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Time: 10:10 PM. Location: Unknown. Date: October 11th

Hello. My name is David Levy. I am recording a message via a radio device, in the hopes that if anyone, if anyone is out there, that they can hear me. I am going to be speaking in English.

Excuse me for this cheesy introduction.

As the greatest play write in history once said, "The world is a stage, and we are merely actors playing out our role in life."

Imagine, if you can, the world with no one on it. Sure, all our buildings and cars remain. Everything still works by some means of a miracle. However, there is no pedestrians walking the streets. The only signs of life, are the plants. Even the sounds of dogs barking is mute.


A creepy thought, I know. However, this time around I am not kidding.

Well, besides for us. A team of one hundred scientists, soldiers, researchers, and politicians. We have just spent a year in a parallel universe living in a world exactly like this one. We found no one there. Now we have come back home and we are experiencing the same kind of thing.

I had in no idea that in my very generation there would be such an event that forever changed the world. We are now living in an uncertain future.

This is an event that no one knows the direct answer too, other than the Divine Mystery that created us......

"Heheheheheeheeeh, hi Daddy!"​

What the hell was that??!?!!?1

I am sorry, I have to go. I think I've found someone. A little girl….

End of Transmission.
Achille pulled the jacket tighter around himself. He had been part of one of the search teams set up. Scavenging supplies and of course looking for people. Suburbia with no people. Empty skyscrapers, it was a surreal, dead world. He had heard an engine, a small car was coming. "Hey! you hear that? Some ones coming!" he had walked out into the middle of the road and watched for the car, a full minuet passed with those around him looking around in confusion. "No ones coming, you're just hearing things." "SHHHH! Liste.... shiii!" he had jumped sideways as a blue citron appeared in front of him. "DID YOU SEE THAT?" he had shouted as everyone else looked at him as if he was crazy. "THAT BITCH TRIED TO RUN ME OVER!" it was then when you face hit him, the driver. "COLETTE!" he called out to his wife, "COLETTE!" he ran it the direction the car had been heading but the street was empty...

That was a week ago, and ever since on the edge of hearing there had been the engine, in the corner of his eye, the flash of a car... he had tried to ignore it, but it was always there. Shivering he tried to get back to sleep.