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How spicy do you like your food?

  1. I like it so spicy that my ass spits fire!

  2. I like things super spicy, but booty safe.

  3. I like things moderately spicy. A nice balance of spicy.

  4. I prefer things nice and mild.


  6. I like butts!

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  1. Right now I am preparing the stuff for TACOS! Because tacos are awesome.

    I like things spicy, but I don't like things to the level of Isabella's spicy, where he munches on whole pieces of habanero peppers. I kinda want to taste my food and still have an ass afterwards. >>;

    How spicy do you like YOUR food?
  2. I prefer it moderately so. If it's mouth-searingly hot I don't like it, but I enjoy the mild peppers and honestly, I can't imagine eating chips without some spicy dipping sauce.

    ...But spare me booteh. D:
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  4. I like spicy things, but anything searingly-hot, I will be inclined to the toilet.
  5. Not a fan of spicy hot food. It's more than the fact that it hurts my tongue... I don't like the flavors of hot sauces, spices, etc. So nasty. x__x I always go for mild when it comes to chicken wings and stuff, but overall I prefer stuff to be plain.

    I do love butts. Only nice butts, though. I don't want no white chick with a 10 year old boy butt. >:[
  6. Spicy enough to probably make me cry a little or enough to make my tongue right.
  7. For the most I don't want it very spicy, rather too little than too much. But to some kinds of dishes I like it to be really spicy, taco for example x3
  8. My tolerance for spicy foods is lower than the attention span for a goldfish.
    I don't like my mouth burning with the heat of 1000 suns
  9. I don't mind things with a bit of a kick to them, like tacos or quesadillas or barbecue sauce, but I don't like things that give my mouth a burning sensation, and the above items I usually mellow out significantly with cheese or sour cream.
  10. I regularly eat some of the hottest sauce on the planet! I believe (really, I do) that it is why I haven't been sick in nearly a decade, mind over matter.

    Also, you can get immune to the fire ass, just gotta eat a lot every day.
  11. I like things moderately spicy. Then again, I don't think I'm in any position to talk about that. Why? Because the other day I burned my face off from eating spicy Cheetos and cooled it off with lemon pie. I can go either way tbh. But I like it more even than "ZOMGZ That's spicy". Meh...
  12. If it's not spicy to the point I can use my ass as a portable flamethrower something is wrong.
  13. Immunity to fire ass is a perk you have to pay for with blood and tears.
    When I want something to be spicy, I'm happiest if people a table away would start sniffling a little. :D
    But I'll eat most food milder. Not eggs. If the eggs aren't running red with hot sauce or the blood of my foes, I've no interest in it.
  14. I always have a bottle of Tabasco on hand for breakfast, lunch and dinner. I'm not a HUGE fan of spicy things, but when the urge comes upon me, if that bottle isn't within arm's reach, someone's gonna have a bad day, and it ain't me. BRING ON THE PEPPERS.
  15. Blargh, no. I do not like spicy things at all, they make me want to breathe fire. I usually do not mind if something is mildly spicy, but if it is too hot, it just feels like I am trying to eat a volcano and I have to drink lots of water or eat lots of bread. So no spicy food for me.
  16. My limit's wasabi peas, which can get really spicy, but that's why I always have a cup of milk whenever I do eat that.
  17. Something spicy is nice, when its done right. Not all food should be spicy. To much is just pure heart burn and well then that leads to double burn. No thank you... So a good balance and a happy tummy is always a bonus.
  18. I don't like much spice at all. I don't not use spices though, I'll throw some pepper, chili powder, or Tobasco to add some kick and flavor. But not a whole lot, what I want really is just a low little burn rumbling in the background of my tongue while other flavors shine.
  19. Food so spicy is weaponizes my exhaust.

  20. <tbody>

    DRAH-lur-ahm vivid - used only of food, to indicate strong, distinct flavour, lit. *bright mouth* - one of the four essentials of Mandalorian cooking
    HEH-too-rahm *mouthburn* - a sought-after state of intense burning in the mouth brought about by very spicy food - see also hetikleyc


    hay-TEEK-laysh spicy, as in makes the sinuses burn (a sensation like eating horseradish or wasabi)