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  1. Bella is just your ordinary teenage girl. Living with her parents, getting teased by her brother, loving the times she spends with her friends. Is she really ordinary tho? The first night of her 18th birthday something happened. She found out the truth about who she really is. And she found it out by her beloved grandmother. Bella is a part of an ancient Circle Of Protectors that fight against evil creatures that threaten earth and its safety using the power of the elements. Others that are not a part of The Circle cannot see the creatures that hurt them. Soon, Bella sees nothing as it was but even more surprise comes to her when one day a new boy in her class turns out to be a part of the Protectors Circle.

    Evil shadows, the Creatures of Grimm from another dimension threaten the earth and its safety. They create fear and sadness in humans and then feed on it. They travel through dimensions through a portal that is located in the small town of Leurem. This has been going on for centuries. Mother Earth, a powerful light spirit, decided to help humans and gifted four of them powers over air, earth, fire and water, to protect all of humanity. The four became known as The Cirlce of Protectors, and their gifts run down in their family by blood. Their task is to keep the shadows from leaving the town after they pass through the portal. Every new generation has been doing a good job, and the rest of humanity soon forgot about the shadows. But the ones that protect them didn't as they continue on with their duty.


    It was around 11pm. Bella was in her room on her phone, in simple shorts and a top. Soon her internet notifications would be blowing up. In just a few minutes she was going to be 18. It was hot in her room, her second floor window opened. It seemed to always be hot in Leurem, and no one knew why. Even the weather people didn't know. But no one questioned it, it was simply the way it is.

    Bella jumped off of her bed and quietly walked downstairs to the kitchen. There she took a glass of water and drank it whole. She filled the glass once again and took it to her room, where she placed it onto the nightstand, and turned her attention back to her phone. The grandfather clock downstairs soon rang out midnight and Bella started to receive birthday wishes.

    Something weird happened. Her vision got all blurry and she felt like she would faint. But in the next moment, she felt perfectly fine. Must be the hot air. She took another sip from her glass.

    One birthday wish she was specially waiting for, the one from her crush. It took a few more super long minutes but there it was! The black haired girl was so excited she jumped up squealing, and knocked over the water glass. She was expecting a small crashing sound to be heard, but there wasn't one. The girl slowly looked down, shocked by the sight. The water filled glass was...floating? Bella stood up and backed away, what on earth is this?

    ''Finally.'' A voice was heard behind her. Bella turned around, recognizing the person.

    ''Grandmother?'' She whispered softly, confused.
  2. Lance walked down the street, looking for his new apartment. Despite the weather, he was still wearing jeans and a black hoodie. "Sometimes, I wish I could do something about this. Fire doesn't help here at all..." he complained to himself, disliking the weather. It was cooler where he'd moved in from. He passed by a house that was lit up, even at 11 PM. "Don't people usually go to sleep by now? Or at least turn out the lights," he commented, before briefly finding his house. "Oh. Great. Right next to them. Just what I wanted," he sighed, fumbling with his keys before unlocking the door and walking in. He couldn't afford the place himself, but his father was crippled and wanted Lance to continue the family tradition in Leurem, so he payed for Lance. They had moved out of Leurem once Lance's dad was crippled, since he was incapable of fighting in that condition. But now that Lance was of age, he could continue the ancient battle.

    Aside from what Lance had on him, all his stuff was already in the house. All he had to do now was unpack. "Guess my lights won't be out for a while either," he said, beginning to unpack his things. Kitchen tools, toiletries, a computer, a bed, and all the other commodities of modern life. It was getting late, and he figured it wouldn't matter much. He set up candles throughout the house and turned out the lights before concentrating. A small fireball the size of his palm appeared before him and began moving. He moved it slowly, making sure to not make it hot enough to burn, but hot enough to light the candles. "1...2...3...4..." he continued until he had lit one up in each room. "Phew," he sighed, wiping his forehead, "Not bad. Lot more fun than unpacking." With that, he continued his battle against moving.
  3. Madness. That was what Bella thought of her grandmothers story. An ancient Circle of Protectors? This had to be some kind of a joke. But it was the only explanation to what happened to the glass. Well, to the water. And after Bella's grandmother took her downstairs and made her shape water in plain air, Bella believed. That whole night she couldn't sleep. She spent it talking with her grandmother who explained to her why was this happening to her. Being informed about everything. The portal, the past, the powers. The young girl couldn't believe her ears. And eyes.

