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How do you advertise your roleplays?

  1. I use EVERY ADVERTISEMENT method I can find. Everything!

  2. I just submit a banner.

  3. I just invite my friends.

  4. I send out private messages or profile messages to invite random people.

  5. I just post up the roleplay and hope someone notices.

  6. I use methods you don't have in this poll and I'm gonna tell you about them!

  7. I'm too cool for roleplaying, because I am a Rory Skunk.

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  1. Now that we have the new roleplay ad rotation, it's been sooooo much easier for me to get new banners up the day they are submitted instead of... you know... two weeks later. 8D It's been working great and worth the investment.

    It got me curious though, about how members advertise their roleplays! I don't ever advertise my own roleplays. O__O I usually either just invite my buddies that I know will like the plot, or I don't tell anyone about it until the day I post up the rp and then see who shows up.

    How do YOU advertise your roleplays? Do you advertise? Do you invite friends? Or do you just post and see what happens?
  2. If I were artistic...I'd make a banner. But I am not so I'm fine with just seeing who the winds of fate blow into the thread.
  3. So far, I have only submitted banners, but I am slowly starting to think that a method like that might not be enough for luring players in. So right now, I am considering the advertisement campaign for a new roleplay that I want to invest time and effort in, which campaign would definitely include as many tools as possible.
  4. As a one-on-one roleplayer, almost exclusively, advertising isn't exactly practical for me. Such a shame! If my interest check doesn't get enough attention, I'll go seek out some people who look like they might be interesting and match my style. Other than that, there isn't really anything for me.

    But! Were I to ever make a group roleplay, I would certainly submit a banner. They work on me, and I don't even do group roleplays. A very interesting, pretty banner, combined with a good title, and I'll almost always check it out, simply to satisfy my own curiosity.
  5. I have no idea what RPing is and I have an army of skunk people. My life is good.
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  6. I submit an application for a banner, not a banner myself, fer I am too computer illiterate to even use paint. Not that I know what that is...

    Either that, or I just let my rp live in relative obscurity til' it slowly dies/finds its audience then abruptly dies.
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