Prank Wars: Your Past, Present, and Future

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  1. Who doesn't love a great prank or two?

    Personally, I love a good prank whether it be played on me or I am playing on others. mainly others. In fact, I have my own prank stories (though I may share one I have done on first post) that I always laugh at. So Iwaku, I want to know:

    Past Pranks that you pulled:

    Past pranks that have been have been played on you:

    Present pranks that you are pulling:

    Future pranks you wish to pull:

    Best Prank (could be somebody else's prank, not one of yours):

    Worst Prank(could be somebody else's):

    Past Pranks that you pulled:

    When a friend of mine and I were young, we used to go to this camp together. We had cabin closures, and the one we got during our last year there we became rather close to. Our cabin was elevated from the ground, but me being small, could climb under there. I wore all black and hid under there until our cabin closure came to wish us goodnight (which is bullshit, they wanted to make sure we were inside the cabin and not sneaking off) and the lads told him that I was in the outhouse. But I wasn't; like a little goblin I waited my time under there until the cabin closure decided to go search for me. Once at the bottom stair, I screamed and reached my arms out and he...lost it. He ran off screaming like a banshee. It was freakin hilarious.

    Past pranks that have been have been played on you:

    I was in the shower in the locker rooms while attending high school, and that same group of friends I had in camp were a bunch of jokers (but so was I so...yeah). They stole my shorts and shirt and replaced it with my girlfriend's (now ex) prom dress. our PE teacher was very, very strict when it came down to gym wear, but I couldn't go out in my boxers or binder. So, I put that frilly pink prom dress on and had to chase down my buddies in the hallways of the school to get it back, which lead me to running through the first gym.

    We all got detention.
    Present pranks that you are pulling:

    I've hidden a Chuckie Doll in my sister's closet. You see, she has been terrified of Chuckie since she was a kid (foster sister), and seeing the doll in her closet is bound to scare the pants off of her.

    Future pranks you wish to pull:

    Various air horn pranks
    Food dye
    Just a bunch of pranks put together. All against my sister and college buddies.

    Best Prank:

    Train Horn collection on Youtube
    Worst Prank:

    Pranks that:

    break people up
    Hurt them
    Ruins something they own
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  2. So someone's been stealing my food at the college.

    I plan to go to the microbiology lab and get some safranin counterstain (for bacteria staining) and color some good looking stew with juuuuust a little bit of the stain, so it doesn't ruin the color or taste...

    And also put laxative in the stew...

    Whoever's gonna eat my food is gonna piss red and sheet some bricks.

    Otherwise, I've never been a big prankster. This is kinda my first thing to evar. Other than the occasional hide behind doors and say boo.
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  3. Pranking me isn't fun. I'm so sensitive, paranoid, and timid that I'll cry when someone surprises me. People can't even have surprise parties for me because I'll just run away crying. @__@ Or I'll hide, whatever my mood is at the time. I reeeaaaally dislike this about myself, but I can't seem to toughen up. I promise I have good reasons, one of which is this: one of my so called "friends" thought it would be fun to put acid in my chocolate milk. Needless to say, I don't associate with those hooligans anymore. There are also the few occasions that I'll respond with violence. >>; I once punched a guy in the dick by accident because he showed up behind me to scare me.

    I therefore don't prank people, because then there's no reason for someone to take revenge or whatever. I don't spare my family much pranking, though! I liked drawing mustaches on my sleeping sisters, stirring gross things into my sister's drinks, and freaking out my mother with a variety of things.
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  4. Hehe.... Ah, memories.

    Well with us Air Force cops, and I'm sure the same can be said all for all cops, there's a tradition we have where the new airmen are always the target of an elaborate prank. For me, I was accused of stealing $10,000 worth of merchandise from the base's BX (that's pretty much the large general store - clothes, electronics, appliances, etc. etc.) and that I was shown on tape. My supervisor kept yelling at the top of his lungs, my mentor was apparently in deep shit, and our commander and first sergeant were waiting to speak to me upstairs. They had me scared for a moment because of all the yelling and general surprise of the entire thing, but once I cleared my head and started putting the pieces together... I just grinned. Soon after, none of them could keep a straight face.

    That was mine, but it wasn't nearly as funny as some of the others. The best one I had ever heard about was how we got one airmen to run around with a plastic shopping bag and "collect air samples" around the cordoned off area where the Army had buried nuclear radiation several decades ago. Yes, the site actually exists, and yes radiation was buried there (we have the nuclear hazard signs on the fence surrounding the place), but think about that for a second... Collecting air samples... with a plastic shopping bag. The sucker actually did it, believing he was risking his life by waving a bag around. XD In truth, the area is now completely harmless. I could take a piss on the ground and I won't risk getting radiation poisoning.
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  5. Oh, man. The last day of school before winter break was awesome.

    My friend Will and I got our friend Marty a gift bag for Christmas, full of orange-themed things. Why orange, you ask? Well, Marty's mom is rather crazy, and ordered a year's supply of oranges delivered to their door. An entire box of oranges, twice a week. Poor Marty has oranges coming out of her ears right now, so of course us jerks have to give her more items in the theme. Including, at the very bottom, a neon orange thong. Marty is Jehovah's Witness. Expectedly, she flips out and the entire table cracks up when she gets to the thong.

    Unexpectedly, after all the laughter dies down, she recruits me to help her revenge-prank Will. Will never locks his car. Will's car faces the only exit to the entire parking lot. And Will was bringing his crush home that day.

    The Game of Thongs has begun. All hail William of Orange, the Panty King.

  6. My sisters would almost always get me with the classic jump out and yell. I would scream almost every single time.

    So one time when my older sister was in the shower I snuck into the bathroom, ripped back the curtain, and yelled boo.She totally lost it, but ended up being too embarrassed to tell on me.