    Bella's grandmother would now be tutoring her, she told her. About the history of the Protectors, and her powers. It was time for Bella to step up with her mission.
    It wasn't until the sun was up that Bella was starting to feel tired, but she had to go to school.

    At 8am she was at the school building, with dark circles around her eyes. Shitty is the word, how she felt.
    Bella's best fried Melissa walked up to her the moment she saw her. Melissa is a tall girl, always wearing her brown, curly hair in a very messy bun/short tail. And she is loud. Very loud. ''Good mor...wow. What happened to you?'' Melissa asked in a mocking tone as the two girls walked into school.

    ''Don't even.'' Bella answered quietly, covering a yawn with her hand. In the next second she was pulled into a giant bear hug.

    ''Well anyway, happpyyy birthdaaaay!'' Her friend chirped.

    Bella chuckled, returning the hug. ''Thanks.''

    ''Judging by your eyes the birthday didn't start all too well, but don't worry. Saturday will!'' Melissa said smiling once more before running away to her class. Bella laughed, but stopped all too soon.

    This birthday sure didn't start the way she planned. All of this was still so strange to it. It seemed she will take quite some time to get used to it.

    As if the morning wasn't interesting enough, everyone seemed to be in some kind of commotion. After taking a seat in her biology class Bella asked around what's happening. ''Hey, Shannon.'' She said walking towards a redheaded girl with freckles.

    ''Hm? Oh, hello Bella. Wow, are you okay?'' Shannon immediately turned around to her.

    ''Yes,yes. Whats all the chatter about?''

    ''Oh. Didn't you hear? We have a new student!''
  4. "Finally...done..."

    Lance hopped onto his bed, checking the time. 2 AM. Well, that wasn't too bad. He set his alarm and fell asleep, he'd need the rest for tomorrow after all.

    He woke up to the sound of his alarm. Yawning, he took a shower, got dressed and ate breakfast before walking to school, planning on getting there a bit early to make sure he could find the classroom. In the end, it was fairly easy to find where he was going, so he had a lot of spare time. Biology was first, apparently. He opened the door and planned to just walk to his desk and perhaps take quick nap before class, but fate wouldn't have it that way. All eyes were on him as entered the door.

    Huh. Okay. Do I smell weird? No, I just showered. Did I forget to comb my hair? Or dress funny?

    He patted his jet black hair. It was fine, his bangs were combed down but out of his face and nothing seemed to be sticking up or anything weird. His clothes weren't anything interesting either, just a red t-shirt and jeans.

    Maybe...this town just doesn't see a whole lot of transfers...

    Regardless of the reason, he was quickly swarmed by a bunch of students in the class. He managed to slowly make his way to his seat as he answered their questions.

    "Where are you from? What's your name? Why'd you move here? I'm Jake. I'm Sam! Call me Michelle!"

    "Uh, hi, nice to meet you, yeah, uh..."

    While he was busy with all the questions, one more student caught his attention. He noticed her presence immediately. She was like him, part of the Circle of Protectors. But judging by her lack of reaction to him, it seemed she was new to it, not very attentive, or just didn't care. There would be a good number of members in Leurem, anyway, so perhaps the presence of yet another one was simply nothing of note. He was about to try to push his way to her, but then the teacher arrived.

    "Class is starting! Everyone take a seat!"

    Everyone complied, giving Lance some breathing room. Sighing in relief, he took a seat like everyone else. Apparently, he was next to the girl he'd noticed before. That was convenient. He wrote a message down on paper and tore it out of his notebook.

    'I'm Lance. What's your name?'

    He folded it into a square, waited until the teacher turned the other way, and passed it to the girl.
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  5. After a few more words exchanged with Shannon Bella went to her seat. Some people came up to her and wished her a happy birthday. She offered smiled and a ''thank you'' to everyone. The moment she sat down she felt better. Standing took way too much of the energy she didn't have today.

    A person she didn't know soon walked into the classroom. Bella stared at him, just like everyone else did. It seemed the poor new guy was swarmed by others. Bella chuckled at the sight. Well, he does seem pretty attractive.

    The bell rang and Bella took her mind off of the new guy, and focused on the teacher that had just walked in. Everyone took their seats. Bella was beyond tired and hoped today's lesson won't bore her to death. She would probably fells asleep if so.

    Bella didn't expect to communicate with the new guy today, but it seemed he did. A puzzled look appeared on her face when he handed her a small note. Making sure the teacher doesn't see her she opened up the note.

    Is he...

