POTW: Magic Yay Magic Nay

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Do you like you fantasy settings WITH or WITH OUT magic?

  1. I like my fantasy with LOTS of magic and magical stuff. That's what makes Fantasy for me.

  2. I like more realistic fantasy settings. All of the unique settings, but without magic.

  3. I like BOTH magical and non magical settings!

  4. I prefer making my own magic in Paorou's mystical pants.

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  1. It's FANTASY FESTIVAL JUNE! 8D So this month my Poll of the Week will all be fantasy related.

    To kick us off, this is probably one of the FIRST things you should think about when looking for a fantasy setting roleplay. There's a lot of different kinds of fantasy settings, so what better way to narrow things down than by asking yourself Do you like your fantasy settings WITH or WITH OUT magic?
    The land of fantasies are full of magical beings like fairies, nature spirits, wizards, elf, ect!
  3. I like having magic in my fantasy rps. BUT! THEY NEED TO HAVE STRICT RULES ABOUT THEM!

    Sometimes I hate magic. I really do. Mostly because of how its played. Magic is not all powerful. You are not a master from the very start. It needs to be worked at and trained, just like any other skill. I HATE IT when characters start off knowing all there is to know about magic from the very beginning.

    No! You need to learn that shit! D:<

    Also, above everything else, magic is DANGEROUS. It can seriously hurt or kill the people around you if you don't have control over it, and it can backfire easily. Magic is not something to be taken lightly.

    ....Well, magic in my rps anyway >_>;; Not too sure about everyone else.
  4. Final Fantasy.

    My type of Fantasy :3
  5. They're best with magic IMO. Otherwise might as well just be a historical medieval type story. There just has to be limits to the magic so it's not like an overpowered force that solves all the story's problems. Just as long as it's balanced it'll add to a fantasy setting nicely.
  6. I really really really like magic, but magic does not and should not be the main focus of a story. Something gets lost otherwise.
  7. I like magic and not just the card tricks. I love the stuff that makes you wish you were living in another world where wonderful things could happen. It also makes me very happy that I didnt live then because very bad things could happen too. Never make a witch or wizard mad. I dont think being turned into anything unnatural would be very much fun.
  8. Can't go wrong with mystical pants. Especially when they're Paopu's.
  9. God Hates Wizards.
    -Westboro Barbarian Church
  10. I hates westburo baptists
    -The God Emperor of Mankind
  11. I like variety and that includes fantasy settings with magic and fantasy settings without magic.
  12. I like settings with and without magic equally, even science-fiction. Probably the only exception to this rule is urban fantasy, as I do not like imagining that mythological creatures lurk around in our everyday lives, concealing themselves from the prying eyes, but even then, I can accept some form of magic existing. I also like making rules for my magic, defining what kind of magic exists and what can they be used for.
  13. Magic is probably one of my plot candies. Instant interest even if it's not a specific fantasy setting.
  14. I prefer my fantasy settings with magic. Without magic, I could just play in a historical setting, imo. Not that there's anything wrong with that, I like that as well, but fantasy... just has to have some magic or at least magical creatures.