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  1. Are you capable of writing interesting posts that don't make my eyes bleed from lack of proper English skills? Can you play a convincing, interesting character? If you answered yes to both of these characters, I have a plot proposition for you.

    A few thousand years ago, a split occurred in the already fractured Elven community. A rogue branch of High Elves, discontent with life as they knew it, turned to worship of a lesser goddess who promised them power and prestige. They became known as Drow, and attracted thousands to their ranks as they grew and expanded, carving a cancerous kingdom of their own into the High Elven Dominion- and further, into the realms of Humans and Dwarves and all other manner of races, conquering for nearly three hundred years before their foes formed an alliance.
    Defeated but not destroyed, the surviving Drow fled to the Underdark, a system of caves where they found safety, and there they stayed for three thousand years, and became just stories passed down by the great-great-great-grandparents of even the oldest of Elves. To the shorter-lived races, they were relegated to myth and legend.
    Until recently. After three and a half millenia of a single dynasty, there has finally been an upheaval in the Drow matriarchy. A new Empress from a new family has been crowned, and Teyacapan the First sits uneasily on her bloody throne. She has sent delegates to most of the major kingdoms, looking to bring her people back to the surface.
    There is only one kingdom power hungry enough to answer her call for war. The king is a warrior at heart, eager to expand his kingdom through conquest, and seeing the Drow army, and the empress herself, as the key to victory.
    A political wedding is arranged just a fortnight after initial contact is made, and just three more weeks later, the couple meet and are wed on the same day. Unfortunately, in all this haste, certain arrangements were not made. You see, the Drow are a matriarchal society, where it is the women who rule, and Empress Teyacapan I assumes her power will remain absolute. Unfortunately, the same could be said for her new king.
    Conflict is bound to occur. Drama is likely. Doubling will also probably happen.
    I'm always open to hearing ideas. All I need is someone who can play a good warrior king.
    Of course, I wouldn't be opposed to F// and some Queen-on-Queen conflict.
    I'd be happy to do this over a board, though I can reply to emails from my mobile and that might work better if you're up for it.
    One last thing: I will be seventeen in August, so if you are also in the under eighteen crowd, we're good to go for sex scenes. If not, you know Iwaku's rules. :c
  2. Hi, I would be interested in this I don't have too much experience rping but I have been writing fantasy for a long time. Where and how are you looking to start?
  3. I'd be interested in doing this as a f/f plot if you're still looking. :3
  4. I'd be more than willing to try this with the both of you. ^^

    Tied- I'm not exactly sure what you mean. We'd be starting on a board or an email; where in the course of events is somewhat negotiable, though I would suggest the first meeting as a logical place to begin.

    Lockhart- F/f always sounds great. I haven't had a good lesbian paring in quite some time now.
  5. Awesome. :D we can plan out more over messages if you like.
  6. I'd like that. ^^ Send one my way with any questions or ideas you have.
  7. That sounds great happy to start this whenever
  8. Awesome. Board or email? And did you have any other questions or anything you'd like to work out?
  9. email is good for me, as for questions just wanna make sure when you want this story to be set and do you have any preferences to writing style, what do you usually go for?
  10. I'm thinking it would be set in your generic medieval fantasy sort of world, left mostly undeveloped so we could include things as they come along. For level of tech, I'm thinking LoTR/GoT, swords & sorcery sort of deal. And as for writing style I'm not terribly picky as long as it isn't script or chatplay.
  11. Ok sweet I can work with that, whenever your ready then...
  12. Have a opening written up where should I post it???
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