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  1. *Hiru had been traveling for almost a month now, looking around for somewhere to practice his skills. He found sparing with the same people to be a bit of a boring task as, same people meant same abilities and same results. There was a few friends of his which he hadn't the pleasure of facing but they were mostly busy with missions so, Hiru searched out to find arenas and battle stadiums, in search for a challenge, whether that be friend or foe.*

    *Hiru summoned his Fel horse ( Image in link ) and started leaving his 6th city so far in search of an interesting city with an arena. He didn't bother watching his tracks as, he wasn't fussed whether someone was following him. For all he cared, they might be the entertainment that he needs as, he wanted to face something new. He would every so often make camp to let his stallion rest.*

    *One morning he came across a city of "Mudri", a city which was filled with different races and different creatures. Hiru suddenly became interested in this city as, he found that there was a few Dragonkin that was walking past with confidence, chatting about the arena. Hiru went straight for the arena and waited outside, debating whether to participate or not.*