Precious Things



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Your home has caught fire.
Assume that all living, breathing creatures inside have made it to safety...
What three items would you take with you?
I can only take three? o.O NOOO

Well, I would first of all take my computor because I have EVERYTHING on it and really don't want to loose it.
Then I would take my student's cap because I just got it and I want to have it when I graduate xD
And for the third thing hmm.... My box with all the death note volumes, that's a birthday present I must keep x)
This brings back bad memories>.<
This is probably one of the hardest quetions to answer in my opinion, there is so much you don't want to loose when you think about it.

But I guess I'd take my computer, I have a lot of stuff on of it plus it was a christmas present after my old one crashed.
Then I'd take as many books I could stuff in a box, so it still counts as one:) I would still have to leave many behind though.
Lastly I would take my bag, containing wallet, phone and such because it's a pain getting new drivers license, credit cards and I just got my new phone, maybe I could stuff my large stuffed Newfoundland in tha bag as well;)
Not counting people/animals,

My purse -> because replacing that stuff really would suck. O___O

My laptop. For obvious reasons.

And my cell phone, cause we'll need it. D:

Everything else... I would be sad to lose it, but I've had to pickup and leave everything behind before. x.X I have trained myself not to become to too attached to objects cause you never know when you're going to lose stuff. x___x And the fact I grew up with a hoarder, I am a bit fussy on making sure I don't keep and store unnecessary things too much.
I've worried about fires, tornadoes, volcanos spewing lava and destroying my home... etc. a lot. I used to be very materialistic but I kind of grew out of it, but even more so I worried about saving my pets in those situations. But since I don't have to worry about them this time...

I'd grab my laptop, of course. I can't live without it, honestly, as it's a connection to the only true friends I have as well as just the things I enjoy doing. I'd be pretty depressed without it, as lame as that sounds.
Next I'd be Elflady stuffing books in a box, only I'd be doing it for my drawings. I'd be devastated to lose my old work.
Then finally I'd grab either my old teddy bear, or my white tiger plush. I honestly don't know which. I have a lot of things of value in my room, especially some Limited Edition and rare stuff that would probably be difficult, if not impossible to replace, but those two have a lot of sentimental value to me since they're part of my childhood.

There are other things I'd hate to lose, like my guitar, VHS collection, Pokemon card collection, and katana, but at least the guitar could be replaced (and the Pokemon cards with a few hundred dollars), there's the internet to watch the old shows, and the katana's metal so it might survive. XD
Guitar, bass guitar, pack of cigarettes.

Really wish I could care about any of the other things.
My shelf [it's realistic to carry, it's small >.> ] of games, the drawer of my mother's belongings, and my backpack.

Hopefully my metal first aid kit would survive, but there's not much else. Everything else of value [phone, wallet, jewelry I wear] I always have on my person anyways. I'd force my brother or someone else to grab the computer and Xbox. >:3
My computer. Despite the fact I have an offsite backup of my data, I currently can't afford to just drop a chunk of cash on a new box.

My hockey pennants. A small but noteworthy collection of pennants that include (but are not limited to) the 1968 California Golden Seals, 1979 Quebec Nordiques, and 1976 Detroit Red Wings.

My first edition copy of JRR Tolkien's The Silmarillion.

Edit: Now that you have me thinking, perhaps I should acquire a fire-proof safe for some of my more valuable posessions...
My computer. That thing is my baby. c__c It's for more than gaming and web surfing; I built that thing!

This panda plushie I have. There's a lot of sentimental meaning attached to her. <3

And my journal. Mostly, because of the family pictures and other important papers I have stashed in it.
I'd grab my book bag, which holds most of my notebooks full of stories/story ideas and my laptop.

My collection of Xenosaga games, since they are one of my favorites and were a pain the find in the first place.

And the blanket my grandma made me when I was little because of its sentimental value and is something that can not ever be replaced.
Panda plushie?! Now I know what happened to my wife.

Grab three stuff? I'd put out the fire with a single breath.

K jokes aside.

My cellphone, my iPad, my laptop.