POTW: The Forest or the Tree

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When you join a roleplay, is it only about your character or are you after the bigger picture?

  1. The Tree: I am only focused on what I can do with my character and my character's plot. I don't thin

  2. The Forest: I am focused on the bigger picture. Trying to merge everyone's stories together in one c

  3. BOTH: I do both in equal amounts, because I want to see my character develop, but I also want it to

  4. I have never thought about this stuff before, stop making me use my brain thing!

  5. Why the hell is there always a walrus in the Radio Show?!

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  1. This week's poll is something that affects all us roleplayers! 8D

    Everyone approaches a roleplay plot in a different way. There's not right or wrong way to go about it. The title of this topic is The Forest of the Tree, because today I am asking a really simple question about how you take on a roleplay!

    When you join a roleplay: Are you only thinking about the plot for your character and what you can do with your character? OR do you think about the bigger picture, of how all the characters are going to affect the larger story?

    Both are totally legit. After all, having a clear idea about your character's history and what you would like for them to accomplish through the roleplay is pretty much why most of us play. We want to see that character develop.

    But being aware of all the characters present in a roleplay, and thinking about how everyone comes together for the bigger plot picture can be really rewarding when it falls in to place and you built a cohesive plot.

    ...and hey, who said you can't do both? >:]
  2. I think I prefer to take both my character and other characters into account, as both have the same amount of impact on the storyline. Sure, there might be an important plot thread with other characters, but all characters can have the potential to be main characters. I may focus on my own characters a bit more, because they feel closer to me than the other characters, and I may run with a crazy idea only to be bonked on the head by someone else, but I think I manage to involve others reasonably well in the plot.
  3. I try to focus on both!
  4. I do focus a lot on my character, however that's because it's my responsibility to make sure my character fits the plot and plays her role in the story to the maximum potential. If I fail to pay attention to my character, and fail to put the focus of my post on her actions and thoughts, she will lack development. Though it isn't good to overdo it. Overdoing it, or trying to steal the show, or creating a Mary Sue abomination can derail the plot and cause the entire roleplay to fizzle.

    When running my own RP's, my biggest responsibility as GM is to ensure all characters from all players have an equal role in the story, and that everything ties together and keeps moving. That's why I make multiple characters when I am GM, so I have my foot in each aspect of the RP (such as play both a hero and villain) to give the other players' characters a goal or example to work off of and use as inspiration to develop their own unique plot lines.
  5. I focus on both.
  6. That's what I want to know! Why is that walrus on the radio show?!

    But, in seriousness I focus on both, because I like developing not only my characters, but also being able to fit into a larger story that plays a part in other characters lives too.
  7. I want my character to be a part of the bigger picture but I concentrate mostly on my characters development. Around 60 % character development and 40 % bigger picture x3 But I try to think about both in the same amount even though it's not always happening xD
  8. I get very attached to my characters, all of them. I like them to be really developed. At the same time though, it's important to me that they are interacting with others and taking part in shaping and furthering the plot. So both. Perhaps not as equally as I should.