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Do you believe in soulmates?

  1. Yes!

  2. Maybe...

  3. No.

  4. I smell a trap.

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  1. In just about every culture, there is a soulmate theory of some kind. Kindred spirits. Two halves of a whole! People who are inexplicably connected through some sort of bond. It might even be related to fate, destiny, or a calling!

    Do you believe in soulmates?

    Are they the romantic kind? Or just the kindred souls? Do you think we find our soulmates or is it a rare chance that almost no one is blessed to achieve? Or is a silly thing all in our heads?
  2. I think with the millions of people on the planet it is entirely possible that there are pairs of people who complement each other perfectly

    Odds of them finding each other and making a connection however? Nearly nil.

    I believe there are such things as soulmates, but I don't support the romantic notion that someone has to be your PERFECT COMPLEMENT to be a good match.

    My parents are NOT soulmates. My dad is a bit of a slob and is atheist. My mother is super-religious and likes things to be clean and functioning. My dad is anti-conflict, my mom always speaks her mind (tactfully or not!). They get on each other's nerves all the time and (Dad's a trucker) Dad enjoys his time away from home and mom likes having time to herself.

    They've been together ~ 29 years now. Raised four kids and bought a house together, and have the most strong, loving relationship ever.

    Soul mates exist, but don't rule someone out because they aren't 100% perfect!
  3. I don't quite know if there are such things as love-at-first-sight you-were-made-for-each-other soulmates. I'd like to think it's possible. I think it's possible for soulmates to be made as well as born, is what I'm trying to say?
  4. Baiting my grumpy moods, Diana?
    Hah, no, I'll be reasonable... this time.
    I believe that there are people who complement us in the most profound ways, but I don't think there's just one. I don't think that you need to panic about finding that one-in-four-billion person who is your exact match. And you don't have to be with them. There is no destiny that demands you find a soulmate to be happy - I think you can love and embrace the parts of another person that don't quite mesh with yours, too.
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  5. I believe in Soulmates.

    I do NOT believe that Soulmates fall in love at first sight or have seemingly "perfect" relationships or that everything is easy for them.

    But just because a relationship or a person doesn't seem "perfect" doesn't mean that they aren't a perfect match. Soulmates aren't about idyllic happiness; they're about balance, and about giving a person exactly what they need, even if it isn't what they think they want.

    I think that we're meant to find these people. I don't think we necessarily have to be with them romantically. I do think that forming some kind of close bond with them will be better for us, even if it is only temporary.

    I think that some people have more than one soulmate. They will find all of them at some point in their life.

    If you don't meet someone, they cannot be a soulmate, since a soulmate is someone you are meant to find.

    If you love someone deeply, then you were probably meant to.

    Those are my weird ideas about fate.
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  6. I believe there are people that, romantically and not, have highly compatible personalities.

    Pizza is a food I love, but I would get sick of it if I ate it everyday for years and years.
  7. I'm agnostic on the whole idea. My overly analytical side says it's as much hooey as the divine. Yet I am the first to talk about following hope and passion and positive placement of desire and happiness in the here and now.

    I'll just have to keep living life and see what the evidence provides.
  8. I believe that people can have multiple matches as defined by a sort of chaos theory. People are born, not necessarily meant for each other, but definitely ideal for each other. There can be multiple ideals for the same person. They may be perfect for each other, but who's to say they'll meet?
  9. Hmmm...Maybe.

    I don't think there is just -one- person for everyone, there could be many people someone can get along with perfectly! I don't believe that there is only one person in this world I could potentially spend my whole life with. Whoever I -do- spend my life with is just the one that got there first.

    I do like to believe that everyone has at least someone out there though! :3 <3
  10. Nope. I believe in hard work.
  11. No.
    People fit together, but I do not believe in perfect matches.
    I believe having no conflict in any sort of relationship - be it romantic, platonic or otherwise - does not work. It's boring. You voice an opinion, and it's like hearing an echo.
    While I refuse to get involved with anybody romantically on the grounds that I am unable to handle any situation that does not involve one party crushing the other mentally, emotionally and/or physically, I know enough about people to know that being able to form an opinion and argue about it is quite entertaining sometimes.
  12. Wow, I really do have a different concept of what a soulmate is from most other people, it seems.
  13. I guess to believe in soul mates is to believe that a soul actually exists. =/ But I think that's another argument entirely.

    No I don't believe soul mates exist. I believe that there are many people out there in this world - after all there's 7 billion people on this planet - who can be compatible with you. I find it hard to grasp that there is one person out there (or multiple people) who are perfect for you.
  14. I find that believing in soul mates is more of a want or a need. I can't really quantify it with any sort of evidence or example. But then again, love can't be quantified.

