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    Addison vs. Clarke changed our world. It was a ground breaker. No longer did lycanthropes, vampires and other creatures have to live in fear. They were citizens now. Accepted on face value, things have never been fully peaceful in the down home state of Florida, where it is still legal to hunt lycanthropes and vampires, so long as blood test can prove their infection...postmortem. While the supernatural community does it's best to put a brave face on and soldier on while trying to make hunting illegal, the clans have begun to cooperate with one another, though no one likes it too much. Forced to ban together with the vampires at their back, a power struggle is about to begin. The question now stands...Are you a Flesh...or a Predator?


    Predator is an AU (alternate Universe), Non - Cannon Anite Blake RP.

    -- No Word Count --
    -- 11 Species to choose from--
    (Including Human, Vampire, Lycanthrope and Gifted Human)
    -- Leadership and High Ranks Open --
    -- Business and Housing Apps ALWAYS Open --
    -- NO BANS --
    -- Friendly, Knowledgeable Staff and Community --
    -- IC and OOC Chatboxes --
    -- 28 Boards to Play In and More Added as you want them! --

    And best of all, You don't need to have read the books to join! Our community is set up so that everything you need to know is set up right in front of you, and if you have any questions, our staff is always here to help.