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  1. They've all turned against each other...
    Centuries ago...a fool located on planet Acheomia has been messing with magic.
    Using magic would have been fine on a plant like Acheomia, that is, unless you accidentally duplicate your planet's favorite twenty four well know "gems".
    These known gems are categorized by their birth months'. One male and one female of each gem.
    They're Acheomia's saviors and protectors, living in practically a castle on top of a hill that over looks almost the whole planet.
    To any outsider, these gems would look more like a bunch of teens, but they've been around for centuries.
    Any ordinary battle would be against aliens from another planet, but now these guys have to worry about evil versions of themselves.
    For awhile they were able to live in peace, with their evil doppelgangers staying to one side of Acheomia, while the originals stick to their own side.
    But recently these doppelgangers have gotten "bored" and messing with the gems' planet.
    There's talk around that there will be a major battle, the last thing these gems would want.
    How will these gems take care of their planet? Will there be a battle? Or could they all learn to get along?


    If you were born in the month of January, your birthstone is known as garnet.

    If you were born in the month of February, your birthstone is known as amethyst.

    If you were born in the month of March, your gem is known as aquamarine.
    +Controls water+

    If you were born in the month of April you are known as Diamond.
    +Mind control+

    If you were born in the month of May, your birthstone is known as an emerald
    +controls earth+

    If you were born in the month of June, your birthstone is known as a pearl
    +Power to heal+

    If you were born in the month of July, your birthstone is known as ruby
    +Controls fire+

    If you were born in the month of August, your gem is known as Peridot
    +Control shadows+

    If you were born in the month of September, your birthstone is known as sapphire
    +Power of ice+

    If you were born in the month of October, your birthstone is known as opal
    +Controls air+

    If you were born in the month of November, your birthstone is known as yellow topaz
    +Poison venom+

    If you were born in the month of December, you birthstone is known as turquoise

    Rules-All Iwaku rules apply
    -You are allowed to add a bit more to the powers listed.
    - There is on male and one female of each gem, and an evil female and evil male of each gem. That would give more people an opportunity to join as the birthstone they'd like.
    - There can be romance, and it doesn't have to be with the exact same birthstone, but there will not be any smut. You'd have to take that to PMs.
    -Play nice. I don't want to deal with any arguments or whatever.
    -I'm not going to correct you on every grammar or spelling mistake you have, as long as you try your best. I know a lot of people do have different writing styles and can't write as detailed as others, or have perfect grammar like others. Therefore, I do not want others to hate on the writing style of any one else.
    -You are allowed more than one character
    -Have fun! ^v^

    Female garnet:_____Male garnet:____
    Evil Female garnet:_____Evil Male garnet:____
    Female Amethyst:______ Male Amethyst:_____
    Evil Female Amethyst:_____Evil Male Amethyst:_____
    Female Aquamarine:______ Male Aquamarine:_____
    Evil Female Aquamarine:_____ Evil Male Aquamarine:____
    Female Diamond:Played by Kuroda Male Diamond: Played by Comrade Nitro
    Evil Female Diamond:____ Evil Male Diamond:_____
    Female Emerald:______Male Emerald:_____
    Evil Female Emerald:______ Evil Male Emerald:______
    Female Pearl:_____ Male Pearl:Played by KayLove
    Evil Female Pearl:_____ Evil Male Pearl:______
    Female Ruby:____ Male Ruby:____
    Evil Female Ruby: Played by KayLove Evil Male Ruby:_____
    Female Peridot:____ Male Peridot:____
    Evil Female Peridot:Taken by Raiden Evil Male Peridot:
    Female Sapphire:_____ Male Sapphire:_____
    Evil Female Sapphire:_____ Evil Male Sapphire:______
    Female Opal:_____ Male Opal:______
    Evil Female Opal:Played by Teomessos Evil Male Opal:_____
    Female Topaz:_____ Male Topaz:____
    Evil Female Topaz:____ Evil Male Topaz:____

