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Which narrative style do you use in your roleplays?

  1. First Person

  2. Second Person

  3. Third Person

  4. Grumpy's Butt

Multiple votes are allowed.
  1. We had a fun conversation this morning about POINT OF VIEW in our writing, sparked by Cassie asking about one of Grumpy's 1st Person RP posts.

    If you click this article it gives you a brief descriptions of the writing points of view and how they're used. 8D

    In most roleplays people use 3rd Person and Occaaasionally 1st person. Neither of these are wrong, but depending on how you want the roleplay to sound or your character, it's good to be family with both!

    Which narrative style do YOU use most in your roleplaying? Where do you make use of the others?
  2. I've never used second person. It's difficult to use for me. First person I only use in character journals. My currently on hiatus tale of a young woman getting married and heading west during the homesteading years in my blog is the only example of that style I have at the moment on Iwaku.

    Third person, well there's many ways to play with it, and in Roleplay I'm a bit fast and loose on which style I use. If I was doing serious writing I'd be more conscious of how I used a style though.
  3. I'm pretty typical in that I use mostly third-person and occasionally first-person. I've actually been toying with an idea for something where I'd use second-person, though.
  4. I mostly use third person, I feel most comfortable in third person because first person always becomes to much "I". I can't get in to the character in first person and I have a hard time to read first person perspectives if it isn't written really good. I have never even tried to write in second person perspective, I will probably never do it either xD
    I have only used first person perspective in school projects when I had to do it. But mostly I stay with third person perspective, that helps me get in to the role of the person much better. I know everything about the person without being the person, I can see everything that the person does without being the person. It becomes more like a movie that flows simply than if I would have the first perspective, because then it would be more like a diary and I would confuse my own feelings with the feelings of the person. (Like I would put myself too much in to the person and then it wouldn't be the character I created from the beginning anymore)

    The flow gets best for me in third perspective.
  5. In my roleplay posts, I usually use third person so that I do not confuse the character for myself. Whenever I slip into first-person, it always feels like I am writing instead of my character, and instead of actually writing about a character or an action, I end up writing a "flow of consciousness", a line of thoughts. I only use first person in my other writings, if I need to be ambigious about the identity of the person whose viewpont I am writing from, or if I want my readers to experience the events I wrote more closely.

    I have never written in second person, nor do I plan to. It just feels unnatural for me.
  6. lul. Grump-sans butt. I giggled.
  7. i juas can not do all the I in 1st person
  8. It perhaps stems from the books that I read, but writing in the first-person is my personal favourite way to get into the mind of a character, to describe events from their perspective, their immediate reactions and thoughts etc.

  9. Umm yeah...I forgot what those are e. e I barely pay attention in English
  10. Ignore Grumpy, guys. He's just shy. 8D
  11. I typically do third person unless I feel like I'm in a rut, then I switch it over to first person. I've even gone as far as posting in first person but also in a poem format. It really depends on my mood at the time and which style I think will better portray my character.
  12. 3rd person, for sure. It feels weird not to use third, because people usually use 3rd. Going between the two disrupts the flow, for me.

    Also, I am not sure how to do a "Grumpy's Butt" perspective. It seems like a shitty thing to do.
  13. Third person all the way.
    I'm not even exactly sure what second person is.
    So that must mean I don't need it! :D
  14. Third person seems to be what most of the greatest novels are written in, so I like to write in third. First and second person stories are difficult to get into because it is like someone is talking to you as opposed to looking in on a separate world and observing the people and concepts without the bias that comes with second and third perspective. However, Suzanne Collins used first person as an excellent tool in creating the confusion, sense of hope and hanging aspect of fear in The Hunger Games trilogy.
  15. With RPs I will always write in third person and with my stories I generally write in third person as well, but will occasionally write in first person. I have never written in second person and I don't think I ever will.