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Do your characters have experiences that you, youself have never experienced?

  1. Yes! I couldn't roleplay otherwise!

  2. Yes! But only certain spectacular things.

  3. No, I have experienced everything ever.

  4. No, I never write about things I don't know.

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  5. Pfffff. Roleplaying... that's for BABIES.

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  1. This week I wanted to feature the really great character/roleplay exercise by Minibit about NEW EXPERIENCES!

    The exercise is about writing on a subject YOU have never personally experienced before. So while I was easily listing off a tone of stuff I have never done that I make characters do... I thought it would be a good poll! 8D

    What are some first time experiences you have given to characters, but have never done yourself? Do you ever have your characters do things you'd never ever do?
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  2. While I often have characters do what I have never done, there is a very large tendency for such things to be of interest to me. Careers can sometimes be stuff I have fancied in the past like book shop owner or jewler. Then there are times when I use research as my vehicle to find some sort of niche or interest for my character. It is always amazing what they do.
  3. This poll is surprising me so far; I mean..

    writing is an opportunity to experience anything you want through your characters, don't waste that!

    I've made my characters...

    • Join and flee the police force
    • Infiltrate the mafia
    • Be committed to psychiatric institutions
    • Hunt demons/dangerous animals for sport
    • Fight in the army
    • Survive out of a backpack for weeks on end
    • Make a living as a conman
    • Join a cult
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  4. Isn't putting yourself in situations you've never experienced yourself half the point of roleplaying in the first place? o_O
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  5. If I couldn't place my characters into situations I've never experienced I'd never be able to do anything Fantasy or SciFi related, ever. I mean how many of us have ever actually stepped foot through an inter-dimensional portal into an entirely different reality/world, or been able to create things just by thinking about them, or had to take a moon base from a tyrannical government using playing cards and poker hands as a communication code for the underground?

    . . . Wait a minute, ignore that last one I'm gonna use that eventually :D
  6. I don't think there's much of anything myself and my characters have done. Most of the time they are doing things I could possibly not do or simply have no desire to do. Though these things are fun and interesting for me to write about. I explained it best when I explained role playing to my husband. I role play because these are adventures or experiences that I could not ever have. Or do not wish to have myself.
  7. That quote!

    I would rather:

    A man who reads knows a hundred lives. A man who writes lives a thousand.
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  8. Yes, I've made several character that have done things I wish I could do, but many are either impossible, illegal or just something I haven't gotten a chance at yet.