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    Today is a new day in the Bronze age of the mystery men, the masked adventurers, whatever you want to call them. They became popular in the golden age, from the 20's at some point into the early 50's. Then they resurfaced when the world needed them most in the late 50's, into the mid 70's in what was the silver age, and today, as said previously, the bronze age.

    Everything appears to be fairly peaceful, following the basic good versus evil setup and fitting into regular life. Look right outside your window, and you'll find a kid with a grappling gun, or some guy in the most 'fab' colors robbing a bank.

    But for some strange reason, everyone seems to have begun fighting each other at the exact same time now. Now. Today. And it's just plain bizarre.

    So maybe Doctor Morbid got a plasma cannon to use on Clean-Man or something, while King Chaotic is using a legion of demon soldiers against the Hyper Squadron. Sure, all seems like it doesn't tie together, but then there are certain puzzle pieces you have to put in: How did the Hyper squadron find out about the legion of demons? Where did Doctor Morbid get his plasma cannon? The same questions can be posed for the other confrontations in the universe.

    All that matters now is that you find the answer...


    Or whatever else you use, be it your heat vision, your additional arms, and so forth.