Precious Little Roleplay (A Scott Pilgrim Based RP, see inside for details!)

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    "Hello, Toronto! We are Project 64 and we're a band from the future and outer space on a quest to destroy boredom across the universe and stuff! One, two, three, FOUR!"


    Precious Little Roleplay

    - A "Scott Pilgrim" Fan RP -

    Life is difficult, especially if you're a group of twenty-something people who've recently graduated college. You need to get a job, find a place to live, and if you're up to the challenge, try to find time for personal time and/or time to focus on your relationship(s).

    But then you also have to account for the unpredictable elements, such as the vegan police, battling bands, evil exes, and gaining enough experience points to level up.

    That, and also the fact that every day seems to be freakin' winter for some reason (seriously, it's like APRIL)

    But amidst all the chaos and confusion of this crazy mixed up world we live in, there is one thing that makes total sense: achieving the goals you set for yourself, no matter what stands in your way!

    In particular, our story will centre in on a group of young people, some of whom have known each other for a while and others who are just meeting for the first time. Most of these people have been friends for years since meeting in high school. Recently, they have started a small indie band, performing original music as well as some of their favourite rock/pop songs. They all love performing and writing music, so it only seemed fitting to form their own group.

    At first it was a fun little escapade, more or less just a hobby that everyone enjoyed. But then, it hit them: The band could make it big!

    Only problem was, they sucked. Or at least, they thought they sucked... But maybe they did suck.

    Eh, I'm getting off track... Now, um... Crap. I lost my train of thought.

    Um... Aaahhhh... Hang on. I-I... I just... Hmm...


    Now I remember! Okay, so every couple of years there's this big battle of the bands competition, right? Well, Project 64 decides to enter the competition for a chance to win the grand prize: a record label with Platinum Label Records! But, such a task is not for the faint of heart and the band must remain vigilant! The competition is stiff, tensions are high, and when a few evil-doers are thrown into the mix, anything could happen!

    So what are you waiting for? We've gotta win the battle of the bands man! THAT RECORD LABEL IS IN THE BAG!

    - Press Start to Begin -

    Alright, so if you have any questions about this RP, post below. The basic overall outline is that we're a small Toronto based band (because it's the same setting from Scott Pilgrim and Canada is awesome) who've entered a battle of the bands competition to try and win a big record label.

    This plot will be mostly character driven and have a kick-ass Rock/Pop soundtrack (at key moments in the RP). But the general idea is that we will all be members of Project 64, a band who's name references the video game console, the Nintendo 64.

    As per anything Scott Pilgrim related, there will be a lot of sarcastic/snarky humour, epic video game-esque fight scenes, and references to pop culture and media. As well, a few evil exes might show up throughout the RP, but the main focus is on the band. If you want to add in a plot element or try a side-plot with everyone in the band, throw it my way and we'll talk about working it into the big scheme of things. After all, the whole RP can't just be playing music without conflict. That would get boring fast :3

    And now, here's where I talk about the band and the style it's going for:

    Project 64

    There's a bit of a plot behind the band, so it were. The idea behind it is that five beings from the future (and outer space) have traveled back in time to try and change the future by eliminating boredom across the universe. The members of Project 64 present this odd concept by dressing up as a set of varied characters ranging from robots to future human beings, all of whom have gathered for one specific purpose.

    They are a rock/pop band, playing anything from a range of original songs to covers of music by other bands (ex. Take on Me by aha, Bohemian Rhapsody by Queen, Living on a Prayer by Bon Jovi, almost anything by Daft Punk, etc), led by their miraculous custom Gui-Keytar wielding-cyborg leader, "Captain Synth" (MC).

    The song listed above was a sample of one of their 'original' pieces (the robotic voice is Captain Synth, as he uses a synthesizer while singing to keep up the idea of him being a robot), but like the plot idea I'm willing to listen to song requests for the band to do.

    So, since you're going to be part of the band, you'll need "Band Names" and a band costume (not now, but when the character sheets are made). You also need to think of band positions. I will be taking the role of Lead Guitarist/Keytarist and one of three Vocalists.

    Below are a list of some band positions we need filled:

    None! All the character spots have been taken (unless you want to play a Young Neil-esque Roadie or something xD

    • Drums

    • Lead Singer (I can take this over if nobody wants it)

    • Vocalist - One Additional Position Available

    • Bass Guitar

    But anyways, we're only accepting FIVE PEOPLE for this RP, so if you're interested then just post below and we'll get planning! Feel free to ask me any questions you might have about this idea or it's execution!
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  2. am I already included as one of these five people? because then you'd only need four.

  3. Jes :3

    What position would you like in the band?
  4. Um Backup singer + Bass guitarist put together? Would that work?

    you know, along with the whole, she joins as a newbie from a rival band
  5. Yep, that works!
  6. I would love to play the drums my fellow band mates XD.
  7. *smashes the start button like there's no tomorrow* This sounds so cool! ^~^ I'll take Lead Vocals for $200
  8. Alright awesome! That's everyone ^^

    So, does anyone have questions/comments about the RP? Want to flesh out a few character concepts/relationships?

    I already spoke to Ravenbelle and she wants her character to be our new band member (I'm thinking the old bass player either left the band or was "defeated" for a minimal amount of coins), so is there anything specific you guys wanted to ask about/clarify before we start the OoC?
  9. Yeah the rest of us have know each other for awhile now right?
  10. Yeah that was kind of the point! ^^
  11. ok just checking :3
  12. Alright, sounds good.
  13. Neat so technically she will be the catalyst for all the crazy stuff that will happen I imagine XD?
  14. Who? @Ravenbelle?
  15. Yes since she's the new member I assessed that would be what starts the whole insanity I could be wrong XD.
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  16. No, you're right. I just wanted to see who you were talking about ^^
  17. Awesome XD