    Female Turquoise:_____ Male Turquoise:____
    Evil Female Turquoise:____ Evil Male Turquoise:_____


    ::Age:: (age s/he appears to be)

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  2. ::Appearance::

    Kai Riverend
    ::Age:: (age s/he appears to be)
    Evil Ruby
    Controls flames and can create fire
    Kai is usually kept to herself. She is quiet, but does have quite a temper. She would try to keep most of it in, but would eventually explode in angry. When Kai is calm, she can be smart with strategies.
    Kai does try to make it seem as though she gives no care for others or love, but even though she is a creation, she feels lonely and wishes to be loved like others. She has trouble expressing how she feels. ​
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  3. ::Appearance::

    Henry Simone
    ::Age:: (age s/he appears to be)
    Henry is feminine and a hates germs.

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  4. [​IMG]
    Annabel Paterson
    ::Age:: (age s/he appears to be)
    mind control
    shy, sweet, random, some times bubbly, and has no 'filter' on her mouth
    shes super clumbsy and messes up a lot, kinda of a lesser character and will mostly focus on trying to keep everyone happy and be more of a support then a physical fighter.

  5. Accepted
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  6. ::Appearance::
    maxresdefault copy.jpg

    Claire Ashton



    Evil Opal

    Manipulation over the air

    Usually silent and soft spoken. She will not speak unless instructed to, or otherwise. She will also not attack unless attacked herself, and she is quite passive herself. Although one would not expect her to be evil, she is in fact, very, very dark.

    Not much is known about her, as all milestones in her life erase her memories of the year before, however she retains her knowledge of her abilities.
  7. Accepted
  8. I'll put a character up a little later
  9. Alright. Would you want me to reserve one for you?
  10. Let's go Evil Peridot Female
  11. Will do.
    I assumed male though.
  12. Yeah, I'll take female instead of male.
  13. Done
  14. [​IMG]

    Name: Eile Mizer

    Age: 17

    Gender: Female

    Birthstone: Evil Peridot

    Powers: On the basic level, shadow manipulation is just that. It allows Eile to use shadows to attack her enemies. As long as an object emits a shadow, Eile can fight and defend using the shadow. The true level of shadows far surpass basic shadow manipulation. It allows Eile to utilize the dark side of mankind. It allows Eile to manifest a person's fears, doubts, regrets. Skeletons in the closest that everyone tries to hide and brings it all into a shadowy manifestation.

    Bio/extras: Eile is insane and is not afraid to deal with a situation if it gets out of hand. Eile also has a soft spot for green.

    Height: 5"4

    Weight: 110lbs

    Personality: Eile is a down to earth girl that loves to sleep at any chance. She is upbeat and adventurous outside of battle. Her curiosity has gotten her into trouble in more then one occasion, but it never stopped her from looking for this to keep her occupied. Inside a battle though, her personality does a complete 180 as she becomes demented, psychotic, and borderline insane as she shows absolutely no mercy to anyone and this is Eile just taking it easy on the enemy. Needless to say, do not try to piss her off while she is in battle. One could say that the source of her 'battle time persona' is through the nightmares she witness on occasion. Some people suggest that Eile has Nightmare Disorder Symptom, but no one is willing to approach her on that subject. It is a touchy subject to Eile and the last person that mentioned it... the less it said about it is better.
  15. Accepted
  16. Hey kay how many charaters left till we starts :3
  17. Well, there is a lot of places left. I was thinking AT LEAST one from each month should be taken then we could start.
    And if that doesn't happen within the next couple of days, then we'll start without them.
    But @Yonsisac said he'll make one, @☭Comrade Nitro HAD one, but messed up on something but instead of editing, he deleted the CS xD
  18. I'm not the one who deleted a post when it could have been edited v.v
  19. Hmph *crosses arms and sticks tongue out*
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