Predator: Galactic Genocide

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  1. Over the years, mankind has had contact with alien lifeforms of unknown origin. For years mankind spent their time trying to capture and comprehend these visitors to study them. For every summer, they would return and blood would shower the streets. In year 2035, they were given a lucky break and mankind had killed one, and captured its body for study. Their technology jump-started Earth's forward by 200 years. Within the following ten years humans had perfected space travel and have encountered multiple home worlds with more of the creatures. In a frenzy of greed, and human nature to command and conquer, the humans had began a purge on the lifeforms they now know the name of Yautja. Outraged, and of forced hand, the hunters have called to arms and shall wipe the Earth clean of their invaders. This is more than war, but genocide.

    Who's side are you on?
    1. Be human or Predator
    2. Enjoy and have fun.

    Specter had infiltrated a human research facility on a critical mission to retrieve the masks of his fallen brothers, and activate their bracers to destroy the complex. A simple stealth mission easy as any. His obstacles were motion trackers, X-Ray cameras, and liabilities. Being the trained hunter he is, Specter worried little. Especially since he was already inside his targeted area.

    Back against the wall, and peeking around a corner, Specter watched closely as two guards passed each other up ahead. He remained still as a statue, his sharp eyes watching every step they made. To get an edge, he switched to tracker vision which pulled out small traces of organisms and their DNA; the act reveal their foot prints to him and showed the left guard was walking to his position. He thought fast and leaped into the air vents to get around him. The passage was a snug fit, but he managed and was able to find his way into the Surgery Room where they planned to dissect his fellow Warriors. Below him were two doctors, three guards, and his brother; cut open and laying mask-less on the operation table. Each guard had a corner of the room which was rectangular shaped, and the egg heads were around the table examining his Brother's organs... bastard humans.

    "Damn, those things sure bleed a lot..", said one of the guards. One of his compatriots shoved his shoulder and chuckled, "You should see one in a gun fight!", he boasted. The other sighed and shook his head, "No thanks. Wouldn't want them hearing that from my mouth..", he paused. His cocky friend shrugged. "...Think about what they can do to you, man.. you wouldn't believe" he finished. His friend smirked and grabbed his knife, "Son, I'm a marine.. What I've done to men, you wouldn't believe." he snickered, and it angered Specter to the core. It was time to act.

    Specter maneuvered over towards the exit of the vent and halted for a moment. On the outside, he was receiving help from a stealth team ordered to cut the power in the next few seconds. And just as he predicted, the alarm went off, the power was down with security, and he was free to act. The guards left the room and switched to magnetic vision getting an assessment of the area. While Specter stayed behind and went to play. There was no light in the room except for the single red alarm spinning round and round in the dark space. Specter uncloaked and kicked his way from the vent. "What was that!?", screamed one of the doctors. Specter quickly grabbed him by the mouth to silence him, stabbed his wrist blades into his back and ripped his head from his shoulders. Specter mounted his trophy on his back, then moved on to the next one by simply stabbing through his back and lifting him off the ground with his blades. The body feel to the floor when they retracted from his ribs. Specter then used the time he had and ran over to a table with his mask and retrieved it. Stepping back over, he heard the guards coming back and cloaked.

    They discovered the bodies of the scientists and started to panic, their heart rates began to race. Specter was able to sneak himself between the three of them and activated his left blades bracer. First he struck his left and slashed open the left guards throat. Then dodged the right from a rife shot and stabbed him in the eyes, kicking him off his blades before disappearing. The remaining guard was the same smart-ass who Specter watched from earlier. He wanted him alone and alive for what he had planned for him. Specter reappeared as his mask played back a recording: "What I've done to men, you wouldn't believe." He activated both blades and cut both his arms, then across his neck, and last his waist. The guard was in pain but why didn't he move? Specter then stabbed him in the chest and yanked his body from the rest of him, his limbs falling to the floor in a bloody mess. Specter removed the body from his blades then went to activate his fallen's bracer. After he made a break for it with only twenty seconds before the explosion. In under fifteen, he was outside and scrambled in the forest where he was chased down, but not caught, by a massive explosion. His mission was complete. Uncloaking and looking at the fire, Specter was proud he honored his brothers and clan.