountered on the site that needs to be reported/fixed
    IDEA: A suggestion to further improve the forums
    COMMUNITY: (not entirely sure what this refers to, perhaps something like organizing events for the iwaku's here)
    GROUP: (No idea)
    PROJECT: (self explanatory)
    EVENT: (a big thing coming up, like updates or new features etc)

    LINK BACK: Links to old threads?
    NEWLINK: New threads

    PARTNER REQUEST: looking for partners to rp with
    INTEREST CHECK: seeing if an idea/plot/etc will attract anyone to play
    GROUP RP PLOTTING: intchk for group rp
    RPAD: I havent the foggiest clue!
    SEEKING ROLEPLAY: person wanting to rp (basically)

    CLOSED SIGNUPS: not open for everyone to join -i.e. perhaps it started in an int check and only people who posted in the int chk are allowed to appply- (this could be wrong)
    PRIVATE: opposite of public xP

    The Global OOC's tend to make a lot of sense, and theres loads of them so I wont go through them
    Equally the Role Play institute is also pretty self explanatory
    World Building parts of the forum also make sense

    Mature confuses me the most

    GROUP ROLEPLAY: mature rp for 3+ people
    CHICK SMUT: is this FxF?
    HARD SMUT, KINKY SMUT, RAUNCHY SMUT, SOFT SMUT: these all look the same to me, someone please explain.
    READ AT RISK: particularly graphic/violent/trigger loaded rp's (e.g. rape, incest, drugs, abuse etc) Not for the faint hearted
    ROMANCE NOVEL: plot that involves sex, but, is more romantic than fetish/gratuitous sex based.

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  2. Group is for group ideas or planning for Groups.

    Community is for community-based events or planning like the Mysterious Bar by Zen.

    RPAD I'm guess is Roleplay Advertising.

    Chick smut is F/F
    Dude smut is M/M
    Hard Smut I'm guess to be pure or hardcore smut.
    Kinky Smut is fetish based smut.
    Raunchy smut is well, smut that is raunchy in the way of dirty talk or what could be described at vulgar depictions.
    Soft Smut I'm guessing is vanilla smut.
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  3. I feel so dense that I couldn't figure out RPAD xD pahaha my bad!

    Thanks for that, these descriptions have been really helpful.
  4. I actually had a hard time because I kept reading as R-Pad and not RP-AD xD

    You're welcome ^^ Though, they're mostly my interpretations since there's no actual guide on them ^^'
  5. Yeah I kept seeing that as R-Pad too xD

    Your interpretations make it a fair deal clearer anyway!!! official or not its a great help, thanks
  6. Glad I can be of some help ^^
  7. GROUP: This is planning or advertising the Groups!

    LINK BACK: This means we spammed a link on their site, and they are linking back on ours.
    NEWLINK: This means we never spammed them first!

    Everything else you guys got. :D
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