POTW: The Language of Cute

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Which language do you think is the cutest?

  1. Spanish

  2. Japanese

  3. French

  4. Italian

  5. Russian

  6. Dutch

  7. Canadian

  8. Chinese

  9. German

  10. Finnish

  11. Hindi

  12. Romanian

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  13. Vietnamese

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  14. OTHER

  15. Fire Bobble Ass Button

Multiple votes are allowed.

    Isaboo came home today and told me one of his co-workers is determined to teach him Spanish! And he said he didn't WANT to learn Spanish, because then he would know what all the adorable Hispanic girls are saying, and then they wouldn't be as cute.

    We then had a conversations about which languages sound "cuter" than the others. XD It decided in to silliness, and thus... INSPIRED YOUR POLL OF THE WEEK!

    Which language do you think is the CUTEST?

    What languages would you really love to learn?
  2. British :]
  3. Why in gods name is 'canadian' listed as a language? XD
  4. Except for Japanese I'd say Brittish and Irish, I can't resist those accents:)

    EDIT: I'd like to learn Japanese and I'm teaching myself from time to time but I'd like to be able to speak Spanish again, I've forgotten what i learned in school:)
  5. Which language do you think is the CUTEST?
    Cutest would have to be Japanese... But like, if you asked me 'sexiest', it would be any of the European countries. The way they talk is soooo smooth and rich and just makes my heart melt ^^'

    What languages would you really love to learn?
    I wish I was fluent in French and Japanese XD;
  6. LOLOL@ Dutch, Finnish and Vietnamese.

    Voted for French.
  7. Which language do you think is the CUTEST?
    I chose Japanese, French, Finnish, and Canadian (which I'm assuming is french in their accent)
    Japanese is pronounced with "white-tongue" syllables so it sounds cute :]
    I honestly think Korean is the cutest, but that wasn't an option (Aigooo...haha)

    My dad taught me some words in Finnish and German. I thought Finnish sounded cute, but seeing everyone else's votes,
    I'm thinking these are my "i have a high voice so it sounded cute" bias. haha. oops.

    What languages would you really love to learn?
    At the moment, I can speak English (LOLWUT), British English (haha, it's counts as it's own!), Urdu (pakistan national language), Arabic (religion), French (highschool) fluently.

    I understand fluent Japanese, but I don't know the grammar well enough to compose proper sentences. I can speak conversational Korean~ and am learning Mandarin Chinese from my roommates at the moment. But so far, I've been told my accent for Korean is perfect, but Chinese tones are hard on my tongue. xD

    I would like to learn German! Because my dad speaks it and because he says it's reallyreallly difficult!
    I would also like to finish learning Korean ,D
  8. Staci Language.
  9. Which language do you think is the CUTEST?
    Japanese :D Everything sounds cute in japanese ^^

    What languages would you really love to learn?
    japanese xD And I'm doing so right now ;) heheh I would like to learn korean to but I start with japanese and then I'll see if I try korean after that xD
  10. Pfft. Japanese Red? How predictable. I chose Canadian xD
  11. Where the fuck is the Babytalk option? That shit the cutest fucking language in the entirety of the world.

    I mean, "googoo, gaga"? Why yes, that is a cute fuckin' pink sweater she has on.

  12. You know, I had some hopes this place didn't have so many weeaboos.

    But if you cannot be made to recognize spanish as the true language of love, I'll stick to saying obsenities in it.
  13. Isn't French the language of love? That's what I'm always told every time I curse in French...
  14. You're canadian, you don't have a lot to work with.
  15. What about me? I'm a Newyorker. :D
  16. Yeah, being a French Canadian means I only have three native languages: English, French, and Canadianese. xD

    Poor Sakura, stuck with boring old English.
  17. Japanese speaking people speaking English is adorable to me.
    Does that count?
  18. No surprises from this poll.
  19. I voted for the last one....Because languages aren't cute to me. They aren't...Just a bunch of random scribbles that supposedly mean something....

    Now, if asked in context of the tone and pitch someone was using...Then I'd say one was truly cute.