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  1. Greetings there,

    Assuming that you're looking for an 1x1 role play partner I won't babble on for too long on the fact that I'm looking for one as well. That was one sentence too much, afin, lets get down to business.

    - I like to write several paragraphs long. Two//three paragraphs are a minimum and unfortunately I'm also one of these who consider five sentences to be a paragraph. So that makes it around the minimum of ten to fifteen sentences? I consider that to be very little effort.

    - We have our lives outside of the internet, unfortunately. So forgive me if I don't reply for days. I try to post once a week at the very least, but sometimes I won't even get to that. However I will always leave a message if it does happen that I'm unable to reply for longer than a week. I expect that the other party will be so courteous as well to leave me a message when unable to reply for a longer amount of time.

    - A basic understanding of the English language would be appreciated. I'm no native writer and speaker myself, but I do try my hardest to leave mistakes behind. If we can understand each other than I'm fine. I do always make work of it when I don't.

    - I've no particular age restrictions I suppose. I do have something with explicit writings, call me a prude, but I rather not write about the 'do' and prefer to brush over it. Bloody horror however is fine.

    As for the plots, that if I haven't chased you away yet. I've a few ideas, mostly based on manga and most (all) of them bitter sweet tragedies, but you may always come at me with something else! That if you can't stand the tear that most of the stories force into your eyes. As to bully you guys all a little more I will link the story to you and if there is a movie//anime along with it. Enjoy~

    - Hotarubi no Mori E - Story of a forest spirit who will disappear when touched by a human and a human child who gets lost in the forest the spirit lives in. As the years pass the human child grows up and returns to the forest each summer, playing, talking, bonding with the spirit...
    [Movie: 45 min!!] grTUkLgHwGM
    [Manga: One shot]

    - Isshuukan friends - Story between two students from which one of them has a severe memory condition. Their memory is 'reset' each Monday where they forget about all the 'pleasant' and 'good' memories made with friends and loved ones. Leaving the other one behind with the task to befriend them again for another week.
    [Manga: Ongoing]
    [Anime: Ongoing]

    [TAKEN]- Maundy Thursday // Watashitachi No Shiawase na Jikan - Story between a prisoner on death row and suicidal person who has been forced to do volunteer work by their aunt the nun. The two start off on sour terms, but slowly warm up to each other, unaware of when the prisoner is to be put to death and slowly learning to appreciate life despite its flaws.
    [Manga: Finished]
    [Movie: +/-120 min]


    Whoops, that got long! Anyway, please leave a message if you're interested in doing a 1x1 with me. If you rather do something more original you may hit me up inside of the PM's, I'm always open for new ideas~

    Best wishes,

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  2. If you're okay with male/male pairings, I'd love to roleplay with you! I love the ideas of Maundy Thursday or Story of Winter :3
  3. Yay! If you find it awkward to roleplay like halfway through our roleplay, feel free to let me know and I'll just change my charrie to a girl (or you can, I dunt care). It's just that I'm not particularly great at het romance, so I always prefer m/m ^^;;

    I'd have to say I'd love to do Maundy Thursday, then :3
  4. Oh my. Daybreak sounds terribly tragic, which makes it incredibly appealing. Would you prefer playing one of the roles, or is it my choice? They would both be interesting characters to play out. I'm definitely interested :3
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