POTW: Rediscovery

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Do you have a forgotten passion?

  1. Yes! And I think I am going to re discover it!

  2. Yes! And I'm no longer interested in it.

  3. No. I'm still involved in all my passions!

  4. No. I've never had a passion for anything.


Multiple votes are allowed.
  1. Over the past few weeks I have been getting in touch with a Diana of old! When you're feeling off and not like yourself, it's always good to look back at things you used to do to see what might be missing now!

    I've rediscovered a few things that used to be a big part of Diana. Like my art and my connection to spooky weirdness. Things I never realized I missed having in my life!

    Do you have a long forgotten passion that needs to be rediscovered? What are some things that used to be a huge part of YOUR life that you no longer do?
  2. Magic: the gathering.

    I want to start playing again.
  3. Roleplaying was my forgotten passion.

    So I came here.
  4. So much art! Art everywhere all of the sudden! Seriously, I have done so much in the last two weeks.
  5. Old fandoms, definitely.
  6. If I've ever forgotten a passion, then I've forgotten what it was.
  7. Roleplaying. I've stopped roleplaying on the forums for several months now and I'm just starting to get back into it.

    Oh life, why are you so hectic?
  8. I've slowly been rekindling my passion for writing. It's looking like I'm doing a good job of that, too. Take that real life stuff and depression! >:] I've also restored my passion for dying/styling my hair. It'll be a while until I have a new do though because I promised my mom I'd get hairs did with her when I visit in a few weeks.

    Dead forever passions: Drawing, webpage coding, Pokemon TCG, yoyo tricks

    Passions I'm trying to revive: Cooking, weight lifting (working out in general, but weights were always my favorite), coffee sampling, comic book collecting