    Her head turned to him and she gave him an awkward smile, before looking down to the paper. Her hair covered her face, she was hiding from him.

    ...hitting on me?

    The girl wasn't sure what to do. To play it nice or cold. She certainly did not expect this. But maybe he just wanted to make some friends. Must be scary to transfer schools in the last year of high school. In the end she wrote something back and carefully gave him the note back.

    ''Bella. Welcome to Leurem High.''
  6. He took the note and opened it. Okay then. That was a pretty brisk message. Perhaps it really was a common occurrence to meet others from the Circle. But he didn't sense anyone else from the Circle within the school. He looked up from the note and noticed she had her hair in her face. Was she...hiding from him? He didn't want to come off as creepy, or scary. Or maybe she didn't want to talk to someone like him. Despite all the possibilities he went through, 'It looks like I'm hitting on her' failed to cross his mind, his focus on trying to get to know another Circle member. He scribbled something down on the note.

    'Thanks. Didn't want to scare you off. Just thought I'd say hi. You know, cause of the Circle and all. Hope I didn't bother you too much. Sorry.'

    Mentioning the Circle wouldn't be too bad, would it? And other people looking at the note would probably assume a social circle or something. With those thoughts, he passed the note to her. After passing it, he brushed the hair out of her face, whispering "Sorry," very quietly. Though he managed to whisper quietly enough, his movements weren't quite discrete enough.

    "Ahem," the teacher cleared her throat, clearly trying to interrupt. Lance snapped back to his seat, trying to pretend he didn't do anything. Fortunately, the teacher hadn't caught him passing the note. Unfortunately, she did see him touching her hair, which was probably worse for him. Thankfully the teacher commanded enough respect to prevent outright laughter, but he definitely heard a few people snickering. He sighed. First day, and already a pretty bad impression. Well, it was already the last year of high school. No matter how bad it got it'd only last a year longer. He peeked over at Bella, hoping she didn't get embarrassed by the event.
  7. After a few moments Bella got the small note again. She opened it under the table and read. What could it say? Was he really hitting on her? A mixture of awkwardness and excitement rolled inside of her stomach. But it was something she definitely was not expecting.

    Her eyes widened in a mixture of shock and terror as she stared at the small note. The tips of her fingers went cold and numb. She quickly turned her head to Lance, studying him for a second before looking back at the note. Again she hid herself behind her hair. She read it two more times to be sure she didn't misread it. How on earth did he know she's a protector? Is it something she still has to learn?

    A new feeling, of confusion and excitement, ran through her. It was only her first day with her new powers and she already found another element! Well, he found her. A big grin decorated Bella's face and she was just about to talk to him in voice when she felt a touch on her hair, it went all the way to her cheek. ''Sorry.'' He whispered and Bella petrified. The spot where their skin connected turned strangely hot.

    A few kids saw what happened between Lance and Bella, and they snickered. Bella turned red immediately, sending them all angry glares. The teacher bringing attention to the two didn't help. ''Shut up.'' Bella spat quietly, silencing a few people down, but most of them were still looking at her and the boy next to her.

    With a small sigh Bella finally turned to Lance, and she quietly whispered so no one would hear her. ''I thought you were hitting on me.'' Her quiet words were followed by a small snicker. It was like they have known each other for years, and not five minutes.

    It was the powers inside of the two teenagers that have been happily reunited.
  8. The class had fallen more or less silent, only throwing glances at the two of them now. Lance wasn't sure if they were just being respectful of class time or respectful of Bella, but he thanked whichever it was. That was a bit embarrassing, though by red on Bella's face it was probably worse for her.

    'Guess I need to apologize again.' he thought to himself, sighing.

    As he thought that, he heard Bella whisper and smiled. At least she didn't seem too embarrassed anymore. He turned to her and asked "Disappointed?" He snickered quietly as well, comfortable now that she definitely seemed to accept him. It was as if despite having just arrived the powers within them knew they belonged here. He'd only met a few protectors before, most of them being his family or his dad's friends, but he hadn't quite felt like this before. Was it because they were the same age? Or perhaps her element, whichever one she controlled? He wasn't sure, but relished the feeling anyway.

    Due to the hair in front of her face, he'd missed her shocked look at reading the note. "Have you met a lot of other members? You didn't seem very surprised when I walked in, even though I don't think anyone else here is part of it," he asked. If she knew about other members he'd be able pick up his father's torch a lot sooner and easier, though for now just talking with the girl next to him was enough.
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