Precollage Prep Camp

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  1. Background

    Fernbridge, a prestigious college in lower Oregon, is holding a precollege preparation course for graduated seniors to attend. This camp is intended to further academic study for those who:

    -want to get ahead in college courses, or receive extra credits
    -didn't fulfill the credit minimum to get into college and want to amend that
    -are required to go because they failed their senior year, and one summer at Fernbridge makes up for that



    Attendees spend the summer in the Fernbridge dorms and attend classes just as they would if they were in college, except the group is much smaller and personalized. There are four dorms allotted for this camp, as they have uses for the other dorms.

    Dorm 1a, 1b (connected) | 2a, 2b (connected)

    Floors are divided in halves, side 1 is for males and side 2 is for females. (Genderfluid have choice regardless of genitalia) Dorms fit two students each.

    Dorm 1a: Unoccupied, Unoccupied
    Dorm 1b: Unoccupied, Unoccupied

    Dorm 2a: Ellie Belma, Unoccupied
    Dorm 2b: Unoccupied, Unoccupied

    (Looking for 7 players since I will also be role-playing, and a teacher if anyone is interested!)


    Age (18-19, unless teacher):
    Did you want to come here? Y/N and Why:

    Alright hi guys, here's my application.
    Name: Madeleine 'Ellie' Belma
    Age (18-19, unless teacher): 18
    Background: The largest milestone in Ellie's life is the day that she came out to her parents. The statement didn't truly seem to bother them- although it didn't really seem like they heard her either. As authors, her parents tended to spend more time in there heads then in the real world.

    Personality: Bubbly, helpful and generally quite studious. Can be quite awkward depending on whose around. She can get a bit snippy when stressed, but apologizes profusely later. Sometimes these apologies involve cupcakes.

    Did you want to come here? Y/N and Why: Yes, Ellie usually spends her summers sulking around her house while her parents hide away in their studies writing novels, and figures she might as well head straight into education rather than creeping downstairs every half an hour from a full-day nap to snag a pop tart.
  2. I'll play as teacher! Or at least, may I reserve for teacher?

    Name: Abigail "Abi" Hearthwood

    Age (18-19, unless teacher): 26

    Appearance: [​IMG]

    Background: Abi has been teaching in Fernbridge for five years, and so far is the most gentle female teacher in the entire campus. There had been a small scandal in the past though about her and another student (and a female one at that), but things had been cleared up in court and she's come clean. However, some rumors remain hovered in the air.

    Personality: Motherly, gentle, but can be harsh when pushed hard enough. Abi likes to be there for her students when they need someone to confide to, and sometimes even likes to join the fun and games with them as well. She believes that everyone deserves a chance, never turning away even the most rotten of delinquents.

    Did you want to come here? Y/N and Why: Yes! Abi likes to meet new and potential students who will be joining them in Fernbridge after the camp, and she likes to form good student-teacher relationships if possible as well.
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  3. Augh I'm sorry if its weird or anything but this is my first time doing this in a long time!

    Name: Poppy Henderson
    Age (18-19, unless teacher): 18 (just barely)
    24735f4a95753bd6d84d03a741faf723.jpg (redish-brown hair naturally but she currently has it dyed dark blue. Her eyes are hazel but lean more toward green.)
    Background: Poppy has always been local punk. She dresses the part, never out without big boots or a leather jacket. She even is the bassist in an all girl band. But despite her appearance, Poppy always got along well in school and was well liked by her teachers. All of her friends were always a couple years older than her which meant she would be left behind a lot. Poppy lived alone with her sickly mother whom she has always taken care of, and her father lives in Texas where he has his own family (including half and step siblings of Poppy's).
    Personality: Poppy outwardly has that "punk rock attitude". Very laid back and chill yet still full of determination and spirit. She tends to go into things head first on impulse and believes in "going hard or going home". She can be intimidating and distant. Behind the black eye-liner she's very caring and detail oriented.
    Did you want to come here? Y/N and Why: Her senior year, Poppy got very ill and missed months of school. She didn't want to leave her mother or her state but knew what she needed to do.
  4. Hi~ This is actually my first time joining something on this site; I usually RP on MNI.

    Name: Iago Baines
    Age (18-19, unless teacher): 19
    Background: Through either fate or a cosmic joke (he's not sure which), Iago has always loved theatre. In high school, he threw himself into the drama troupe, going to every audition. If he didn't get an acting role, he'd help out the production team. He became an official thespian his freshman year and continued to rack up the points. He's fairly ambivalent about school itself. He knows it's important, but he has a bad habit of prioritizing drama over schoolwork.
    Personality: Iago tends to have a flair for the dramatic. His big mouth has gotten him into a few fights, mostly with people much larger and stronger than himself. Regardless, he has an indomitable spirit. Sometimes he'll accidentally quote plays, but he tries not to because it tends to irritate some people.
    Did you want to come here? Y/N and Why: Iago did not want to attend, but he neglected his schoolwork enough during the last semester of senior year (due to a combination of senioritis and having the titular role in his school's production of Hamlet) that his grades suffered. He didn't completely fail, but he didn't quite get all his credits.