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Do you read?


  2. Yes, I read books on a regular basis.

  3. I love to read, but I don't get much time to read books.

  4. I love reading, but I am usually too busy roleplaying/writing to read.

  5. Reading is okay, but I don't bother making time for it.

  6. Pff. I don't like to read, it's boring.

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  1. In [MENTION=770]Zorilla[/MENTION] 's Institute Discussion, [MENTION=1185]Minibit[/MENTION] mentioned this really cool quote:

    Not every reader writes, but every writer reads!

    Which I thought was pretty cool and definitely had to be true. But it also made me wonder, does every roleplayer read?

    You'd think that yes, yes they do. Cause we're all writers, right? Yet, a lot of roleplayers are just playing for the fun of playing, and not because they like to write!

    So I'm curious: Do you read books regularly? Do you like to read? How often do you read?
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  2. I have phases when I do read, because my brain likes to shift between reading, writing, painting and drawing. Currently I'm in a reading mood so I'm plowing through everything I can get my hands on. I love reading but I feel like my expectation for books keep going higher and higher every time I get a hold of a good one. I don't read books as often as I used to when I was in high school, but I can finish a 300 page book in about... 4 -6 hours depending on the content and the writing style.

    As far as reading roleplays, I very rarely do to be honest. =/ My brain doesn't like jumping between different writing styles, different perspectives, different settings and all that ilk. It makes me very confused but if I can find a roleplay where the styles are similar I will read it.
  3. I love to read! Especially fantasy novels and intrigues and horror. The problem is I also love video games, cooking, sewing, having a clean house, and I have a full time job D:

    I usually try to read on my breaks at work and before bed, but too often I'm trying to get some food in me, or I'm too tired :(

    I'm also strict about my books being kept in good condition (no creases, dog ears, etc) so I won't read while I'm eating or if there's no clean place to put the book
  4. I can't go a day without reading. Anything; I'll read it. If it is complete bullshit, I'll still read it because it's still reading. My favourites are Lord of the Rings, The Hobbit, Harry Potter and the North and South trilogies.
  5. Mittens hardly has time to even SLEEP let alone read T^T I love to though! :D My favorite series so far HAS to be the Harry Potter series, I have never been so obsessed with a series before. I also really loved reading the Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants series and I've never cried to hard to a book(s) before, and one character reminded me so much of myself, which made me love it even more. ^^
  6. I recently picked reading back up. Depression made me lose interest, so I've gone many months without finishing a book. I'm so happy to be slowly reintroducing the hobby into my life. I've got these beautiful books my mom gifted me, just waiting to get read. :D

    My favorites of all are horror stories. I've got lots of those. <3

    However, my MOST favorite books to read are...comic books. Which I've also begun to reread. >:3
  7. I tend to read in cycles. There'll be months where all I want to do is read, then there'll be months when all I want to do is write or draw. Currently I'm in drawing mode at the moment.

    As for what I'll ready. Anything Fantasy or Scifi. I love Robert Jordan's Wheel of Time, anything by Brandon Sanderson, Andre Norton, Rick Riordan, Diana Wynne Jones etc.
    I also have a soft spot of the classics. Mark Twain, Jane Austen, Charles Dickens, Charlotte Bronte etc
  8. I love reading :D Unfortunately I read everything I have and I can't afford books or any means to get to one. Though, sometimes I'll find a good role-play to read because it's interesting to see how the characters interact with each other and how the plot unfolds. Unlike a book that has an author that can control everything, a role-play has a game master that can only set down rules and some boundaries. Reactions aren't set in stone, leaving a lot of possibilities for a response :) Probably why I like role-playing so much xD
  9. I prefer writing to reading, but I read whenever I have the time. Mostly during class, when I shouldn't be, but meh. Senioritis = extra reading opportunity. I have about five books sitting on my shelf waiting to be read, and more on my amazon wishlist. I wish the libraries in my town didn't suck worse than Satan's left ass cheek, since I'm pretty much forced to choose between buying books or not reading.

    As for reading roleplays, I find that most of them aren't spectator sports. The coherency is difficult to grasp from the outside, and there's almost never a satisfying ending. Cliffhangers are the worst.
  10. I love love love reading! especially huge novels for some reason :p I've just started the Game of Thrones series so I know that'll last me a good while. School slows it down a bit because of homework but I tend to reward myself with a few chapters here and there.
  11. I like to read, but I can't read just any book, so I just scoff away my time. Although when I was in the Juvenile Detention Center (don't ask i s2g), I spent most of my time reading Artemis Fowl.
  12. I don't read too much outside of posts here on Iwaku, but I've recently started reading The Hunter's Blades trilogy by R. A. Salvatore. Great reads, if you like fantasy.
  13. To be perfectly honest, the only reading I do are the posts within the rp's I'm writing or others that catch my interest. I don't read books, I go see the movie. I don't read the paper or watch much TV either. I catch a glimpse of the top stories on MSN once in awhile but as a hobby, I don't like to read. It tends to put me to sleep to try and read a book. Maybe I just haven't found a good one yet? One would think if it was a good story, I wouldn't fall asleep reading it.
  14. Sometimes I read every day, usually around an hour a day. Sometimes I'm a maniac reader so I read at least one book a day which takes up my whole day. xD And sometimes I don't read at all for months. So it comes in periods. Right now I'm reading The portrait of Dorian Gray, and I take a couple of chapters a bit now and then when I feel like it. It goes pretty slowly right now because I'm not in the reading period. xb
  15. Currently stuffing myself with Lovecraft and Alice Borchardt's Dragon Queen. Historical Fantasy and sci-fi/horror/Lovecraft. An interesting mix.

    Not quite the mix you would like though.
  16. I love reading, but I do not dedicate as much time to it as I would like to. This is for two main reasons. The first one is that lately, I have read a lot of really bad books, which have taken away my mood to read physical copies. I have been transitioning to online reading for some time now, and no matter what I want to do against it, it seems that I only like to read good books physically. I have finished Dune in three days last Christmas, so I know I can read a physical copy if I want to. The second reason is that I sometimes do not even have the time for it, such as during final exams or midterms. I had a lot more time when I was not in college, so I could leave more for fun reading. But these days, I usually have to read the class notes or the books we were given to learn from.