    Whatever the case may be, I do believe.
  15. [Insert Soul Crushing Pessimistic Paragraph here]

    If soul-mates exists... Would there be such a thing as a soul-enemy? You gotta look at the opposite end of the spectrum(although honestly the opposite end could just being destined to be alone with a soul, but for the sake of keeping things short, let's avoid that.) and wonder about that. I mean if we were predisposed to fit compatibly, are there people that we just absolutely should avoid, or worse, hinder? Destiny only seems romantic in when applied to human compatibility. Applied else where, and it seems like bondage upon free will.

    I don't believe that it's a romantic thing. It's not. I CAN be, a lover could also be a soulmate, but I think it transcends romantic love and is BOND! You can be soulmates with a family member, a best friend, an old friend or anybody.

    I don't believe soulmates are without conflict, or that they love/agree with all the same things. Or that they are identical in some way. It's BIGGER than that and that's WHY they are a soulmate. Your connection lives through anything, be it fights, disagreements, distance, or time. You always come back to each other.

    I believe soulmates just connect. CONNECT. Some strange magnetic force that draws two people together and just.... bonds you. You could prolly list lots of reasons why you're attached to that person, or maybe you can't even think of why! But you are theirs, and they are yours. There is no "one-sided soulmate" you both feel it.

    I believe soulmates are FOR LIFE. You don't fall out of soulmate with someone. You could not talk for years for whatever reason, but when you meet again, that connection is still there.

    You don't start to hate your soulmate. If you're starting to not like someone, then that wasn't a real bond. You weren't soulmates.

    I believe you CAN have more than one soulmate in your life time. You can even have more than one soulmate at a time! You can make strong, infallible bonds with multiple people, it doesn't make that connection you have to someone any less powerful.

    I believe it's just as easy to soulmatecrush on someone you think is a soulmate, just as it's easy to puppylove on someone you think you're in foreverlove with. Strong feelings can get mixed up no matter who or what they are about soulmates are no different.

    ......and yes, yes I DO believe you can have a soulnemesis. O___O Someone you just absolutely can't be around, for no explicable reason. (or for perfectly explainable reasons!) There's ALWAYS and opposite!
  17. I do not believe in soulmates for many reasons.

    Normally when someone says that you are their soul mate, they want something. It always happens like that, everywhere you go. And when that 'soul mate leaves you with 1k in debt, you might think to yourself oh shit I've been had!', it is kind of hard to look beyond it.

    Looking at it from a scientific view, humans are like any other animal. They find a mate, and live their lives with that. But there is no soul connection to science, just science.

    I believe that two people could make each other happy yes, but to call them a soul mate would imply that you cannot live without them. And that in fact is a lie. Like Mr. Spock would say it, 'Most illogical.'

    Humans breathe oxygen, eat, sleep, make waste and continue with their cycle of life with or without a mate, which also informs us that humans are incapable of soul bonding with one another that would cause so much pain that they die. 'But what about suicide?' That is not a natural death for any creature. Your cells are still in tact when you commit suicide, and you are still in otherwise good health comparatively speaking, should you not have some sort of illness.

    But I have not forgotten one factor; depression. Depression leads us to do the unnatural, which also implies that humans do in fact make certain connections. But how can you prove that it was that 'soul' connection that has thrown you into such a depressed state that you die? You can't. You may assume, but you can't fully know.

    And with that, you let yourself fade, but your body does not deteriorate due to that break.

    What does that all have to do with being a soulmate? Everything within the body and mind are connected, that being said, you cannot assume if this 'soulmate' wouldn't effect your health. To say there is such thing as a soul mate would imply that you need that to survive, unless soul mate means something lighter than the actual bond of said soul.

    Am I not correct in my theory?
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  18. There are so many people out there that it would be crazy not to think that there is someone for everyone out there. So I suppose yes I do, in a way, believe in soulmates. Then again, I like to think of soulmates as people who are on the same wave length when it comes to almost everything. Not so much that they complete each other.

    But finding people like that can be hard, so you know. Keep searching, I say.
  19. I optimistically hope, but won't actually believe until I find her.
  20. I both believe and not believe in the concept of soulmates. While that might sound strange to people, let me explain a bit on why I am unable to choose. Traditionally, a soulmate is one person that you find, one person that you are compatible with, one person with whom you spend the rest of your life, someone whom you are destined to meet. But what if you never find your real soulmate by accident? Should you be condemned to a life of unhappiness? Of course not. The odds of finding a single person amongst the huge crowd of people is extremely low, especially if one is separated by extreme distances from the person they are supposed to be with.

    But I still think there is something in the concept of a soulmate, because even though being destinied for a single person could mean that you never meet them, I do not believe that you have to be destinied for them. I think that soulmates are of our own making, people whose mistakes we are willing to overlook, to love them for what they are and never abandon them. They are people whose faults we can find humour in, or even though they make us angry, we can inevitably reconcile with them. They are people whom we love with all of our hearts, in other words. There is no need for destiny, or someone that is meant for us, because we can find someone like that even though they would not be a "soulmate" in the traditional sense.

    I hope what I said makes sense, because looking back at it, it seems to be a bit confusing.