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Have you ever used winter or it's seasonal holidays as a big setting point or atmosphere for your ro

  1. YES! I totally love using the seasons (like winter) to help give atmosphere or plot importance.

  2. Sometimes I do, but it's not something I often think about!

  3. No, I have never done such a thing and have never thought about it before!

  4. Winter is coming.

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  1. Usually when we think of stuff for our roleplays, what season it is rarely seemed to matter or come in to play.

    But then you have winter and Christmas! 8D A season ripe with opportunities for snowbound settings, seasonal fun, and all that good stuff.

    Have you ever used the winter season, be it the season itself or it's featured holidays as a big part of your setting or atmosphere for a particular plot?
  2. Winter is coming. And so am I.


  3. Seasons and climate in general are excellent setting aids. For example the rp I'm developing the primary country is in the north and it's often snowy. I have yet to work actual holidays in yet but I'm working on it.
  5. I love using seasons to help add depth to settings. I also love cold, winter weather. I was in an RP once where the earth fell into a state of perpetual winter.
  6. I like to use seaons for some of the settings for my stories but not have the whole story take place at Christmas or over New Years. I do a have story that takes place around the holidays but never done an rp with any said holiday in mind.

    Now the winter rp mentioned I do remember. It was neat and I dont remember what happened in it. Forever winter or something like that I dont remember the name. Anyway winter is nice but it can be made to depressing by some and then drawn out or over done.

    I dont think winter is all that bad. If it last to long than yes it sucks. Ive come realize that I love summer. Sure 105 is way to hot but Ive gotten use to it. I cant wait for summer to come back matter a fact. Seasons are nice and change is good but I get spoiled and love to not have to have a coat on. Flip flops and shorts. Thats my weather.
  7. I do not tend to use winter as a setting for my roleplays or my stories a lot for some reason, even though I like the season itself. It is probably because I have barely read any fiction that takes place in the winter. In fact, most stories seem to take place in the warmer seasons like spring or summer, sometimes even autumn, even though winter turns up a lot in poetry. It might be just the type of fiction I read, but for me, winter always seems to take a backseat role to the other seasons... So I am going to have to start using it a lot more.
  8. I'm actually using a snowy setting for an RP that I'm planning to maybe use here when I'm finally able to get on regularly again.
  9. Heh heh heh...
    For me, autumn is where young adults/ older teens find love. Winter is cuddley, warm, sex. >:D Spring is more passionate sex. Summer is hot, bikini sex. xD
  10. I voted but I didn't post?! O.o -blinks a few times trying to comprehend this-

    Seasons as a whole I think are good things to mention so long as there is a meaning or purpose to them. The focus of the story, maybe not so much. I can see some roleplays playing out where the season or weather is a major player but like Drew said, it has to be done right otherwise it gets boring.

    The most prominent work I remember, though it isn't a roleplay -- it's a short story --, was about a rain-world. I can't remember who wrote it unfortunately, but it's always stuck with me. The weather/seasons played a huge role within the story and it represented a lot of things since it only stopped raining for a few days sporadically throughout their planet's year. Everyone was always cramped up inside away from the rain.

    If it has that kind of significance where the weather/seasons is a character unto itself, then yes, I would totally approve of it. Beyond that, -shrugs-, I don't really need to know what's going on unless it's important to the scene. (It's raining, so I need an umbrella or seek cover. It's hot, so I need to mention I'm sweating. Things like that.)
  11. I love using seasons and holidays as setting. Winter is my favorite season for this, actually. I love snow and I love to have it play a big part in the story because it can be so romantic.