POTW: Shopping Cart Jerkbags

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Do you put away your shopping cart after a trip to the store?

  1. I ALWAYS put the shopping cart in the proper place!

  2. I will put the cart away if the cart corral is close enough to my vehicle.

  3. I NEVER put the cart away and I just leave it randomly in parking spaces! HAHAHA!

  4. I can't tell you, because you're going to hit me.

  5. I live in a shopping cart!

  6. Hey look, that cloud looks like a peen!

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  1. Me and Gibs went to walmart last night around midnight. (This is out summer shopping time, because it's too damned hot in the day!)

    And I got mad because all over the parking lot were abandoned shopping carts. >:[ Some RIGHT THERE next to the cart corral and some jerkbag was too damned lazy to walk an extra two feet to push their cart in.

    It's always made me mad when people don't properly put away their carts. Those things roll around in the wind and ram in to cars. They take up valuable parking spaces. It's lazy and bad etiquette not to put them back! D:

    Yet it happens so often... I just HAD to know what the people of Iwaku do with their shopping carts. >:D

    SO VOTE!
  2. I'm OCD about shopping carts. I have to not only put them into the corral, but make sure each one is pushed into the one in front of it.
  3. I'm a good person and put my shopping cart in corral.

    And you know what? If the other carts are just thrown in there all messed up..I actually take the time to fix them properly.

    Good Guy Juku.
  4. I guess I'll be the bad guy here and say this. I intentionally leave them somewhere that'll piss someone off. At least it gives them a story to tell their friends.
    Redneck 1: Oh man you know what happened today?
    Redneck 2: Wut?
    Redneck 1: Some damn foo' didn't put his basket back where it was a'pose' ta' be.
    Redneck 2: Aw, man I hate it wen dat happens!
    Redneck 1: Wish I knew who he was. I'd burn a cross right on his damn front lawn that'll teach em.
    Redneck 2: Get-R-Dunnnn
  5. Sadly, that's how the white folk talk 'round here x______x;;

    I ALWAYS put my cart back in the proper place. It's not just because I feel like a total douchebag if I don't but also for safety reasons too. I sure as hell don't want my car being dented or scratched by a cart someone left in their parking spot and I'm pretty sure none of you do either. Put your carts back at that stations, you assholes.

    I also have a habit of throwing out garbage I find on shelves. Coffee cups piss me off the most. You have a friggin cart! Put the damn cup in your cart until you pass a garbage, wtf is wrong with youuuu?!
  6. :[ I really hope your joking. Cause I've worked as one of those people who has to go collect all those bloody carts that people leave behind, and assuming I talk like that is a tad insulting.

    But yeah, its a major piss off when people don't put their carts back in the corrals. Really, is it just too hard to walk those few feet? Even if you don't get them into the corral, just get them next to them. I don't mind as long as they're all conglomerated around a small area. It's when you get people who leave carts in the middle of the parking lot, or pushed into the far corners, that it gets annoying. I mean really, if you have the time to push the cart aaalllllll the way out there, could you not just bring it to the corral?

    Also, another piss off is people who see that the specific cart corral is FULL, and keep adding their carts, so that they spill out into the parking lot in long lines, and prevent people from driving through. Yes, this also means that the person meant to be collecting carts isn't doing a very good job :[ Usually there's only one on, and sometimes no one is working the parking lot. Back to the point, if the cart corral is full, and you don't want to walk your cart to the next one over, just place it beside the corral T_T

    So much easier...
  7. I can't tell you because you are going to hit me when I say - I put the cart away if I feel like it. If it's close by, I'll put it away. But if the corral isn't close by, I put the cart in the middle of the parking space like HAHAHAHA you can't park here now. Now you know how it feels when I go to a spot and there's a cart in the middle of it!


    Also, I live in a shopping cart.
  8. In some places here you gotta put like 2€ into the cart which you get back afters. If you go kinda late you can wheel the carts back and collect 2€s :D
  9. Put my shopping cart away? No, I get a running start and ride my trusty steed into its corral. :}

  10. Me too, my friend, me too.
  11. That's what packers are for!

    Seriously, though, most grocery stores here don't have proper corrals. Lots of times you just leave them near the entrance or on the islands so they're out of the way. Or take it all the way back inside. :P But here, we have dedicated packers (usually Primary & middle school students or persons with disabilities) who pack groceries and bring them out to your car for tips. On their way back, they'll pick up some of the carts, or the managers will send out a bunch of them to gather the carts if the kids have nothing to do at the moment.

    When I'm at a grocery store that DOES have a proper corral though, I always put my cart away.
  12. Speaking as someone who used to work as a cart pusher at a very busy walmart super center, this is one of the things that pissed me off the most.

    Not only was it a pain in the ass to have to go around and find all the loose carts strategically placed between cars all over the place, but it gets the cart pushers in trouble. Every time a manager or shift lead comes outside to check on how the parking lot looks (and at the place i worked at, they did it all the fucking time, and it didn't help that there were 3-5 different shift leads at any given time, all coming out to check one after another it seemed) they always complained that we weren't getting all the loose carts, and it made us look bad. But let me tell you, it's damn hard to keep up with all the carts NOT in a cart corral when you have to make sure that there are always enough carts inside the dock for the customers to use.

    So not only does it make you look like a lazy prick, but it actually causes the employees a lot of unnecessary work, and even drama from the managers. Remember, those cart pushers often work full time in all kinds of weather, rain, heat, snow, you name it, often for nearly minimum wage. Please don't make them have to hunt for your cart just because you couldn't be bothered to walk the short distance it would take to get it to the nearest corral.
  13. I live in a shopping cart! Manliness! Hoo-HA!
  14. Well, I put the cart with the rest, if it is not that far away.

    Otherwise I will leave it somewhere that does not bother other cars from moving or parking, locking it with other cart randomly left if the occasion allows me to.

    However, I live in a small city, and I never go groceries shopping when the supermarket is crowded. So there is always extra space.
    The cart-collecting guys do a good job, too.

    Most of them are handsome.

    I should shop more often.
  15. Its always fun to cart race the carts to the corrals xD and it keeps them out of other peoples way so double win
  16. "Put the shopping cart in it's pwoper place."
    My character constantly has commentary on everything.
  17. Hey! people who live in shopping carts aren't all jerkbags.

    I paid good money for something similar to this:



    I'm especially proud of all the upgrades I gave it. All the bitches can't stand it when I enter the Wendy's drive through in my pimped out wheels.
  18. As someone who brought carts in a part of his old job I can safely say I do indeed put my carts away properly and those of you who don't are assholes. You know that we can only really effectively bring carts in four at a time if we don't have all that fancy pants equipment, right?
  19. I always always put my cart back. No matter where you park in a parking lot, it isn't too far to put the cart into a corral. How lazy and mean do you have to be if you can't just walk an empty cart fifty feet to a corral? Also, my car has been hit by a shopping cart that someone left in an empty spot, because the wind blew and it rolled into my door. Hmph.
  20. I always put it away. All the time, every time. I'm just a good person like that. Plus, I don't want to troll the guys who actually have to search for those carts and return them to their rightful places.