POTW: Dem Holidays

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How do you feel about holidays?

  1. I love them so much I over achieve at celebrations!

  2. I just like them a lot!

  3. They are okay, I am pretty indifferent about them.

  4. I don't like them at all, but I ignore them.

  5. I freaking hate holidays. HATE THEM SO MUCH.


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  1. We have this great Character Exercise and even a World Building Exercise by [MENTION=1185]Minibit[/MENTION] !

    So why not a poll asking the members about THEIR feelings on Holidays?

    My birthday is coming up and I have, like Mister Gibs, banned birthday parties after some unpleasant party debacles. c___c We're just gonna go out to dinner. When it comes to the BIGGER holidays later this fall and winter, I am actually a little worried about what I'm gonna do for Thanksgiving and Christmas. There are some BAD FEELS going on, even though I LOOOOOOOVE doing stuff for the holidays.

    How do you feel about the holidays? Are there ones you love? Ones you hate? What are some things you do or try to avoid?
  2. I work retail and my extended family doesn't get along famously, despite that I enjoy the holiday season. The big dinners, the exotic desserts, the leftovers.


    What do you mean there's more to holidays then food?
  3. I like holidays, but the crowds and large family gathering wear me out rather badly; I'm usually exhausted by the end of them
  4. I personally LOVE holidays! But sadly, my family hasn't been getting along with each other (to the extent of when we go home I'm more stressed and anxious coming back then I was when we left) and the only time I have fun on the holidays is at A.L.'s place :( So holidays are bittersweet to me, I wish my family got along more often then the do so I could fully enjoy them on both sides of the family.

    BUT! If/when it is just A.L. and I, I always have fun! Even though we don't really have our own Christmases/Easters and all that jazz at our own place, we celebrate birthdays and anniversaries together (obviously) and I count those as our 'holidays'! :D

    And I spend too damn much on Christmas and birthday gifts. ._.'''
  5. I like baking, I like it when the general public is not in a pissy mood, but I don't really care about holidays :/ I'm not religious, I'm not a party person, and I find 99% of decorations extremely tacky.

    I like Halloweén, scaring the bejeebus out of people and not getting in trouble is fun, except that Hello Kitty exploded all over Halloweén to make it more 'kid friendy' and now hardly anything is legit scary :(

    Christmas is pretty cool cause there's free sweets most places you go and people are generally in a better mood (even if they're also stressed out til they're tighter than a freakin wire coil), plus people give you stuff.
  6. Hm lets see... Spending time with people I don't like and whom I do not consider my true family (most of which are always getting drunk). Nope. I hate holidays. Before my alcoholic step mother came into the picture I very much liked holidays. Got to see my aunt and uncle along with my cousins. And always generally had a good time. Family gatherings are now her drunk brood, my grandmother and myself.

    Which sucks for my nana (grandmother) because I adore her to death. So sadly when I go to a family thing it's only for her. On my husbands side of the family we only visit my mother/father in laws. His siblings live too far away. And I actually really like my in-laws. So going to them is not a big deal.

    But holidays (to me) bring out the worst in people. I donno maybe I just live in the wrong part of the US but the holidays bring out the worst drivers, most inconsiderate jerks, and just all around ass holes. Holidays are supposed to be a time of giving and just being a nicer person. Which tends to be the exact opposite of what actually happens around where I live.
  7. Bah humbug. There's nothing to put me in a foul mood like forced smiles, terrible food, awful songs and the kind of costumes that make you wonder "How much fabric can I cut away before it becomes a dish cloth?"
    I hate the atmosphere of the holidays. "Cheer up, it's Christmas!" Oh, well whoop-de-bloody-do, it's a season where people spend more money than is sensible, on things that people don't even want, for people they're only buying things for out of politeness. Where stores put the most overpriced rubbish on sale for ridiculous prices, and you can practically feel the hate coming from the cashier. Well, more than usual. I get presents, though, so it's not all bad.

    I liked Halloween better when people actually made an attempt to scare you, instead of demanding you fill a plastic sack full of sugar. I went trick-or-treating once, and it was terrible. We pretend we're not home every October so some yob doesn't egg our house because we wouldn't stuff his fat little face. Not to mention all the tacky decorations and costumes that're only sold to make a quick buck out of a parent forced into buying it by a screaming child.

    And once I get to live on my own, I'm going to stop celebrating my birthday. Hooray, I made it one more round on this planet without getting myself killed. I value my own life as much as the next person, but I don't see the need to make such a big deal about it. Maybe I just hate the fact that everyone's practically forced to be happy at birthdays. I've already stopped having parties - too many people, too much money. I'd rather just stay inside and watch a few decent movies by myself, with some food and a few cartons of juice.

    Really, the only consistently good thing about holidays, to me, is the fact that Steam has its famed sales during holiday seasons. Apart from that, I fail to see the appeal.
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  8. I'm rather indifferent to holidays, despite my Dad's best efforts to get everyone into a celebratory mood for them. He wasn't allowed to celebrate any kind of holiday at all as a child, so he kinda went to the extreme with me and my brother for a bit, until he saw that we don't really care for holidays. I'm sure he was disappointed, but that's just how we are.

    Any holidays that I celebrate are small scale and just between my immediate family, unless my mom's side of the family thinks to invite us that year. Between one side of my family not being very close to anyone, and the other not being able to celebrate anything due to religion, Holidays have never been a big deal.
  9. I'm fine with holidays, but I don't celebrate Valentine's Day, and Christmas makes me grumpy. I'm fine with giving presents, and I'm fine with people giving other people presents, but STOP GIVING ME PRESENTS! The problem is that I am the major problem for everybody at Christmas. Nobody knows what to get me, and honestly, I don't want anything. I know I sound like a grumpy unthankful person during Christmas, but I don't like feeling like the big speedbump in people's lives during Christmas. Don't bother to get me anything, because I collect enough knick-knacks and baubles year round that kind of make up for not getting anything for Christmas. I don't like to hurt people's feelings, so I end up never throwing away anything someone gets me, and that really takes a toll on room space. I am that person who stands in the corner of the room at Christmas and dodges all of the cameras. That's why I magically disappear during Christmas. I'm fine with all of the other holidays, except for Valentine's day, because I'm like, "STOP SENDING ME CHEESY CARDS THAT MEAN NOTHING TO BOTH OF US!"
    Eh. I'm fine with holidays, although I complain a LOT during the ones I don't like.