POTW: Fantasy With a Twist

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What sort of genre blends do you like in your fantasy?

  1. I like my Fantasy the traditional way. The typical and expected settings.

  2. I like blending my fantasy with historical settings.

  3. I like twisting up my fantasy with space saga sci fi!

  4. I like my fantasy in the present date, modern settings!

  5. You are lame and not listing MY totally awesome favorite, so I'm going to post about it in the threa

  6. Meddle Not In The Affairs Of Dragons For You Are Crunchy And Taste Good With Ketchup.

Multiple votes are allowed.
  1. Fantasy can cover a huuuuuuge variety of things, which makes it a great genre for all kinds of different settings! Traditional fantasy with magic, elves, wizards, knights and kings is often the first and most obvious sort of setting. But you can get great types of fantasy through a lil twisting.

    Krull is a really good sci fi fantasy that we mentioned last month. 8D You got all the typical tropes of magic, princesses, quests, etc, but loads of sci fi tech in it.

    Modern Fantasy is super easy with examples like Buffy the Vampire Slayer, or any of those supernatural magicky series!

    Steampunk is a fun blend of Victorian history & style with fantasy things!

    What sort of genre blends do you like to mix in with your fantasy?
  2. Any sufficiently analyzed magic is indistinguishable from SCIENCE!!! Therefor, scifi and fantasy mix into the greatest thing ever.
  3. I enjoy mine mixed with some historical roles! :3
  4. My answer is simply YES
  5. Meddle Not In The Affairs Of Medieval Doctors For Your Bones Are Crunchy And Your Limbs Make Excellent Dog Food.
  6. I like Dragons - not to be trifled with yet so spectacular
  7. This!
    If it's fantasy, I'm pretty much guaranteed to like it. ;D
  8. Victorian Steampunk and screw you for not having the foresight to list steampunk. D:<
  9. A dash of Western makes every genre go down smoother.
  10. Shadowrun, Combination of Cyberpunk and Classic Fantasy

    Not only are there elves and orks and things, you have machineguns, fireballs, and fucking dragons as fucking corporate fucking CEOs
  11. Mmm, ketchup.
  12. Why does ketchup have so many votes ??!

    I like my fantasy modern or historical. Sometimes a sci-fi twist might be interesting, too!

    Historical appeals to the victorian era child in me and modern releases that teenage drama~ haha c: