POTW: Resistance is Futile

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Do you have things you just can't resist?



  3. I'm a big nerd and I totally voted for the quote I liked better. ....because I couldn't resist.

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  1. I was about to go update the rotating ads when I thought "I should really get one or two new fonts. I keep using the same three."

    ...and I have now been downloading fonts for an hour.

    We all have things we just CAN'T RESIST, right? RIGHT? I'm not just a crazy lady who wants to hug every cat?

    What are some things YOU can't resist, no matter how hard you try?
  2. I'm bad at resisting food cravings. I've driven across the city in the snow to get a certain burger, I've waited hours to get a specific stir- fry or candy bar
  3. Impulse purchases when I have extra income. It's never a good idea to leave me with access to my bank account when I've got more income than I need for the month, i.e. bills paid up, food stocked up, and whatnot with several hundred dollars more than my emergency no-touch limit.

    As a result, when I see something I like, I tend to buy it unless someone talks me out of it. And it usually ends up feeding my video game addiction, like buying several sales items off Steam/GoG or stopping in at GameStop or seeing new releases at Wal-mart. *shakes fist*
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  4. I can resist anything. I like to deprive my self of things I love from time to tome just to keep myself hungry...like Rocky Balboa.
  5. Pumpkin cake.

    That crap is more alluring than the one ring.
  6. Other than the fact that I can't be trusted to go to the grocery store when I'm hungry or I'll end up with snack food. . .

    If I see something I like I usually make myself wait several months before I buy it. If I still want it after waiting I'll usually get it if my budget allows because by that point I'll know I'm not impulse buying. Nine times out of ten waiting kills any enthusiasm I may have for that item :)
  7. Cupcakes.
    Singing along to Backstreet Boys and Michael Jackson songs.
    Gummy candies.
    My son, especially his face. :I
    Sniffing scented markers, scented candles, and incense.
    Pianos. I can't play one, but I sure as hell love pounding on the keys.
  8. I'll often accidentally study things extensively on Wikipedia or TVTropes and it's absotively posilutely maddening.
  9. I cant resist turning up the volume all the way on a heavy bass dubstep song.